Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sex is Like Cappuccino

Sex is like cappuccino
As she is like steaming hot coffee
While I am the steamed milk and frothed milk as she makes me come!
Oozing with the cream of love.

Sex is like cappuccino.

Here is how to make cappuccino for those who don't know how.This perennial best-seller offers scores of recipes for cappuccinos, lattes, mochas and other espresso-based beverages.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Internet Lip Service.Com

I am not President George W.Bush, so I am not going to beat about the bush.
I don't like hypocrites, fake people and false prophets. I don't like merchants of lies.

There are too many liars online. And that is quite annoying.

I don't like eye service and I don't like lip service.

There is too much Internet lip service.
Online people posing and posturing with airs and graces.
I call them Internet Impressionists.

Please, be honest to God!
Call a spade a spade and be yourself.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Remember London 7/7 Memorial Day

I am preparing for the "Remember London 7/7 Memorial Day" coming up on Friday July 7, the first memorial anniversary of the unfortunate victims of the horrifying and terrifying terrorist bomb attacks on London last July.

I am releasing "Scarlet Tears of London" the book of a special collection of my poems as a memorial tribute to all those killed in the terrorist bomb attacks on London on July 7, 2005.

Let us remember London 7/7.

Your cooperation and support would be highly appreciated in living memory of our dearly departed ones who were brutally murdered by the enemies of humankind. And they never even knew why they were killed.

The Guardian Unlimited has a special Memorial Section for the Memorial Tributes to those killed in the horrifying and terrifying terrorist bomb attacks on London on July 7, 2005.See

Remember that two Nigerians were among the dead. Ojara Ikeagwu and Anthony Fatayi-Williams. And I contributed to the memorial tributes to Tony on the Guardian Unlimited on his memorial page and I have already created the Scarlet Tears of London for the book dedicated to their memory that will be released in English and Spanish on July 7.

I want you to look forward to the First Memorial Anniversary of 7/7 and remember to light a candle in memorial tribute to the departed souls and comfort their bereaved families.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sex, The Ring And The Eucharist

By Father Dave.

Imagine a world where people loved community more than privacy.
Imagine a world where teenagers looked up to their parents and were inspired by the adults in their community.
Imagine a world where boys grew up knowing how to fight for things they believed in, but knew how to avoid fighting too.
Imagine a world where men were men - loved their women, recognised them as equals, but weren't ashamed of their masculinity either.
Imagine a world where the church offered leadership and hope, and was
a community of nurture, healing and forgiveness.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Naked Beauty

Naked Beauty

I saw you glowing in the twilight
Disrobed in the state of nature
And I gaped and gasped in awesome delight
Spellbound and elated in rapture
As I beheld your voluptuous features
As I gazed upon your priceless treasures
From peak of the mountain
I went down to the fountain
In the valley of your mons veneris
And holding on to your alluring pillars
I have been transfixed at the altar of your estuary
The estuary of your conjugal sanctuary.

I saw the falconer trading his falcon
With the bounty hunter for his gun
Lost in their lust for your connubial offerings
Spellbound by the allures of your charms
And I came in the fleeting mist of the fleeing night
To behold you even before the Aurora Borealis
And saw you embracing the heavenly light
As Father Heaven kissed Mother Earth
And you were enchanted in heavenly mirth
Oblivious of my winking mortal eyes
Hypnotized in the ether of celestial bliss.
At the unveiling of the beloved daughter of Eve
Made perfect in the bowels of boundless love.

Let the fire be kindled in my heart
The eternal flame of my spirit
The breath of eternity
The ether of life formed in purity
Born bare and born free
As my enchanted eyes can now see
Freed from the chains of pains
The pains of natal travails
Oh! Woman! Thou art the vessel of motherhood.
And in thy mammary gourds abound our first food
How much every man is bound to thy loins
For from the canal every man is born
Through the third eye of Eve where love flows
From the seed sown the fruit is grown
The sweetest fruit of love is found in the virgin
To behold your naked beauty is not a sin.

