Sunday, April 26, 2009

Girlie! I Don't Want To See Your Sagging Jeans and Sagging Buttocks

This is bad and ugly in public!

Girls Are Ugly in their sagging jeans and sagging buttocks.

I was at the Guaranty Trust Bank at Anthony Village in Lagos to transfer some lump sum of money to my darling when I saw a young woman in black blouse and low-rise jeans. She was good looking at first sight, but as she turned to enter the cash deposit room, what I saw put me off! The upper parts of her black buttocks were showing and she had no underwear! It was a disgusting sight. Suddenly she was no longer a pretty sight! It was undignified for a lady to be so brazen in her dressing in public.

Hello girlie! If you want to wear a low-rise pants, please at least put on a thong and even your whale tail could turn me on! But without an underwear, your buttock cleavage is a turn-off.

I can tolerate this.

Seeing girls and women in low-slung trousers and making a shameless public exhibition of their buttocks and the gluteal cleft between them is below human dignity.

You think you are pretty and sexy and invoke erotic fantasy to make you a public sex object, but my dear sister there is nothing romantic in being half naked in public, because you might be mistaken for a lunatic.

Have you read Half of a Yellow Sun?
Read this classic war novel and tell me about it.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Women of Afghanistan Speak Out

Dear Orikinla,


"Afghan women and girls want education. Many risk their lives to go to school... Human rights are not a western concept, but universal and necessary for all human beings "

Dr Sima Samar, chairperson of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission and Special Human Rights Rapportuer for Sudan.

Kabul, Afghanistan, April 15, 2009: Hundreds of Afghan women stood up to an angry crowd and marched to the Parliament, calling for repeal of a new law restricting women's lives.

For the women of Afghanistan and neighboring areas of Pakistan dominated by the Taliban, recent news has been dire: The new law passed by Parliament and signed by President Karzai, forbidding women to leave the house without their husbands' permission and legalizing marital rape; a 17 year-old woman in the Swat region of Pakistan, flogged for what the local Taliban commander described as a "transgression"; continuing attacks on girls' schools. According to the Feminist Majority Foundation, hundreds of girls' schools have been destroyed and teachers murdered; young girls on their way to school had acid thrown at them.

Reaction to the new law -- and to the attacks on women which preceded it -- has been strong: President Obama said "I think this law is abhorrent. Certainly the views of this administration have been, and will be communicated to the Karzai government... The first reason we are there is to root out al Qaeda...those two things aren't contradictory, I think they're complementary..."

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: "My message is very clear: Women's rights are a central part of American foreign policy in the Obama administration; they are not marginal; they re not an add-on or afterthought...So we will continue to work very hard on behalf of women and girls in Afghanistan and around the world."
Women Senators have spoken up: a bipartisan group, led by U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and including Olympia Snowe (R-ME), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Claire McCaskill (D-MO), Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) sent a letter to President Karzai.

"This law should be reversed immediately," Boxer said. "Not only is this law an attack on individual freedom, but it condones despicable acts against women in their homes. By approving this law, Afghan leaders are holding back the entire country's progress and turning the nation back toward some of the most oppressive practices of the Taliban."

Responding to the public outcry, President Karzai has now promised to review the law. According to his aide, the legislation is not yet law, and will be reviewed so that it will be "consistent with the rights provided in the Constitution -- equality and the protection of women"

The State Departments is monitoring what happens next: "We're glad that President Karzai has agreed to review this law critics say permits spousal rape and severely limits women's rights," said State Department spokesman Robert Wood. "And we'll be watching this closely to see how the process develops."

Watch the video.
Video courtesy of the Associated Press.

The women of Afghanistan are risking their lives to speak up for their rights; we must continue to speak up for them.


An important policy announcement this week, and a demonstration that respect for scientific evidence and evidence-based decision making has come back to Washington:
The Environmental Protection Agency said formally that carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases "endanger public health and welfare within the meaning of the Clean Air Act." Among the problems they cause: increased drought, flooding, more frequent heat waves and wildfires, and harm to water resources, agriculture and eco-systems.
The proposed finding is open for comment review for 60 days, but I think I have my favorite already:
"'Duh' may not be a scientific term, but it applies here" said Emily Figdor, federal global warming director of Environment America. " EPA has embraced the basic facts on global warming that scientists around the world have acknowledged for years."
A very happy Earth Day to all of us concerned about the health of our families -- and our planet.


Next Tuesday, April 28th is Equal Pay Day -- and if you wonder why that day was chosen, April 28 marks how long into the current year American women have to work to catch up with what was earned by men just in the previous year. Think what a difference that equal paycheck would make to your family!

This year, we can celebrate passage of the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the first legislation signed into law by President Obama, which ensures that women have a reasonable chance to sue for pay discrimination. But we could do so much more by acting, to prevent discrimination the first place. The Paycheck Fairness Act, originally sponsored by then-Senator Hillary Clinton, and now led by Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) and Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) would strengthen the Equal Pay laws, and help take equal pay from the law books to our checkbooks.

We have a lot more information coming about and actions you can take on Equal Pay and the Paycheck Fairness Act -- stay tuned.


We're so proud to announce the next steps for No Limits: our new website will be ready soon, with resources and information about the issues you care about, and a special social networking feature that will make it easier for us all to stay connected.

You can help us grow! When you get the announcement of our new website, will you forward it to your friends?


Ann Lewis

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Video: Jennifer Lopez Joins the Fight Against Pertussis in New PSAs

Jennifer Lopez Joins the Fight Against Pertussis in New PSAs

Singer, actress and mother teams up with the March of Dimes and sanofi pasteur to launch national whooping cough education campaign

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. and SWIFTWATER, Pa., April 22, 2009 While most parents can't wait to hear their baby's first babbles and coos, there's a first sound that actress, singer and mother Jennifer Lopez is betting no parents ever want to hear - the sound of their baby with pertussis, more commonly known as whooping cough. Ms. Lopez has joined the March of Dimes and sanofi pasteur, the vaccines division of the sanofi-aventis Group, to create a national public awareness campaign called "Sounds of Pertussis."

