Saturday, February 18, 2006

Buffalo Girl

I am Buffalo Girl
And I am no Calamity Jane
I don't have time to mess around with any Hillybilly
I am proud to be a Western Girl from the Wild Wild West.
Riding my pony in our colony
And doing what I love to do to be happy.
Buffalo Girl Ringer

Buffalo Girl Raglam

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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Virgin Queen, The Courtesan and The Pimp

This is the Kisses & Roses Book of the Month from Powells. And if you have not read Sarah Dunant's "In the Company of the Courtesan", you have not read the most romantic historical fiction of the month. And I doubt if any other novel will surpass this classic novel till the end of this year.

About the Author
Sarah Dunant has written eight novels, including the New York Times bestseller The Birth of Venus, and edited two books of essays. She has worked widely in print, television, and radio, and is now a full-time writer. Dunant has two children and lives in London and Florence.

In the Company of the Courtesan: A Novel. Price:$16.76
by Sarah Dunant

Venice Vice
A Review by Philippa Stockley

In London, the old coconut of whether Queen Elizabeth I remained virginal is back on the dinner-party circuit, thanks to a recent television series helpfully called "The Virgin Queen." Elizabeth's sexual behavior takes our fancy more than her polylingual scholarship and statesmanship. Then, too, there's Memoirs of a Geisha topping all the lists again. Lifting up long skirts to see what is (or isn't) going on beneath has become an obsession even in the most cultured circles.

I am not indifferent to a novel where sex is the theme but sexual acts are scarcely described. It's still titillating, and readers know the score. Such tales bypass that wincing, coital prose that guarantees to propel you into a carnal fantasy with the author photo but is often so garishly embarrassing that one sees disco lights instead of letters on the page. So Sarah Dunant's In the Company of the Courtesan takes us straight to a powdered, costumed world, heady with the reek of ruffs and fur, heightened by vocabulary frank with prick and itch, but where the focus is on sexual collusion rather than descriptions of collisions.

We are in the company of a very successful courtesan, Fiammetta Bianchini, a lustrous 25-year-old with waist-length blonde hair and emerald-green eyes. The narrator is Fiammetta's clever pimp, Bucino, a hideous dwarf afflicted with painful legs.

It is Rome, 1527. The great city is being sacked by murdering, raping Spaniards and Germans. By entertaining the marauders, Fiammetta and Bucino narrowly escape the bloodbath and flee to Venice, with just some jewels and a valuable book. But Fiammetta's magnificent hair has been hacked off by jealous soldiers' women, her head horribly scarred in the process. There is no chance of working again in a trade dependent on youth and beauty, until her charms can be restored -- by any means whatever.

In Venice, the story unfolds. The cast of characters is tied into its chronological place with a few real people: notably the artist Tiziano Vecellio (Titian), the scurrilous poet Pietro Aretino and a female quack, known as La Draga, whose fainter historical footprint provides Dunant with the jumping-off point for her third principal player. Blind and crippled, La Draga fixes up Fiammetta with blonde hair extensions and nurses her to health -- after which it is straight back to bed and business, in double-quick time.

Naturally, there are twists and turns along the route to the top, but Bucino and Fiammetta overcome various travails to end up with a successful whorehouse in a fine palazzo and a rigorous appointment book of rich and powerful men, including the Doge. Yet, for a courtesan, the gilded pinnacle of success can only be a pivot to the beginning of inevitable decline.

Meanwhile, Dunant explores and enjoys Venice. And it is Venice that captivates her most and on which she concentrates her powerful descriptive talent. While the story meanders like the canals, throwing up the odd dead end, Dunant uses research and observation to conjure up a sharp city: its dank stinking waterways, its cruel nobility and harsh laws, its fabric of stone mansions and sumpy ghettos, its glittering, gleaming, sparkling, sly and silky water.

"In the waxy, pale light," she writes, "the buildings on either side grew grander, like ghost palaces, three or four stories tall, their entrances low, a few stone steps all that separated them from the slapping sea. In some, the great doors stood open onto cavernous halls with rows of the slim-hipped boats tied up outside, their silvery prows glinting under an occasional lamp."

