Saturday, October 08, 2011

To Love Someone is Wonderful

To have a good life is beautiful
To love someone is wonderful.

Keshi of Viva Forever is my enchanted muse who has inspired me in so many ways since we discovered each other in 2005 whilst visiting our romantic blogs.

We even quarreled once, but later reconciled and I wanted to visit her in Australia where I have a place to stay, but other romantic distractions held me back in Nigeria.

May you always know what Love is, whether you find a partner or not. It's better to be single than to be in a relationship for the fear of being alone. Life is a huge fun-ride, so never stop having fun. And always keep it real. It's healthier to be true to yourselves than to live a lie. Ciao!
~ Keshi of Viva Forever.

Reading her excellent romantic writings is a journey into the mysteries of life on earth.
Her thoughts come like the four seasons of the year and the cycle continues time after time.

Knowing enchanted beauties like Keshi shows how love breaks barriers and goes over boundaries to spread the joys of the precious moments of life in a fair and foul world.

The purest love is the one that comes from your spirit and glows in your heart and elates your soul no matter your color, class or creed.

Love breaks the hardest diamonds, for is it not for love that thousands of rough diamond crystals have been cut and shaped into millions of pieces for engagement rings given to women by men on bended knees?

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