Photo courtesy of

"Her latest role? Actress, singer, and mother Jennifer Lopez helps launch a new public service announcement (PSA) to raise
awareness about how adults can help prevent contracting and spreading pertussis, also known as whooping cough, to babies. The PSA and more information about the campaign can be found at"

The new initiative focuses on educating new parents and their families about pertussis, a highly contagious and potentially deadly disease for infants. The campaign's centerpiece is a series of television and radio public service announcements (PSAs) featuring Ms. Lopez that are available in both English and Spanish. The PSAs, scheduled to begin airing nationally this month, encourage new and expectant parents to help protect their babies by making sure that anyone who is, or will be, in close contact with a young infant has been vaccinated against pertussis.

"When I learned that many babies who get pertussis catch it from their parents, and how easy it is for adults to get vaccinated, I was shocked," said Ms. Lopez. "New and expectant parents have so many things to worry about. Getting pertussis themselves, or possibly spreading the disease to their own children, shouldn't be one of them. I felt it was urgent to let parents know how important it is that they get vaccinated against pertussis to protect themselves and to help keep their babies safe from this dangerous disease," she added.

Pertussis Makes a Comeback

Between 2000-2003 and 2004-2007, there was a 100 percent increase in reported cases of pertussis. Estimates indicate that there may be as many as 800,000 to 3.3 million total adult and adolescent cases of pertussis in any given year.

Pertussis is highly contagious and is caused by bacteria which are spread through airborne droplets from the nose and throat. So a cough, sneeze or even talking very close could lead to exposure. In adults, symptoms are usually milder than those found in infants, and pertussis is often mistaken for the common cold or bronchitis. In infants and some adults, pertussis causes severe coughing characterized by the unforgettable "whoop" sound made when gasping for breath after a coughing fit. It creates a sticky, thick mucous that makes it difficult to eat, drink and breathe. The coughing fits can be so violent that infants cannot catch their breath and may turn blue. Pertussis can also lead to other serious complications such as pneumonia, which can require hospitalization. In recent years, 90 percent of pertussis deaths have occurred in infants younger than four months of age.

Because Hispanic babies may be at a higher risk for contracting pertussis, and the risk of dying from pertussis may be higher in Hispanic infants than in non-Hispanic infants, the program is being implemented as a bilingual educational initiative.

"We're very pleased to be working with Ms. Lopez and sanofi pasteur on a campaign that continues the March of Dimes' tradition of championing the health of all babies," said Alan R. Fleischman, M.D., senior vice president and medical director for the March of Dimes. "Pertussis is still prevalent in the U.S. despite routine childhood immunization. Educating parents about the importance of vaccinating themselves and their families to reduce their risk of contracting pertussis and possibly spreading this dangerous disease to infants is an important step in trying to reverse this trend."

Protecting Against Pertussis

While most infants are given routine diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis (DTaP) immunizations, they do not begin the primary series until they are two months of age and may not be fully protected until they have completed their primary series of vaccinations with three or four doses. During this time, they are vulnerable to pertussis. Accordingly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all adults and adolescents 11-64 years of age, especially those who have close contact with an infant, be immunized with a tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis (Tdap) booster. The CDC also recommends that new mothers get the Tdap vaccination in the immediate postpartum period to protect themselves from pertussis and reduce the risk for exposing their infants to the disease.

Adults who received vaccinations when they were children may mistakenly believe that they are still protected against pertussis, but immunity wears off over 5 to 10 years, leaving them vulnerable to contracting and spreading the disease.

"Despite the CDC recommendations, a 2007 survey showed that fewer than two percent of adults 18 through 64 years of age had ever received a Tdap vaccination," said Dr. Fleischman. "It is our goal with this campaign to ensure that all new parents are aware of pertussis and that they speak with their health-care providers about getting vaccinated."

Sounds of Pertussis

The "Sounds of Pertussis" campaign includes specific elements designed to reach the Hispanic population, which is the fastest growing and largest minority in the U.S. All of the PSAs have been created in both English and Spanish, and the campaign also includes a four-part radio novela that will air on Spanish-language radio stations throughout the country.

In addition to educational brochures, the campaign includes components to directly engage parents in helping to educate their friends and families about pertussis prevention for themselves and the babies in their lives. These components include a recorded telephone message and e-mails featuring Jennifer Lopez available for sharing on the campaign Web site. The video PSA also will also be available online for downloading and sharing.

Parents and other caregivers can learn more about pertussis, hear the sound of pertussis, send "Sounds of Pertussis" e-mails to friends and family and view the PSAs by visiting

March for Babies®

As part of the "Sounds of Pertussis" campaign, Ms. Lopez is acting as the Honorary Chairperson of the March of Dimes March for Babies 2009 walks, and sanofi pasteur is a national sponsor of the March. The March for Babies takes place the weekend of April 25-26 in more than 900 communities in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Money raised by March for Babies supports community programs that help moms have healthy, full-term pregnancies; fund research to help babies begin healthy lives; and provide support to families of babies in newborn intensive care.

"Sounds of Pertussis" booths will be stationed at walks in 25 major cities to help raise awareness of pertussis disease and prevention. These booths will offer information and giveaways to walk participants, as well as continuously show the new PSA. Information about the walks can be found at

About March of Dimes

The March of Dimes is the leading organization for pregnancy and baby health. With chapters nationwide and its premier event, March for Babies, the March of Dimes works to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. For the latest resources and information, visit or

March of Dimes and sanofi pasteur are working together on "Sounds of Pertussis" to help protect the health and wellness of adults and infants. For additional information about pertussis and immunization, and the relationship between sanofi pasteur and the March of Dimes, please visit The March of Dimes does not endorse specific products or brands.

About sanofi-aventis
Sanofi-aventis, a leading global pharmaceutical company, discovers, develops and distributes therapeutic solutions to improve the lives of everyone. Sanofi-aventis is listed in Paris (EURONEXT: SAN) and in New York (NYSE: SNY).

Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of sanofi-aventis Group, provided more than 1.6 billion doses of vaccine in 2008, making it possible to immunize more than 500 million people across the globe. A world leader in the vaccine industry, sanofi pasteur offers the broadest range of vaccines protecting against 20 infectious diseases. The company's heritage, to create vaccines that protect life, dates back more than a century. Sanofi Pasteur is the largest company entirely dedicated to vaccines. Every day, the company invests more than EUR1 million in research and development. For more information, please visit: or

For Sanofi Pasteur

U.S. Media Relations
Lori Lukus
T. +1-570-957-0717
For March of Dimes

U.S. Media Relations
Michele Kling
T. + 1-914-997-4613

Mother's Day Feature Package

Monday, April 20, 2009

Video: PEEPSHOW Starring Mel B. & Costarring Kelly Monaco, Conceived, Directed and Choreographed by Jerry Mitchell, Produced by BASE Entertainment

Starring Mel B.
Costarring Kelly Monaco
Conceived, Directed and Choreographed by Jerry Mitchell
Produced by BASE Entertainment
Celebrates World Premiere

April 18, 2009

Las Vegas, NV (April 20, 2009) /PRNewswire/ — PEEPSHOW, the new, sophisticated, ultra-hot show celebrated its world premiere on Saturday, April 18, 2009 at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

Pop superstar and television personality Mel B. originates the role of the "Peep Diva," alongside Kelly Monaco who takes the stage as "Bo Peep," a timid girl who the Diva guides in her transformation into a confident, sensual woman. Alongside Mel B. & Kelly is a sizzling ensemble of sexy PEEPSHOW GIRLS, showstoppers from film, TV, Broadway and beyond who were handpicked to complete a highly-skilled, voluptuous cast unlike any other on The Strip. To top it off, the entire production is backed by a powerhouse all-female rock band playing today's best-known hits and original songs created especially for PEEPSHOW.

"PEEPSHOW is a one-of-a-kind, stunning and seductive production that leaves the audience wanting more," said Robert Earl, co-chairman of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. "PEEPSHOW is a natural fit for Planet Hollywood and we're proud to be the home of this dazzling world premiere."

A highly stylized, full-throttle production show that combines sexy striptease and celebrity with high-level production values and a dash of passion, PEEPSHOW is a collaboration between Tony award-winning director/choreographer Jerry Mitchell and Las Vegas entertainment pacesetter BASE Entertainment.

PEEPSHOW is a perfectly naughty night out for any fan of first class live entertainment – Vegas style! Men, women, couples, groups, parties are all welcome. Don't miss the start of something audacious, with Mel B and Kelly Monaco as the first in a series of sexy and exciting stars.

"We are celebrating the arrival of PEEPSHOW," says Co-CEO of BASE Entertainment, Scott Zeiger. "This show is a departure from anything else in Las Vegas. We employ truly spectacular staging, design and production values, the most beautiful women you have ever seen and a top notch creative team led by Jerry Mitchell."

In addition to choreography and direction from the venerated Jerry Mitchell, acclaimed designer David Rockwell has lent his talents to the show by designing the lavish sets and Showroom, creating a custom environment befitting the naughty fairytale world of PEEPSHOW. Tony award-winning designer Gregg Barnes created seductive costumes, blurring the line between PEEPSHOW and reality.

For more information please visit

The Creative Team:
Jerry Mitchell: Director/Choreographer/Creator
Andrew Lippa: Composer/Musical Supervisor/Arranger
David Rockwell: Scenic Design
Gregg Barnes: Costume Design
Chris Lee: Lighting Design
Acme Sound Partners: Sound Design
Zachary Borovay: Video Design
Josh Marquette: Hair Design
BASE Entertainment: Producer

PEEPSHOW performs at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 8 p.m. and Thursday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. with no show on Wednesday. Schedule is subject to change without notice. Tickets range from $65 – $100 + tax, with a VIP package available at $165 + tax per person. Enjoy plush and exclusive cabaret seating at the foot of the stage and your choice of a complimentary specialty cocktail with the PEEPSHOW VIP Package.

Tickets for PEEPSHOW can be purchased by calling Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000 or online at, or through The Planet Hollywood Box Office at 702-785-5000 / 877-333-9474. For groups of 10 or more, please call 702- 785-5394 / 866-633-0195 or For more information please visit

Video: L'Oreal Paris Celebrates Exceptional Community Achievement, Women's Empowerment and Dedication to Service with the Fourth Annual Women of Worth

Video: L'Oreal Paris Celebrates Exceptional Community Achievement, Women's Empowerment and Dedication to Service with the Fourth Annual Women of Worth Initiative

-- National Call for Nominations Begins April 20th --

--10 Honorees to Receive $5,000 for Their Cherished Cause --

NEW YORK (April 20, 2009) /PRNewswire/ — L'Oréal Paris is proud to continue their longstanding commitment to support women's inner beauty through the fourth annual Women of Worth grassroots awards program. Beginning April 20th, consumers are invited to visit the L'Oréal Paris Women of Worth online community at, to nominate a woman whose service and dedication to volunteerism are making a difference. In addition to nominating women enriching their communities, visitors to the site will find helpful tips on how to get involved in local and national volunteer organizations, and also have the opportunity to read and share inspiring personal stories of worth and empowerment. Nominations are open through July 13h at

The Women of Worth initiative, which honors and awards women from across the country for their inspiring volunteer achievements and outstanding commitment to community service, was created to bring the L'Oréal Paris iconic brand philosophy, "Because I'm Worth It," to life and furthers L'Oréal Paris' ongoing commitment to female empowerment.

A Woman of Worth is an inspiring volunteer, a confident woman who is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others and embodies the heart and spirit of the L'Oréal Paris brand. This year, 10 Women of Worth honorees will receive $5,000 for their charitable causes and a matching donation will be made on their behalf to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, L'Oréal's charitable partner since 1997. These 10 honorees will join an exceptional community of 30 previous Women of Worth honorees who have dedicated themselves to serving others in their community.