Dunant explores her characters equally well. At the height of Fiammetta's regained fame and prosperity, she makes what Bucino considers the desperate mistake of falling in love. Worse, it is with the 17-year-old son of a noble family; he does not pay for sex, thus undermining business protocol and driving a hard wedge between Bucino, who has always kept a level head, and Fiammetta, who, after a diet of paunchy, wallet-bearing punters, is amenable to firm, fresh flesh. Out of a confrontation over this matter, the true depth of this odd couple's relationship develops.

The novel's plot is not particularly tight, but there are some great set-pieces, notably a muscular and violent battle between the Arsenale workers and the Nicoletti fishermen. Otherwise, this amiable, intelligent story ambles along pretty much of its own accord, toward a good surprise at the end.

Philippa Stockley is the author of A Factory of Cunning and The Edge of Pleasure.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Oh, Lord! Protect Those I Love

Two Malay robbers on a scooter robbed my darling Malaysian Muse Kyels early at dawn before daylight and stole her bag with the video camera inside it.Read her full account of the robbery

I have been upset by what happened to her. Really upset and annoyed.
They will not get away with this crime.I trust God to bring them to justice.

Oh, Lord!
Protect those I love.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

How Was Yesterday?

Did you have fun yesterday celebrating the Valentine?

We had a great party and I recited my poem "True Love Waits" for my Valentine. But the guests only bought 50 copies of my book. One forward looking handsome guy Tony Abouhayla bought three copies. And if only all the 200 guests were like Tony, I would have sold all the 233 copies of the book I presented to them. The guests wanted me to do more performance poetry. But, the organisers gave me only ten minutes. I will post the pictures on Friday.

Most of the guests were Americans, Europeans and Asians. Only five African couples came. And only two of them bought my book.

I wonder why most black men don't read.
I wonder why most white men can't dance.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Kye Lee Koi, My White Rose

For My Darling Valentine Kye Lee Koi

And think not you can
Direct the course of love,
For love,
If it finds you worthy,
Directs your course.
~ Gibran Kahlil Gibran ~

My White Rose

I have been wandering in the woods of Aspen
Wandering and wondering with my head in the skies
Watching as the great eagle flies
Then as I looked down
Looking down at the lawn
I found myself in Walden.

As I was thinking aloud
I heard an echo in the wind
Whispering voices as the wind soughed past my ears
I listened to the discordant tone of the whispers.

“What seeketh thou?”
The voices asked me.
Voices of those I couldn’t see.
“Come. We know the yearning of your soul.
The golden horn of your goal.
Which you have sought in your verses
Verses etched on our golden vases
You have been seeking the enchanted Muse of Elysium
Not the siren whose Sapphic song is like a rhyme without rhythm
And rhyme without rhythm is like a soul without a heart.”

I followed as if in a trance
Willingly in hypnotic obedience.

"Is this not what you seek to kiss?
The immaculate flower of heaven
With the nectar of bliss
The White Rose of Eden."

Now, my throbbing heart is at peace
Because, I have finally found you beautiful Princess
Oh, my White Rose.

You will never know true peace until you find true love.
~ Michael Chima ~

Monday, February 13, 2006

Could You Be Loved?

Could you be loved?
Then, let me show you how much I love you.
Let me decorate your life with love.
Because, I will love you like no other person.

I will love you every second of every minute
And every minute of every hour of everyday by day.
Just let me show you how much I love you.
Because, I will love you like no other person.

Could you be loved?

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Meaning of Linus: Love Is Nothing Until Sacrifice

The pastor was in a happier spirit today. He just returned from a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and shared his memorable experiences with us as he preached his sermon on the fearless faith of Mary Magdalene the woman who never abandoned our Lord and Messiah Jesus Christ even when all the male apostles fled in fear and trembling. Then as he spoke about faith and love, he now told us the meaning of his Christian name "Linus" as defined by himself.
L for Love
I for is
N for nothing
U for until and
S for sacrifice.
That is "Love is nothing until sacrifice".
The congregation nodded in agreement.

