Thursday, January 11, 2007

Win the New Apple iPhone

I phone my luv
But, my luv no pick d phone.
For my luv has gone AWOL.

Enough poetry. Now here is your chance to win the latest trend in town, the Apple iPhone!

Just click on the iPhone to win and I mean that you can win the Apple iPhone gratis.

- The winner will be picked randomly from our list of Trend Hunters (existing and new are all eligible).
- I am going to announce the winner IN the Trend Candy weekly newsletter. The winner has a week to claim the prize. So… If you don’t read your Trend Candy, you might not end up the winner.
- I will pick the winner when I am able to line up the iPhone. There might be delays and backlogs, but I’ll keep this post updated.
- If I can secure an iPod directly from Apple, I’ll mail it to the winner. If not, I’ll send the winner $500 (which is the price of the phone if you sign-up for a plan).

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Will You Be My Valentine?

Will you be mine?
Come rain or shine.

I will treat you fine
And I won't make you pine or whine.

I will love you on a bed of roses
And I will soothe you with my soft kisses.

We will dine and wine
My darling, will you be my Valentine?

I will hold you in my strong arms
And massage you with my soft palms.

I will whisper into your ears
The secrets of my heart of hearts.
I will wipe away all your tears
And my love will cast away all your doubts.

If you will be mine, then I will be thine.
Will you be my Valentine?

The Season Pass

The Season Pass