Additionally, one National Honoree will receive an additional $25,000 donation to her cherished nonprofit organization. The Women of Worth National Honoree will be chosen via a public online vote held this fall at

"We at L'Oréal Paris are honored and delighted to be celebrating the achievements of real women whose incredible volunteer work has made a significant difference in their communities," said Karen Fondu, President, L'Oréal Paris. "They have seen the obstacles that are facing so many during these challenging times and have empowered themselves and others to make a positive impact. By harnessing the power of service these incredible women are helping us all to achieve our common goals."

For more information about the Women of Worth Program and to nominate a woman in your community, please visit

About L'Oréal Paris
The L'Oréal Paris Brand Division of L'Oréal USA, Inc. is a total beauty care company that combines the latest in technology with the highest in quality for the ultimate in luxury beauty at mass. The L'Oréal Paris brand encompasses the four major beauty categories - haircolor, haircare, skincare and cosmetics - and includes such well-known brands as Preference, Excellence and Natural Match haircolors; VIVE Pro, Studio Line, and L'Oréal Kids haircare; Dermo-Expertise skincare, including Advanced Revitalift, Age Perfect, Skin Genesis, Sublime Bronze and Men's Expert; Colour Riche, True Match and Bare Naturale cosmetics collections, a portfolio of mascara including Voluminous, Double Extend and Telescopic among many others, and the HIP High Intensity Pigments line.

L'Oréal Paris is dedicated to women around the world and the company has been inspired to give back and make a difference in their lives. In 1997, L'Oreal Paris made a long-term commitment to raising awareness for ovarian cancer, which continues to build. To date, L'Oreal Paris has helped raise more than $18 million dollars to further research and build awareness with fundraising efforts such as the L'Oréal Legends Gala and L'Oréal's annual "Color of Hope" cosmetic collection.

Press Contacts:
L'Oréal Paris
Michael Trese
Bratskeir & Company, Inc.
Patricia Rallis

Friday, April 17, 2009

Halle Berry Bracelet Auction to Benefit Victims of Domestic Violence

Bracelet featured in Halle Berry fragrance ad to be auctioned off for charity. (PRNewsFoto/Coty Beauty) NEW YORK, NY UNITED STATES 04/17/2009

17 Apr 2009 18:20 Africa/Lagos

Proceeds from Online Auction to be Donated to the Jenesse Center

NEW YORK, April 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Academy Award for Best Actress in 2001 for her performance in Monster's Ball, and beauty icon Halle Berry will auction off a unique, hand-carved rose gold cuff bracelet this week to show her support for families dealing with the devastating effects of domestic violence. As of April 15th, consumers can place bids through for the chance to own this signature piece. The cuff bracelet was designed exclusively for Halle Berry to wear in the advertising campaign for her debut fragrance, Halle by Halle Berry. Net proceeds generated by the auction will be donated to the Jenesse Center, a domestic violence intervention program that Ms. Berry has supported for many years.

To view the Multimedia News Release, go to:

(Photo: )

"The Jenesse Center is an organization that is very close to my heart," said Halle Berry. "Their work makes a tremendous difference in the lives of women and children and I am proud to support such a worthy cause by auctioning off this beautiful bracelet."

Designed by Gara Danielle, this stunning cuff bracelet was inspired by Halle Berry's natural beauty and was designed specifically for Halle to wear on set at the making of her fragrance campaign in Ohahu, Hawaii. Now anyone can have the opportunity to own a replica of the bracelet and support this great cause by bidding on Made from 14K rose gold plate over sterling silver, this adjustable cuff is valued at $4,000.

The Jenesse Center is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1980 and provides help to victims of domestic violence with a comprehensive centralized base of support through facilities, education and health programs, case management, and legal services. The overall goal of the Jenesse Center is to change the pattern of abuse in the lives of women and children.

Visit or for more information on this important cause and a chance to own this special piece of jewelry designed by Gara Danielle.

For more information on the Jenesse Center, please visit

For more information on Halle Berry's new fragrance, please visit

PRN Photo Desk, Video:
Source: Coty Beauty

CONTACT: Mary Beth Wood, +1-212-389-7114,, or
Emily Schuler, +1-212-389-7576,, both of Coty

Web Site:

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chris Brown and Rihanna: What Do Girls REALLY Think?

Chris Brown and Rihanna

16 Apr 2009 19:44 Africa/Lagos

Chris Brown and Rihanna: What Do Girls REALLY Think?

New Survey Uncovers Interesting Results

NEW YORK, April 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A new survey commissioned by GIRL SCOUTS OF THE USA through the BUZZ MARKETING GROUP has uncovered some interesting news regarding the reactions of girls to the highly publicized Chris Brown and Rihanna incident: 95 percent of girls surveyed say Chris Brown's alleged actions are not acceptable or justifiable for any reason, and 48 percent believe that low self-esteem will be the primary reason for Rihanna getting back with Chris Brown.

Girl Scouts of the USA commissioned the study to ensure girl's voices were accurately represented and to stress the importance of self-esteem among girls. The incident reportedly left young singer Rihanna battered and bruised at the hands of her singer boyfriend Chris Brown. Shortly after, it was widely reported by the Boston Public Health Commission that teens were believed to put Rihanna at fault for the alleged attack.

However, it seems Boston teens do not reflect the nationwide view among girls. The Girl Scouts of the USA uncovered that a majority of girls - nearly 59 percent - hold Chris Brown responsible for what happened, followed by 33 percent who place the blame on both Rihanna and Chris Brown.

"Girls are now telling us loud and clear - it is not OK to hit a woman," says Tina Wells, CEO of Buzz Marketing Group. "That doesn't mean they don't sympathize with both parties. The girls are looking at the situation from all angles and understand that no one knows what really happened. They like Chris Brown - he is an idol for younger girls - and it was hard for them to believe at first."