I have composed this poem for my screenplay "Naked Beauty".

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sweet Kids

By: Rebekah Joy Anast

How do you make your children get along?

Dear Rebekah,
I enjoy the articles you write and look forward to my copy of No Greater Joy every other month. I have a question though: how do you make your children get along? My son is 5 years old; my daughters are 3 and 1. They fight and squabble about everything. It’s not really violent or hateful, just irritating. I feel like I have to supervise all the time. We are very consistent with the “rights” issue, but the kids are always looking for something, anything that isn’t specifically assigned to one of them, to fight over. They’re so competitive! Ruby, AZ

Dear Ruby,
Assuming you do train consistently (which should include plenty of kid-work to keep your toddlers busy) and assuming you have a good (non-competitive) relationship with your husband as an example to your children, I would say the answer lies in your focus.

Being kind, loving, and sharing gets more “hero points” in our home than any other achievement. Gabe and I offer our highest praise for loving actions, and bestow titles of elevation upon the child that is “going to be a sweet, beautiful mama someday” or “just like Daddy, taking care of his little sisters like Daddy takes care of mama.” Work and school skills are part of the whole picture, but if the tasks aren’t done with consideration and care for one another, they are just “sounding brass and tinkling symbol.” I Cor. 13:1 I recommend reading Love is Like God in the article archives.

Above all, life is about effecting other people. The people nearest us are WHY we work hard, and WHY we do school. We learn to read in order to read to others and write for others. We work in order to make life better for others. We live, not for ourselves, but for those nearest us. All things done selfishly are vain, empty, and very, very temporary.

Competition is not a bad thing. Joseph Courage, my son, (almost 5) is also very competitive. He likes to compare what he’s done with what his little sister has done, and come out on top. Instead of noticing his comparison, I pull out some work or a project he did the day before and compare him with himself, making verbal note of the improvements.

Occasionally we let him play with other boys on the local playground and compete against them in wrestling, climbing, running, etc. If he was better or faster than them we point it out later when we’re alone with him, and comment on his muscles and his strength, and then come back around to what really makes him special: how manly and kind and wise he is becoming.

Kids are extremely smart in an intuitive way. They know what is most important to you and will take up the same torch. If we as parents are focused on temporal performance, our children’s focus will be the same. If your heart’s desire is to please God, and win souls, your children will follow in your footsteps.

Here are some fun, practical ideas to help your kids be sweet:

Read the rest of the feature

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Love Is More Than Saying "I Love You"

Picture Credit:The Washington Post

He invited us to their wedding where he exchanged matrimonial vows with his bride.
"I love you," he swore aloud and clear for everybody present to hear him. And none of my ears missed a word. I heard him. And I was very happy for them.
That was 14 years ago.
But today, he has abandoned her.

Yes. He left her in Nigeria and flew across the Atlantic to America. And he is somewhere in New York fooling and smooching another woman with the same lie "I love you". But, he is only wooing the American lady for the sake of getting the Green Card.

There are so many Green Card brides and wives in America today.
"I love you," echoes again.
I have heard that a million and one times. And how many times they have failed to prove it.
Telling lies upon lies.
So many fake love affairs have led to so many fake marriages and so many broken homes.

Whenever anyone says "I love you", listen carefully.
Is it from the throat or from the heart?

"I love you" and he is beating and kicking you around?
"I love you" and he is messing around with other girls and women behind your back?
Like the Ghanaian surgeon who gave his British wife crabs from the pubic lice of their housemaid.
"I love you" and he has given you another black eye?

If he says he loves you, don't just swoon and fall for him until he has proved his love in truth and spirit.

Love is not a word.
Love is a spirit.
And if you don't have it, you cannot prove it.

Prove your love by your actions.
Because actions speak louder than words.

Highly recommended:'The Break-Up': Split to Splat