Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rihanna is the Sexiest Woman Alive

Dinner at Giorgio Baldi, in Santa Monica.

ESQUIRE: I met you briefly backstage. I don't know if you remember.

RIHANNA: Yeah, just before I went out.

ESQ: It was a pretty fascinating scene. Bodyguards, dancers, dozens of people who looked liked they had nothing to do. I saw Jay-Z duck into your dressing room.

RIHANNA: I was walking out as he walked in. He was like, "Yo!" I had my tea in one hand and my drink in the next.

ESQ: You drink them at the same time?

RIHANNA: One is tea and one is a shot. I usually like dark liquor — brandy or whiskey — but it's very high in sugar-content and I have some photo shoots coming up, so I had to switch it up to vodka.

(Click HERE for the hi-res Rihanna video.)

Rihanna wants to be the next Pop Sex Goddess.
She is in love with her sexuality more than her womanhood.

It is really sexist when a woman decides to display and portray herself as a sex object.
It is sometimes more pathetic than dramatic.

There is more to femininity than sexuality.
There is more to the personalit­y of a woman than her body.
Where is her intellectu­ality?
What's Rihanna's IQ?
Does she reason rationally or sexually?

God did not create woman as a sex object.
But as the pillar of man at home and at work and not his sex toy.

Rihanna is not a positive role model for girls or women at large.
She is just using sex to sell her songs.

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