The findings did contain one disturbing trend among girls - it was the younger ones under the age of 13 who were more likely to blame Rihanna. Self-esteem is at the center of discussion for girls, as the study uncovered almost half of the respondents - 48 percent - believe that low self-esteem will be the primary reason for Rihanna getting back with Chris Brown. This reinforces the importance for parents to speak to daughters early and often.

"Overall, today's girls are more savvy than often assumed," says Leanne Gluck, Manager of uniquely ME!, the national Girl Scouts / Dove Self-Esteem Program. "The media attention surrounding this unfortunate incident presents an opportunity for parents and daughters to engage in open dialogue on the importance of self-esteem and healthy relationships."

In addition to being the voice of girls, Girl Scouts of the USA recently launched a new Girl Scouts Leadership Experience which aims to empower girls with a strong sense of self and critical thinking skills to tackle issues such as low self-esteem. This learning model engages girls in a fun, experiential way to discover themselves, connect with others and take action to make the world a better place.

Survey results from Girl Scouts of the USA / Buzz Marketing Group:
-- 95 percent believe Chris Brown's alleged actions are not acceptable or
justifiable for any reason
-- 59 percent hold Chris Brown responsible for what happened
-- 33 percent blame both Rihanna and Chris Brown for what happened
-- 45 percent believe Rihanna could have provoked Chris Brown

-- Girls 13-17 were more likely to think Rihanna provoked him in some way

The nationwide survey of 420 girls, not necessarily Girl Scouts, ages 8-17 was conducted in March by the Buzz Marketing Group and included questions on demographics and familiarity with both singers.

About Girl Scouts

Founded in 1912, Girl Scouts of the USA is the preeminent leadership development organization for girls with 3.4 million girl and adult members worldwide. Girl Scouts is the leading authority on girls' healthy development, and builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place. The organization serves girls from every corner of the United States and its territories. Girl Scouts of the USA also serves American girls and their classmates attending American or international schools overseas in 90 countries. For more information on how to join, volunteer, reconnect or donate to Girl Scouts, call (800) GSUSA 4 U (800-478-7248) or visit

About Buzz Marketing Group

Founded by Tina Wells, Buzz Marketing Group, the premiere by-youth-for-youth marketing and communications agency specializes in market research, content generation, and trendspotting, with particular focus on viral outreach, focus groups, and lifestyle marketing. Whether it is through online research or immersion experiences, Buzz Marketing Group provides the solutions that enhance the clients' bottom line. Wells has relied on those invaluable insights to write Mackenzie Blue, a fun and entertaining novel for tweens that marks the beginning of an exciting new series. For more information on Buzz Marketing Group, call (856) 346-3456 or visit

Source: Girl Scouts of the USA

CONTACT: Joshua Ackley of Girl Scouts of the USA, +1-212-852-8038,

Web Site:

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday Vicky!

Happy Birthday Vicky!

Today is the birthday of Victoria Ilomasi Osugbo of the University of Benin in Nigeria and it is a special day being Easter Sunday. The Publisher of Supple and I went to celebrate with her and her beautiful family in Fadeyi, Lagos.

I gave her my present and she gave us fried rice with roasted chicken and red wine.
We had a good time.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Video: ETAM Swimsuit Collection Summer 2009

Video: ETAM Swimsuit Collection Summer 2009
Etam's swimsuit collection for Summer 09 is a modern interpretation of the eternal feminine.

All of the different silhouettes and necklines are included in this summer's collection: from the modest Italian-style bikini to the draped glamour of the femme fatale. "Jewelled" detailing enhances the deep bright colours (emerald green, orange and silver) and striped and polka dot prints are found alongside tie dye and patterns.

For basking in the sun, sailing or a dip in the water, the Summer 09 collection has something for everyone: from the most modest to the most daring.

High definition photos can be found at: / Login: presse / Pass word: shoot

The names used for ETAM products can not be reproduced on any media.

Source: ETAM

Phone: +33(0)1-42-21-07-04
Phone: +32(0)3-213-99-90 / +32(0)3-213-99-96
Phone: +34-91-308-16-04
Phone: +39-02-607-15-38
Phone: +7-495-223-23-14
Other countries:
Phone: +33(0)1-55-90-71-09Video


Straight Up Nostalgia With A Twist, "The Fabric of My Life" Campaign Blends Familiar Music with Modern Fashion

Straight Up Nostalgia With A Twist, "The Fabric of My Life" Campaign Blends Familiar Music with Modern Fashion

April 7, 2009 /PRNewswire/ — As the country faces the cold, harsh realities of the global financial situation, Cotton Incorporated delivers consumers a soft, comforting bit of nostalgia, with a modern twist. The research and promotion company for U.S. cotton growers and importers has revived its memorable "the touch, the feel of cotton" music, reinterpreted for today's consumers by three young vocalists: Zooey Deschanel, Jazmine Sullivan, and Miranda Lambert. The new television commercials, created by DDB New York, began airing on April 5 as part of a marketing strategy that also includes print and Internet components.

The new commercials present a day-in-the-life montage of the vocalists' lives, scored with each artist's unique interpretation of the celebrated music and lyrics. Actress/singer Zooey Deschanel riffs contemporary with her take; five-time Grammy-nominated Jazmine Sullivan (21) lends her rhythm and blues style to the melody; Academy of Country Music's "Album of the Year" Winner and two-time Grammy nominee Miranda Lambert (24) delivers a country twist to the tune. The melody, recognizable to two generations of consumers, was retired in 2001 and was revived because "It's the right message at the right time," says Glenn Sciachitano, Director of Consumer Advertising at Cotton Incorporated.

"Since 2001, the company's advertising has stressed the fashionability, versatility and easy care benefits of cotton to the 18-34 female demographic ," says Sciachitano. "The new campaign retains that fresh, modern fashion focus, while paying tribute to the brand's rich heritage."