We met later and he commended my book "The Language of True Love" already released in Nigeria and an instant bestseller if the publisher can supply on demand. Because, most of our local publishers don't know how to promote and distribute books.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Kisses & Roses Gifts Shop Fashion Parade

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Millions of American Girls Want To Get Laid

The Washington Post report on "Teen Girls Using Pills, Smoking More Than Boys" is very alarming in view of the fact that most American boys are becoming reformed and more disciplined. So, why should the girls be more promiscuous and vulnerable?

They are so impressionable and they even have no hiccups on spiked alcopops and the next thing is sex.

With the Valentine next Tuesday, parents should keep watchful eyes on their teenage daughters who are already looking forward to giving their virginity away if they have not already lost it anyway.

I receive a lot of unsolicited e-mails from American teenage girls begging me to see their porn webcams. That they know I am hot. And I could get laid gratis. Of course, I have not honoured their invitations.And I wonder where their parents were when their wild-eyed daughters were on the rampage for orgies?

Before you know it, they will be looking for another famous celebrity to accuse of child abuse? When, they are responsible for the high risk behaviour of their daughters. Thank God I am far away on a remote exotic Island In the Gulf of Guinea where no tresspassers can even cross the sea. Please, discipline your daughters and don't let them become sex kittens or bitches in heat. Because, these loose teenage girls who have thrown caution to the winds are the ones spreading HIV/AIDS.

The St.Valentine's Day is not another festivity for the opportunity for sex orgies.

Look at these graphs and tell me what you think on why most American girls want to get laid.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

African Beauty Fashion

I am currently busy with the on-going programme for the public presentation of my handbook for lovers "The Language of True Love" coming up on Saturday. My director called to summon me to Lagos for a film production and I have to record my special Valentine song for my beautiful Malaysian Muse Kyels. And I am already making plans for the fashion parade of my African Beauty
next month. So, right now my hands are quite full.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Wisest Child in the World Said..

"I want to be God when I grow up," she explained at her audition. "He helps us."
said 5 years old Diani Ferguson in a recent Fashion Show in New York City

Remember what Jesus Christ said:
"Do you hear," they asked Him, "what these children are saying?" "Yes," He replied; "have you never read, 'Out of the mouths of infants and of babes at the breast Thou hast brought forth the praise which is due'?" (WEY)

I hope you will be wise enough to understand what a 5 year old American child said?

Do You Understand What is the Inner Soul?

Yes, do you understand what is the "Inner Soul"?
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The text on the black logo is the following quote:

“Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day.”
~ Thomas Jefferson

I don't need to compose a poem on it to create the mystique to make it unique. The educated and well enlightened would be able to understand the whole essence of our existence as conceptualized in the logo of the T-Shirt on the various wears. Because, our physical body is actually a dress or an apparel for our inner soul.

Please, read Today's Verse:
Let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.
~ 1st Peter 3:4 / KJV

Monday, February 06, 2006

Kisses & Roses Presents The Classic "Inner Soul" Tee Shirt Series

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

I Love 巩俐, But My Memoirs of a Geisha Is Different From Yours

Gong Li鞏俐 will be 41 before the New Year 2007. And she is still hot and sexy.
But, as much as I love her for her extraordinary acting skills and enchanting beauty like my Malaysian Muse Kye Lee Koi or my highly gifted fellow poet and digital artist Rashmin Kayala who has designed the Invitation Card for the special Valentine Weekend for the public presentation of my book "The Language of True Love" on Saturday February 11, 2006 here on Bonny Island in Nigeria, my memories of Geisha are totally different from the "Memoirs of a Geisha".

Nobody can even guess what Geisha reminds me of. But most people who were in boarding schools and campuses in Nigeria in the 70s and 80s know what Geisha means to students in those days.

My dear Gong Li does not even know how much we loved to eat Geisha and loaves of bread with baked beans.

The tins of Geisha fish could even be used to lay a hungry pretty babe on campus.
Just make steaming stew with only a tin of Geisha and serve her with baked beans and a chilled bottle of Coca-Cola and she would be yours 24/7.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Pretty Pretty Girls All Around Me

I see them here and there
I see them everywhere
I see them every day by day
I see them all the way
I see them wherever I may be.

Pretty pretty girls all around me.

So many beautiful faces
In so many different places
Full of smiles and laughs
They tickle my fancy
And they make me feel so happy.

