Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year To You!

I have been around since I returned from a working visit to Lagos on December 11. But I have not been able to reach my blogs and other blogs on blogspot until an hour ago through the help of pkblogs.

I turned my attention to my forums and you can join the new one Nigerian Times International Forum now before it becomes mandatory to pay membership fees.

I missed visiting all my favourite bloggers on blogspot. Especially my beautiful and wonderful Aussie Sweetheart Keshi who has been my most devoted muse since we met in the blogosphere earlier this year.

May I wish you visiting me and your family the very best of the holiday season.
May your homes be filled with joy and the new year be filled with happiness and prosperity for you and your business.

Each new year brings new challenges and experiences that grow and shape our lives. When we look back on 2006, we see not only that which we have overcome, but those who have helped us overcome it. This is the season to appreciate and give well wishes to those in our lives who make a difference for us each and everyday; our sweethearts, families, friends, online buddies and everyone else.
For this reason, I hope that your holiday season is filled with joy and happiness for you and everyone you hold dear.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Cheers and God bless you always.

With my sweet cherry kisses and sweet fresh roses,
Orikinla Osinachi.