The new commercials illustrate the versatility of cotton by showing how it fits into the lives and wardrobe styles of three very different artists, whether they are walking the red carpet or simply engaging in their favorite everyday activities. The day-in-the-life montage of each performer is scored with a unique musical interpretation: Actress/ singer Zooey Deschanel (28) provides a retro pop sensibility with her take on the tune; two-time Grammy nominee Miranda Lambert (24) delivers a country twist; and five-time Grammy-nominated Jazmine Sullivan (21) lends her rhythm-and-blues style to the melody.

"People of all ages fondly remember the 'cotton song,'" says Ric Hendee, Vice President of Consumer Marketing at Cotton Incorporated. "With these new renditions, cotton gains a stylish, youthful energy which will help demonstrate that cotton is in the full range of today's fashion."

Internet components are slated to roll out in May and will include such interactive attractions as a Zooey Deschanel Stylebook, a look inside Miranda Lambert's closet, and a neighborhood shopping guide by Jazmine Sullivan. "The Fabric of My Life" micro-site will be an off-shoot of the company's consumer Web site, The print campaign, launching this summer, will feature stills of all three artists in cotton wardrobe from the commercial shoot, along with notes from the singers about each garment.

"'The Fabric of My Life' is a totally integrated campaign that combines the best of the old and new for Cotton Incorporated. It takes the powerful equity of 'The Fabric of Our Lives' song and marries it with fashion and versatility so it appeals to a whole new generation of cotton wearers," says Cassandra Anderson, Creative Director at DDB.

Cotton Incorporated, funded by U.S. growers of upland cotton and importers of cotton and cotton textile products, is the research and marketing company representing upland cotton. The Program is designed and operated to improve the demand for and profitability of cotton.

DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc ( is the largest consolidated advertising and marketing services global network in the world, according to Advertising Age. DDB also has been frequently ranked as the most awarded agency network in the world by Creativity magazine and The Gunn Report, among others. With more than 200 offices in over 90 countries, the DDB group believes that creativity is the most powerful force in business, building enduring and powerful brand experiences that create TalkValue,™ influence social communities and drive results. DDB Worldwide is part of Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE: OMC).
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Shawn Steiner

Monday, April 06, 2009

New First Response® Fertility Test Helps Women Answer the Question: Am I Able to Get Pregnant?

New First Response® Fertility Test Helps Women Answer the Question: Am I Able to Get Pregnant?

At-home Test Measures Hormone Levels That Indicate Egg Quality and Quantity

PRINCETON, N.J., April 6, 2009 /PRNewswire/ — Women trying to conceive are now able to buy at retail, a new test that can help them quickly and easily identify their potential for becoming pregnant. The First Response® Fertility Test for Women is unique in that it allows women to measure follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) levels to evaluate ovarian reserve – egg quantity and quality. Low ovarian reserve is one of the leading factors of infertility in women. With the test results, women will be better equipped to have productive discussions with their doctors about getting pregnant.

While many women think that getting pregnant will be no trouble, millions of women in America struggle with infertility. According to a new survey for First Response®, 70 percent of women who may want to have children think they can get pregnant whenever they want. But according to RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, infertility affects 7.3 million Americans.

"Three questions I often get asked by my patients are: am I able to conceive, am I ovulating and am I pregnant? " said Dr. Lisa Masterson, M.D., a Santa Monica-based OB/GYN affiliated with Cedars-Sinai, St. John's and UCLA/Santa Monica hospitals, and a co-host on The Doctors. "The First Response® Fertility Test empowers women to ask the right questions, right from the start, when they're trying to get pregnant so they can take charge of their fertility future."

How the First Response® Fertility Test Works
The First Response® Fertility Test measures FSH levels in a woman's urine on the third day of her menstrual cycle. Results appear on the urine stick within 30 minutes with 95 percent accuracy. If FSH levels are found to be above normal, this may indicate that her ovarian reserve is low and may be interfering with her ability to become pregnant.

A woman should speak to her doctor if:

Her FSH levels are above normal.
Her FSH levels are normal, but she's 35 years or older and has been trying to get pregnant for at least six months, she's younger than 35 and has been trying to get pregnant for at least 12 months, or she's any age and does not have menstrual periods or has irregular periods.
There has been significant growth in consumer demand for over-the-counter reproductive health products. First Response® has become one of the most trusted women's health brands by offering accurate tests that anticipate women's needs, and with the launch of the Fertility Test for Women, First Response® now offers a full range of at-home tests that answer some of life's most important questions.

Surveys Reveals Women Overly Confident About Their Ability to Get Pregnant
First Response® surveyed women of child-bearing age about their knowledge of fertility, their pregnancy potential and views on planning for pregnancy.

Also, members of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association were surveyed about their knowledge of fertility, their pregnancy potential and views on planning for pregnancy. The studies found:

Three-quarters (75 percent) of women believe it's easy for women in general to get pregnant.
Interestingly, nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of RESOLVE members thought they could get pregnant without any problem when they first started trying. (These women ultimately experienced difficulties.)
Three in four women of child-bearing age did not know what FSH was and how it can affect a woman's ability to get pregnant.
Majority (86 percent) of Resolve members would have taken charge faster and sought the care of a medical professional sooner if they had known more about their fertility potential before they started to try to conceive.
When women plan key aspects of their life, planning for future pregnancy falls to the bottom of the list behind finances, career, education – even planning for vacations.
"Many women don't understand how difficult it can be to become pregnant until they're already experiencing fertility problems," said Barbara Collura, executive director of RESOLVE. "Getting educated about leading causes of infertility, like poor ovarian reserve, arming themselves with the right tools, and starting a conversation with their doctors can help women better plan for a family."

The First Response® Fertility Test for Women is available at major food, drug and mass merchandise outlets. A package with two test sticks has a suggested retail price of $24.99. For more information, visit

About the Surveys
The online survey was administered to RESOLVE constituents between November 4-December 15, 2008 through, and was completed by over 700 women.

StrategyOne, an applied research consulting firm, conducted a nationwide telephone omnibus study on behalf of First Response® of 260 women 18-44. Interviews were conducted between November 6-November 10, 2008 using the field services of ORC (Opinion Research Corporation).

