Friday, October 14, 2011

For Every 100 Soul Sistas There Are About 87 Soul Brothas Out There

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the ratio of women to men in the U.S. is about 145 million women to roughly 139 million men. In more manageable terms -- for every 100 sistas, there are about 87 brothas.

But many of these soul brothas are in jail doing time to pay for their crime. So, that is why there is man shortage in the US. But in Nigeria, poverty is the real cause of ineligible bachelors.

To make the competition worse, white chicks are trespassing into the territories of soul sistas and snatching the eligible soul brothas like the soul brotha in the picture surrounded by hot white chicks who are ready to lure him away from soul sistas before you even say Wetin Chikito!

Majority of young men in Nigeria are unemployed and so cannot afford to marry.

How many young men in Nigeria can even afford three square meals?
Do not even talk of affording a good wardrobe to dress to impress a lady for a date.
Thank God for the availability of second hand clothes, jeans and sneakers.

The eligible bachelors who are not married are not up to the millions of unemployed poor young men in Nigeria who would have loved to marry, but have no job and no cash.

So, many of the eligible bachelors have at least four ladies to one eligible man in Nigeria, because of the comfort and security eligible bachelors can provide for the majority of needy girls and women in Nigeria.

Even having a three bedroom flat and a second hand "Tokunbo" car are enough to attract dozens of poor but very pretty babes in Nigeria.
Thousands of these lovely poor girls and women living in overcrowded tenements just want avenues to escape from the indignities of poverty in the ghettos.

It is no longer realistic to practice strict monogamy in a country where there are more women than men.
If we practice strict monogamy, millions of single ladies would be left without having men of their own.
Therefore, let us come down to earth and speak the N-A-K-E-D TRUTH, and review the Western Christian doctrine of monogamy that black copied from Western Christian civilization.
It is no longer realistic.

It is better to be a faithful polygamist than to be an unfaithful monogamist.

~ By Orikinla Osinachi

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