Pretty pretty girls all around me.

When I was in high school, I was famous for my pretty girls. I was often seen in the regular company of six pretty girls from two nearby high schools. These pretty high school girls were my regular companions. There was an election in our drama society and I won, because almost all the girls voted for me and only four boys voted for me.And till date, I am still well known for my company of pretty college girls who are mostly models and other beautiful women.

Pretty girls make my day. I love them without apologies or regrets.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Little Girl Lost

Girls of Tender Age: A Memoir
by Mary-ann Tirone Smith
Little Girl Lost
A Review by Reeve Lindbergh

Mary-Ann Tirone Smith, the author of eight novels, has written a memoir that is at once entertaining and troubling. She alternates her own experiences as a child growing up in 1950s Hartford, Conn., with chapters on Robert Nelson Malm, who was tried and executed for the rape and murder of one of her fifth-grade classmates.
The memoir chapters are matter-of-fact, often very funny and warmly intimate. But the Malm narrative is impersonal, a stark and detailed recitation of fact. To go from one style to the other can be disconcerting, but constructing a divided narrative may have been the only way the writer could bring herself to tell this tale. Smith grew up in a socioeconomic class described by her father as "Working Stiffs." She had French and Italian immigrant grandparents and was raised in what today surely would be called a dysfunctional nuclear family, though in the 1950s such terms did not exist. When the author's mother yanked on her daughter's arm so hard that the humerus broke, there was no talk of abuse, just the whispered comment, "Florence is on the verge of a nervous breakdown ."

Her gentle father worked at a ball-bearing factory and dedicated his life to the care of his son, Smith's brother Tyler, who was labeled retarded or crazy throughout his youth, despite a phenomenal memory for World War II military history. (Years later, Smith learned that Tyler was an autistic savant.) The family members went "half-mad" accommodating his aversion to noise. No school friends were permitted to visit the home, and everyone in the family refrained from laughing, crying or even responding to pain out loud.

Most children take their family circumstances for granted, whatever those circumstances are: in this case, a brother who bites his wrist bloody if he hears loud sounds, a mother who was fired from her first job because she got married, a grandmother who died having her 12th baby because the priest said birth control was "a filthy, disgusting practice and a mortal sin besides." All of these difficulties can be folded into a child's accepted version of normal family life, at least until she comes of age and learns otherwise.

Murder is different, especially the murder of a shy 11-year-old friend, who shared her jump rope in the school yard and ate leftover golabkis for breakfast. The brutal killing of Irene Fiederowicz crashed through the author's neighborhood and childhood like a brick through a window, leaving shattered lives and silence.

"GIRL, 11, STRANGLED WITH HER OWN SCARF," screamed the headlines in the Hartford Times on the day the crime was discovered, but Smith's fifth-grade teacher instructed her class, "There will be no speaking of Irene." Talk was forbidden, newspapers were kept from children, the victim's desk was removed from its row in the classroom, and the other desks were rearranged, as if Irene had never existed at all.

"Irene was killed twice," Smith writes, "murdered by a horrific man, and then erased by the era that was the fifties -- all who needed to talk about her silenced." As an adult -- first in a psychology class in college, then in an article for the Hartford Courant, now in this memoir -- Smith has resurrected the crime that seared her childhood, and Irene has emerged again. The author exposes every fact in obsessive detail, from the square knot used to secure Irene's scarf around her neck to the graphic eyewitness accounts of Malm's death by electrocution.

Smith claims that in writing this book she hoped to "build a memorial to Irene." In fact, she has built a memorial to her brother, to her childhood and to the truth. With intelligence, disarming humor and deep affection for the families and the neighborhoods of the 1950s, Girls of Tender Age speaks eloquently on behalf of children and confronts the crippling silences that damage us in any era.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Venus On My Bed in the Paradise of Lake Naivasha

Venus descended on the Lake
When nobody was awake
She came with her enchanted flock
She came in the golden plumes of her silken frock.
Venus came to rouse me from my slumber
Venus whispered into my right ear.
Venus said she had come to be my lover.
So, I led her to my father and mother
I led her to the Paradise of Lake Naivasha
Lake Naivasha in the Eden of Kenya.

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