About Church & Dwight, Co., Inc.
Church & Dwight, Co., Inc., headquartered in Princeton, NJ, distributes First Response® Early Result Pregnancy Test and other First Response® products, including First Response® Rapid Result Pregnancy Test, First Response® Easy Read Ovulation Test, and Answer Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests.

About RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association
Founded in 1974, RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, headquartered in McLean, VA, is the oldest and largest consumer-based, nonprofit group that provides education, advocacy and compassionate support for those struggling with infertility in the United States. Each year, RESOLVE and its nationwide network of affiliates handle more than 1.5 million contacts from people seeking information and help. For more information, visit the RESOLVE website at

Press Contact:
Kerry McCauley

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Bruce Willis to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at Sonoma International Film Festival Tonight

Bruce Willis

Kisses 'n' Roses congratulates the Die Hard hero American actor and film producer Bruce Willis for the Lifetime Achievement Award given to him at the Sonoma International Film Festival.

I have been following his acting career since his easy going role in the TV series Moonlighting (1985–89) and I thought he would have won the Oscar for his role in M. Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense.

4 Apr 2009 21:45 Africa/Lagos

Bruce Willis to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at Sonoma International Film Festival Tonight


(April 4, 2009 Sonoma, Calif.)

What: 12th Annual Sonoma International Film Festival, an extraordinary line-up packed with independent films, high-level panel discussions and director events, will kick off a year long program that will be tribute to all things Sonoma and a feast for the senses.

Why: To honor actor and musician Bruce Willis with Sonoma International Film Festival's first ever Lifetime Achievement Award. Bruce Willis will be accompanied by his new wife, model Emma Heming . Grammy Award winning recording artist Aimee Mann will moderate the Lifetime Achievement Award Tribute for Bruce Willis. Ms. Mann is a highly regarded singer, songwriter and mischievous prankster, a trait shared with and admired by Mr. Willis.

6:30pm Tribute

Sonoma Veterans Hall 126 1st Street West, Sonoma, Calif.
(Broadcast set up can start after 4:30 p.m.)

8:00 p.m. Gala Jacuzzi Winery 24724 Arnold Drive/Highway 121, Sonoma, Calif.

Visual: The Tribute will include a video montage designed to showcase the many transitions throughout Mr. Willis's career from television to Broadway, independent films, and the big screen. Mr. Willis's forays into directing and playing music will also be represented in the montage.

The audience will have the opportunity to participate during the tribute with a live question and answer session. Ms. Mann will be on stage reading the questions or, if an audience member isn't too shy, they can read their own question at the microphone. Following the tribute, there will be a star-studded gala at the Jacuzzi Winery and performance by Rich Little and Friends.

For more information about the Festival visit To get media credentials, please contact Angela Nibbs: or 415-225-7090

Media Contact:
Angela Nibbs, maven communications or 415-225-7090

/PRNewswire-USNewswire -- April 4/

Source: Sonoma International Film Festival

Web Site:

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Friday, April 03, 2009

For Beauty and Love

For Beauty and Love

You can see her golden face shining from miles
The sunlight kissing her rosy cheeks as she smiles
She smiles with dimples of joy
She tickles the fancy of every boy
As she walks like a Princess on petals of roses
She is Anita Queen Uwagbale

I celebrate the beauty of life and I celebrate love, because love is the heart and soul of life.

What is beauty without love?
And what is love without beauty?
What is an egg without the yolk?
And what is a soul without a heart?
Beauty without love is like a flower without nectar.
And in love is beauty made perfect.

Love, faithful and true makes you more beautiful. You can sniff the fragrance and see the radiance of a woman who is happy in love. She glows in the dark night and shines in the daylight as she smiles with dimples of joy.
A man who is happy in love walks as if he is ten feet tall and he performs better, because he wants to do his best for the love of the queen of his heart.

How can you be a beautiful woman without a heart filled with love?
How can you be a fine man when you behave like a brute?
How can you be happy in love when you are cheating and lying?
You put on a happy face, but you grimace in your heart.
Who is fooling whom?
C’mon! You cannot be a fool for love forever!
The taste of coffee is not the same with toffee even if the names rhyme.
Beauty without love is like a rhyme without a reason.
Separate the wheat from the chaff and embrace what will add value to your love life.

Love is not a game of egos and wits.
Love is not the bullshit of going after Totty in the dalliance of romance, cherry-picking more out of lust than love. And in most cases, when you say I am in love, it should have been I am in lust.
Your first sight of every beautiful woman is your definition of love at first sight. But it is actually lust at first sight.
Are you in love or are you in lust?

It is how much you love that makes you beautiful. So love more and more in faith and in truth and you will see how more beautiful you will become.

By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima
Friday April 3, 2009.
1. 55 pm.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Procter & Gamble Gives Back With "Give Health"


P&G, In Conjunction with Three Charitable Programs, Helps Keep Children in Developing Countries Healthy

CINCINNATI (April 1, 2009) /PRNewswire/ — P&G is empowering consumers to help keep children in developing nations healthy through GIVE Health, a campaign under the company's Live, Learn and Thrive corporate cause. Through a coupon redemption program with P&G brandSAVER, Give Health invites consumers to help raise one million dollars to give the gift of health to children in need around the world through three charitable programs, including Pampers Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus Global Campaign, PUR Children's Safe Drinking Water Program and Always and Tampax Protecting Futures Program.

For every coupon redeemed from the March 1, 2009 and April 5, 2009 issues of P&G's monthly brandSAVER coupon book, P&G will make a donation toward the cost of water, vaccine administrations and feminine protection and puberty education for people around the globe. With over 10 million children in developing countries dying before the age of five, according to the Global Basic Income Foundation, P&G is committed to giving back and enabling consumers to support important causes through coupon redemption.

"Ensuring children have access to clean drinking water, tetanus vaccines and the proper puberty education and feminine protection are vital to improving health conditions," said P&G Market Strategy External Relations Manager Glenn Williams. "We are thrilled to offer the GIVE Health campaign, in partnership with P&G brandSAVER, to empower consumers to give back and provide support without having to reach in their own pockets during this tough economy."

In the current economic climate, consumers have returned to redeeming coupons as a way to save money. According to a recent survey by NCH Marketing Services, 75 percent of customers in all income brackets use coupons to keep the cost of everyday groceries down. BrandSAVER offers hundreds of dollars off of popular P&G products and will now support charitable causes.

To learn more about these individual programs as well as the Give Health campaign please visit

About Pampers Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus Global Campaign
Pampers has partnered with UNICEF to help eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus, a preventable disease that claims the lives of 140,000 infants and 30,000 mothers in developing countries each year—that's one death every three minutes. This international initiative began two years ago in Latin America and has expanded to Western Europe, Japan and the U.S., providing funds for more than 50 million doses of vaccine.

About PUR Children's Safe Drinking Water Program
More than one billion people in the developing world do not have access to clean drinking water. As a result, thousands of children die every day. Children's Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) reaches these people through PUR, a water purifying technology developed by P&G and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). One small PUR packet quickly turns 10 liters of dirty, potentially deadly water into clean, drinkable water. The packets can be used anywhere in the world, including areas affected by natural disaster.

About Always and Tampax Protecting Futures program
Always® and Tampax® work with partner organizations to provide puberty education, feminine protection, and sanitary facilities to help vulnerable girls in Southern Africa stay in school. In addition, Protecting Futures, along with its partners, works to raise awareness and build advocacy for vulnerable girls' educational needs. Because every girl deserves her chance to shine.

About Procter & Gamble [NYSE:PG]
Three billion times a day, P&G brands touch the lives of people around the world. The company has one of the strongest portfolios of trusted, quality, leadership brands, including Pampers®, Tide®, Ariel®, Always®, Whisper®, Pantene®, Mach3®, Bounty®, Dawn®, Pringles®, Folgers®, Charmin®, Downy®, Lenor®, Iams®, Crest®, Oral-B®, Actonel®, Duracell®, Olay®, Head & Shoulders®, Wella®, Gillette®, and Braun®. The P&G community consists of over 135,000 employees working in over 80 countries worldwide. Please visit for the latest news and in-depth information about P&G and its brand.

Press Contacts:
Colleen Mathis

Glenn Williams
Procter & Gamble

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fool's Day: J.K. Rowling Publishes Harry Potter Ebooks on Smashwords

1 Apr 2009 14:00 Africa/Lagos

April Fool's Day: J.K. Rowling Publishes Harry Potter Ebooks on Smashwords

First New York Times Best-Selling Author to Go 'Indie' on Smashwords

LOS GATOS, Calif., April 1 /PRNewswire/ -- In a move likely to send shock waves through the book publishing industry, author J.K. Rowling today published all seven Harry Potter titles as multi-format ebooks with the ebook self-publishing service Smashwords, located at Smashwords.

"Publishing with Smashwords was incredibly easy, and you don't need to study at Hogwarts to master its magic," said J.K. Rowling. "With a few waves of my mouse - my Harry Potter books instantly materialized online in multiple ebook formats, ready for immediate sampling and sale."

The news came as a pleasant surprise to some industry watchers. "Until today, J.K. Rowling refused to allow her books to be published in ebook form," said Hobson Gobnobbler, editor of the popular ebook industry blog, "This is big news for Rowling fans everywhere, and it's especially significant she's making the ebooks available without copy protection. It means she trusts her customers to not pirate her books."

According to Neil Blair, Rowling's lawyer, the decision to publish with Smashwords was a simple one. "Smashwords offers an 85 percent net royalty on all ebook sales, much higher than we could negotiate with any of the commercial publishers, and infinitely higher than the nothing we're getting from all the ebook pirating sites."

The books are priced at only USD $7.95 each, yet still earn Rowling a hefty royalty of $6.31 per copy.

"Because of the high royalty at Smashwords," added Rowling, "I'm able to offer my books at a dramatically lower cost than their print counterparts, yet earn more than I get selling a print copy for $35.00. The lower cost also makes my books affordable to more readers, which expands the overall market for my books."

In a move that could inspire other best-selling authors to follow her lead, Rowling, already celebrated for her generous philanthropy, will donate all Smashwords proceeds during the first 12 months to charity. Smashwords has agreed to donate its 15 percent share of the proceeds to charity as well.

"We're absolutely thrilled Ms. Rowling has chosen to publish with Smashwords," said Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords. "We wish this news was true, but sadly, it's only an April Fools prank. However, for the first former number one New York Times best-selling author to publish their book at Smashwords, we will pay them 100 percent of the net for 12 months."


This press release is an April Fools press release. J.K. Rowling is not a Smashwords author, at least not yet. The quote from her real-life lawyer, Mr. Blair, was purely fictional for he did not say the words we attribute to him so please don't sue us, we're sorry. The offer of 100 percent net, however is real. To qualify, an author's book must have previously appeared in the number one position of the New York Times bestseller fiction or non-fiction list within the last ten years. For all other authors, the standard 85 percent net applies.

About Smashwords, Inc.

Launched in 2008, privately held Smashwords operates a digital publishing platform and online book store for independent ebook authors, publishers and their readers. The free service puts authors and publishers in full control over the publishing, pricing and marketing of their works. In addition to receiving exposure to hundreds of thousands of potential readers on the Smashwords web site and via distribution on Stanza, authors and publishers receive up to 85% of the net proceeds from sales of their works. For readers, Smashwords offers the opportunity to discover exciting new voices in fiction and non-fiction. Smashwords, Inc. is based in Los Gatos, California, and can be reached on the web at Visit the official Smashwords blog at

Press contacts:

Mark Coker, Smashwords, Inc.
email: first initial second initial at smashwords dot com

Source: Smashwords, Inc.

CONTACT: Mark Coker of Smashwords, Inc., +1-408-358-1824, first initial
second initial at smashwords dot com

Web Site: