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Estella: Nigerian Designer Walking Tall In America


I am an aficionado of modern fashion since I started making sketches for different clothes and showed them to Nikky Africana when she was just managing a small boutique in the 80s and I told her that she would become a celebrated Nigerian fashion designer and the following year she won the Nigerian Fashion Designer of the Year Award. And I moved on to become the features editor of a magazine for school children and met other fashionable icons of the upper class in Nigeria and even became a close friend of one of them, Lady Tanya Hume-Sotomi whose bosom friend Helen Kuku is also a designer of note in Nigeria. Then later, I met Sefinatu Muhammad of the Federal Palace Hotel on the Victoria Island in Lagos, and I did a cover story on Princess Adelaide Ofori-Olagbaju whose Kente Oke was the rave in the late 90s in Nigeria. She was very receptive and appreciated my admiration of her remarkable designs. Later I had a modeling agency department when I was the editor of Affection International magazine in Nigeria and met the new generation of young and dynamic Nigerian fashion designers like Frank Oshodi, Mon Ami, my good friend Bayo of Modela, Dakova and Kese Jabari who is now in America. I have already turned my attention away from Nigerian fashion designers since 2004 until I heard of Estella online when she won the Nigerian Entertainment Award (NEA) for Fashion Designer of the Year in America.

Estella Relaxing.

Estella is a young fashion designer based in the US and she is already going places in America.

"...we dress queens. And can make any woman feel and look like a queen at anytime, any day, any event" -
- Estella

cover story on Princess Adelaide Ofori-Olagbaju whose Kente Oke was the rave in the late 90s in Nigeria. She was very receptive and appreciated my admiration of her remarkable designs. Later I had a modeling agency department when I was the editor of Affection International magazine in Nigeria and met the new generation of young and dynamic Nigerian fashion designers like Frank Oshodi, Mon Ami, my good friend Bayo of Modela, Dakova and Kese Jabari who is now in America. I have already turned my attention away from Nigerian fashion designers since 2004 until I heard of Estella online when she won the Nigerian Entertainment Award (NEA) for Fashion Designer of the Year in America.

Estella is a young fashion designer based in the US and she is already going places in America.

Estella Couture

"......we dress queens. And can make any woman feel and look like a queen at anytime, any day, any event" -
- Estella

Estella Ogbonna is the brain behind ESTELLA Couture. A natural talent in fashion. She designs and makes her designs herself.

She started as a teenager and says her talent is from God as she did not go to any sewing school or training before she started sewing.
Her academic record spans from two diploma degrees in (Special Education for the Hearing handicaps, and Computer Science), to two Bachelors degrees in Computer Network Administration, and Psychology, and also two almost completed MBA and MPA programmes.

Estella is a multi-talented person, and this shows in her designs as they ultimately stand out, because she incorporates a lot of imaginations and originality in her works.

This young, pretty lady has been a TV presenter/Producer. And also a model from her teenage. She has planned shows and pageants while in college, and has proven that the limelight is in her blood and its a good thing she has now concentrated her attention to fashion, which is her passion! Because the whole world is waiting for ESTELLA Couture!

And don't be surprised if you see her on the runway once in a while in her own creation, as a model.
Estella Couture

Interview on : Nigerians in America

World Exclusive: Creating Harry Potter

For the first time in the blogosphere, Kisses & Roses brings you the world premiere of Creating Harry Potter as Lady JK Rowling reveals how she creates the magic of Harry Potter.

In this classic 60 Minutes video Profile, JK Rowlings opens up her secret files for the first time to show how she creates her mystical Harry Potter

Just click on the picture or title to watch the video.

World Exclusive: 60 Minutes On JK Rowling On Creating Harry Potter.

For the first time in the blogosphere, here is an exclusive classic 60 Minutes video profile of J.K. Rowling as she opens up her secret files for the first time to show how she creates the magic of her mystical Harry Potter.

Watch the video Creating Harry Potter

Thursday, October 26, 2006

How can Scarlett Johannson be the sexiest woman in the world?

How can Scarlett Johannson be the sexiest woman in the world?

When you have not compared her to the sexiest women in Africa like Queen Ebong who is even blessed with better **** than Scarlett Johannson. And how can a white woman with a flabby booty be the sexiest woman in the world when the whole world knows that black women have the best and sexiest buttocks on earth?

Esquire should see Queen Ebong before crowning any white woman sexiest woman in the world.

Read the Full Interview With Scarlett Johannson

Monday, October 23, 2006

Urgent Appeal For Darfur

I have just received the following letter of appeal for Darfur from Maureen Byrnes, the Executive Director of Human Rights First and I want to appeal to you reading this post to join us in helping the suffering and dying refugees in Darfur.

I have been active in the global efforts to end the crisis in Darfur where over six Nigerian soldiers with the African Union (AU) Peace Keeping Force have been killled. And this made me to advise my contact in Darfur to leave by all means. He is like a brother to me. So his safety is paramount. He has been sending me eye-witness accounts of the catastrophe in Darfur and I corresponded with Jan Pronk the UN Special Envoy in Sudan. But now Maureen just informed me that Jan Pronk has been expelled by the ruling goverment in Sudan. I have some classified reports and I cannot make them public now.

Please, what you should do is to donate as requested below and not posting lip service and eye service comments.

Please, respond to the following appeal as I have done. More details are provided on Human Rights First.


Today, Jan Pronk, the U.N.'s top official in Sudan, is leaving the Sudan after the government expelled him, saying he was an enemy of the country.

Also today the New York Times' top story reports that the fighting is at its worst in two years, with millions of refugees and displaced people caught in the middle.

Our efforts are needed more than ever. Will you please help us build peace in Darfur?

Simply click here to make an online tax-deductible donation to ensure we can respond to this crisis fully and effectively.

My sincerest thanks for being part of our efforts,

Maureen Byrnes
Executive Director
Human Rights First

N.B: Human Rights First is an American Institute of Philanthropy A-rated charity.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Thank You For Taking Me To The Top Ten

I want to thank everyone who has been reading my professional writings on Blogwonga. Because I am now number 3 on the Blogwonga Most Popular Authors Chart

These are the top three authors currently on Blogwonga:
Mezza member since 19th Sep 2006
Blogwonger member since 25th Sep 2006
Blogwonger Extraordinaire member since 5th Oct 2006

Blogwonga Authors Chart

Here are my bestselling titles:

1.The Poetry of Sex

2.When Two Africans Woke Up This Morning

3.Life Is More Than Food And Sex

4.Dear Americans, Our House Is Also On Fire

5.Fahrenheit 7/7

6.Your Excellency, You Are A Liar

7.Who Is Afraid Of Islam.

May God bless everyone who has read any of my articles, short stories and books so far.

What you sow you shall reap a hundred fold to the glory of God in Jesus Christ our Messiah. Amen.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Kiran Desai Wins The 2006 Booker Prize In Style

Youngest ever woman wins Man Booker Prize at age of 35

Kiran Desai has won the £50,000 Man Booker Prize for Fiction for her classic novel The Inheritance of Loss published by Hamish Hamilton.

The Indian-born writer has a strong family tie with the prize as her mother Anita Desai has been shortlisted three times since 1980 but has never won. This year, however, her daughter, Kiran, has won the acclaimed literary prize.

Author of the 1998 universally praised Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard, Desai is the first woman to win the Man Booker since 2000 when Margaret Atwood scooped the prize with The Blind Assassin. Her winning book, The Inheritance of Loss, is a radiant, funny and moving family saga and has been described by reviewers as ‘the best, sweetest, most delightful novel’.

In the north-eastern Himalayas, at the foot of Mount Kanchenjunga, in an isolated and crumbling house, there lives an embittered old judge, who wants nothing more than to retire in peace. But with the arrival of his orphaned granddaughter, Sai, and the son of his chatty cook trying to stay a step ahead of US immigration services, this is far from easy.

When a Nepalese insurgency threatens the blossoming romance between Sai and her handsome tutor, they, too, are forced to consider their colliding interests. The judge must revisit his past, his own journey and his role in this grasping world of conflicting desires - every moment holding out the possibility for hope or betrayal.

This is the first time that Hamish Hamilton has published a Man Booker Prize winner although they had two shortlisted authors in 2005.

Hermione Lee comments,

“We are delighted to announce that the winner of the Man Booker Prize for 2006 is Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss, a magnificent novel of humane breadth and wisdom, comic tenderness and powerful political acuteness. The winner was chosen, after a long, passionate and generous debate, from a shortlist of five other strong and original voices.”

Over and above her prize of £50,000, Kiran Desai is guaranteed a huge increase in sales and recognition worldwide. Each of the six shortlisted authors, including the winner, receives £2,500 and a designer-bound edition of their book.

The judging panel for the 2006 Man Booker Prize for Fiction is: Hermione Lee (Chair), biographer, academic and reviewer; Simon Armitage, poet and novelist; Candia McWilliam, award-winning novelist; critic Anthony Quinn; and actor Fiona Shaw.

‘Kiran Desai is a terrific writer. This book richly fulfils the promise of her first.’ - Salman Rushdie

Kiran Desai was born in India in 1971, and was educated in India, in England, and the United States. Kiran studied creative writing at Columbia University.
For further information or interview requests, please contact: Amelia Fairney, Hamish Hamilton on 020 7010 3247;

The youngest ever winner of the Booker Prize is my fellow Nigerian Ben Okri (see below) who landed the Booker in 1991 at the age of 32.

Those who bought The Inheritance of Loss also bought the following book:

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The Untold Love Life Of A Bodyguard of Prophet Muhammad

I saw Aishah Bint Talha without her veil.

"Unveil Me My Love" is the love story of one of the captains of Prophet Muhammad in Arabia. He was loved by the leading ladies of Islam whilst he was in love with Aisha bint Abu bakr the beloved youngest wife of the prophet. But he later gave up his quest for Aisha and returned to his homeland Abyssinia where he abandoned Islam and became a Christian.

This is perhaps the first historical romance written by an African on the last days of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

I won't say anything more until you read it first and you tell me what you think.

"Unveil Me My Love"(Hardcover)
by Orikinla Osinachi

$2.00 Download
$16.79 Hardcover Print

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

African Village Honeymoon Lodge

Won't you love to have your honeymoon in this exotic African Village Lodge?
It's a duplex with an evergreen Garden; Has an attached BQ

In case you even want to buy it, make an offer.
The owner is re-locating to Ijebu for chieftancy duties.
It's quite cheap - N850k.
Convert the N850k to USD.

Oh, Keshi!
It is not funny.

This could be our palace.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Lesbians and Single Women

Of course, Heidi Klum is not a lesbian. She is too sexy to be a lesbian. And randy guys won't even let her be one.

The subject of lesbians and singles is from Life Is More Than Food And Sex

Talking of lesbians or single women?
Ask them if they are happy without a man.

No woman can be really happy without a man.

To read the rest, see Life Is More Than Food And Sex.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Next Nigerian Writer Who Should Win The Nobel Prize

Ben Okri

Prof.Wole Soyinka won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986 and no other Nigerian writer has has won it to date.

Chinua Achebe would have won it. But after writing only two great novels Things Fall Apart and Arrow of God he seemed to have been held back by the Law of Diminishing Returns. Because his other novels failed to measure up to the genius that wrote the two great novels he even wrote when he was a young man under 30. But as he grew older his genius seemed to have been overwhelmed by the challenges of modern developments.

Another gifted Nigerian novelist who have lagged behind is Kole Omotosho who is now based in South Africa and now more famous as a TV commercial model than as a novelist. What an irony.

The Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk just won the 2006 Nobel Prize for Literature and I won't say he does not deserve it. But one African I know who deserves to be given the Nobel Prize, is Ngugi Wa Thiong'o.

The new crop of dynamic Nigerian novelists from Ben Okri to Chris Abani have been winning laurels and Ben Okri is the next Nigerian writer who should win the Nobel Prize one fine day. He has already won the higly coveted Booker Prize

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Unveil Me, My Love

By Orikinla Osinachi

This is a fictional love story based on the last days of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and all the quotations from the Hadith are correct.
It does not contain any profanity or any distortion of the Hadith.
All the references to the Prophet are based on historical facts from the research of the author.

The Transition of the Prophet (pbuh)

60 days after his last Hajj the prophet became very ill. And he knew that the time had come for him to pass on. He prophesied words of blessings on our anointed martyrs of Uhud. I still remembered his sacred farewell message.
“There is a slave among the slaves of Allah (The One God) to whom God has offered the choice between this world and that which is with Him, and the slave has chosen that which is with God.”
I hung on his ears as he continued his solemn sermon with so much radiance on his face.
“I warn you O Muslims to be good to the Ansar (the Helpers, i.e., those residents of Medina who helped the Emigrants from Mecca). They have performed their duty well. Muslims will increase in number but Ansar will dwindle and be as salt in a meal.”
I was one of his devotees and rear guards in his last jihad. I loved him. And he confided some secrets in me. The cause of his illness that only Aishah (ra) and I knew.
“Woe to the nations before you who worshiped the tombs of their prophets. I forbid you to do that. O people, the most unselfish of men to me in his companionship is Abu Bakr, and if I were to take from mankind an inseparable friend he would be Abu Bakr - but the brotherhood of faith is ours until God unite us in His presence. O my dear daughter Fatimah and O my dear aunt Safiyah, spend your efforts in the way of the hereafter for I will not be able to help you against the Will of Allah. I go before you and I am your witness. Your meeting with me is at the pool of the celestial river Kawthar. I fear not for you that you will set up gods beside Allah, but I fear for you that you will rival one another in worldly gains.”

The prophet then anointed Abu Bakr to continue his messages. He retired to his inner chambers where his beloved wife Aishah nursed him with his bald head on her bosom. And she soon made him to regain his strength that at the break of dawn of twelfth of Rabi’ al-Awwal, he was even able to join us in the mosque. But he had to lean on Fadl and Thawban. When Abu Bakr saw the prophet, he quietly stepped back even without moving his head. But the last prophet of Allah/الله patted him on his shoulder and nodded that Abu Bakr should continue. Abu Bakr often glanced at the prophet who was sitting at his right hand side praying in solitude.

We were all in elated spirits to see him looking hale and hearty in spite of his protracted illness. Anas (ra) turned to me and smiled with glee.
“I have never seen the Prophet’s face more beautiful than as I see it now at this moment,” he said joyfully.
I nodded and as I looked to see the cheerful faces of the other devotees, my eyes and the eyes of Aishah met and I quickly averted my eyes lest I would be caught ogling at the most beloved wife of the prophet. Then I saw him whisper into the ear of Aishah.

The prophet adored her deeply as he said, “The superiority of 'Aishah to other ladies is like the superiority of Tharid (i.e. meat and bread dish) to other meals. Many men reached the level of perfection, but no woman reached such a level except Mary, the daughter of Imran and Asia, the wife of Pharaoh."
We also knew that she was the muse of the Wahy (Divine Revelations)

Later Sunniyah told me that Aishah disclosed to her what he whispered into her ear.
“No Prophet is taken by death until he has been shown his place in Paradise and then offered the choice to live or to die.”

The prophet never recovered. Anas later disclosed his last words to me.
“With the supreme communion in Paradise, with those upon whom God has showered his favor, the prophets and the saints and the martyrs and the righteous, most excellent for communion are they.”
Anas said he raised his head and said, “O Allah, with the supreme communion.” The prophet gave up at the dusk of the twelfth of Rabi’ al-Awwal, which the followers of the sacred cross recorded as June 8, 632 A.D. Sunniyah told me that he died with his head resting on the laps of his beloved Aishah.
He was only sixty-three years old. There was an unconfirmed rumour that his Jewish wife poisoned him. But we were warned that this rumour must never be breathed out by any soul. Could the poison have taken the precious life of the prophet?

Abu Bakr wept as he came to the mosque and looking up at us as we stood in disbelief, he sighed and exclaimed:
“O People! If Muhammad is the sole object of your adoration, then know that he is dead. But if it is Allah (The One God) you Worshiped, then know that He does not die.”

Then Abu Bakr proclaimed an invocation from the Qur'an, 3:144:
“Muhammad is no more than an Apostle: many were the Apostles that passed away before him. If he died or were slain, will you then turn back on your heels? If any did turn back on his heels, not the least harm will he do to Allah; but Allah (on the other hand) will swiftly reward those who (serve Him) with gratitude.”
The verse was actually a divine revelation he received after the Battle of Uhud.
We buried the prophet the following day in the same place he died in Aishah’s bedroom as he had told Abu Bakr that “Allah does not cause a prophet to die but in the place where he is to be buried.”

All his children had died before him, except Fatimah (ra). But unfortunately she also died six full moons after the prophet. But Aishah and his other wives, the Ummul Momineen (mothers of the faithful) survived and lived as pious widows until they passed away. But of all his numerous wives only Khadijah and Maria al-Qibtiyya bore him children. Aishah did not have any child for the prophet. We all wondered why?

Aishah was once suspected of committing adultery whilst on a journey in the caravan escorted by Shafwan ibn Muatthal. This was after the prophet married Maria al-Qibtiyya. But the rumour only circulated in whispers among the sheiks of Arabia. But the prophet only queried her and never summoned any man suspected to have dared to even attempt such an abominable act and be beheaded. It was a scandal that would have cost Aishah her life. Aishah maintained her innocence that she lost her necklace and whilst looking for it, she was left behind by the caravan until she was able to find her way back to Medina. Sunniyah told me that Aishah later said the prophet told her that he had a revelation that four witnesses would be required to convict her of adultery. And her conviction would mean her death by stoning. What the prophet would not even think of. Condemning and sentencing her most beloved and youngest wife to death! God forbid.

Since the prophet was dead, I felt some emptiness in my heart and soul and I made up my mind to return home to Abyssinia. And I wanted to persih the thought of any future with Aishah. The father now seemed to have more need of her divine gifts in the absence of the prophet. I also feared that the caliph would never allow an Abyssinian to marry his beloved Aishah.

The Three Maidens In White

I was feverish for some days and I was seeing and hearing things as my body shook and it was as if I was no longer on earth. I was used to these fevers. I always fell ill once in a year and I would be rejuvenated afterwards. I took my usual medicine made from bitter herbs prepared by Sunniyah.
“May be you are homesick,” she said.
I did not reply. I only nodded.
I have spent over ten years in the service of the prophet and survived many battles. And I have been even more comfortable here than my years at home. But I was missing my mother. Again, I was discovering certain things and the parchment I received in my last pilgrimage to Jerusalem was now like my talisman. And even the prophet did not deny the truth. That it was the Jews who told him about Allaha whom they called Allah. We all agreed that "He is the one and only supreme God and the maker of all things visible and invisible in heaven and on earth". But, I wanted to return to Jerusalem and ask more questions on how the sacred word of God could become flesh and was the Jew Prophet Isa the only begotten Son of God? Because, the Qur'an said this was not so. Why? Only the truth would satisfy my yawning soul.

It was about the eleventh hour of the Jummah when I was half asleep. Sunniyah was not with me. Then I saw smoke rising from the floor and soon the smoke enveloped the room. I was wondering what could be the meaning of this. Then I saw them. They were all in white. They looked like the minstrels of Wahy (Divine Revelations). Three of them coming from a mosque and I saw other buildings behind them.
Then suddenly I did not see them again. I closed my eyes and when I opened them Sunniyah had come with some fruits for me.
“You were hallucinating again,” she said.
“I had a vision,” I said.
She was washing the fruits and only glanced at me.
“Yes. These fevers come with such hallucinations and visions. Don’t worry Hassan, you will soon be on your feet and dancing with me.”
“You are not the only one who can see things,” I said and closed my eyes again. Because I was feeling like I should go back to sleep.
“All right. We all have dreams and visions. My dear brother, what did you see?”
“I saw three maidens in white in a mist of smoke.”
“Where? I hope Satan has not urinated in your ears while you were sleeping?”
“Allah forbids it!” I prayed.
She stopped what she was doing and came closer to where I lay on my mat.
“Right here while you were not here. When I was half awake.”
“The three daughters of Nasibin”
“You know them?”
“Yes. They only appear to you when you are ready to…”
“I am not ready to die now.”
She laughed and her voice rang in my ears.
“Oh, no Hassan! You are not about to die. They are not the jinns of Shayatin. But when they appear to young men, they mean well.”
“And what does it mean?”
“That your bride is coming soon!”
Sunniyah smiled and brought me three fruits in a bowl. She offered me one and I accepted it. “Eat my brother. The apple will revive you,” she said.
“But, I don’t want to marry here,” I said.
“Why?” She asked.
“I prefer one of our own maidens in Abyssinia,” I replied.
“Arabian women are the loveliest of all women in the world,” she sang.
She rose to her feet and danced for a moment.
Yes. She was lovely. Yes, very lovely. But she said she would never marry and loved her calling as a stargazer. But I knew she was the comforter of some men in Arabia.
“Your mother would be happy to be the mother in-law of a beautiful Arabian princess,” she said.
I sighed and we were silent for a while.
“The sun is going home and I must return before darkness covers my path,” she said.
“I wish I could escort you,” I said.
“Trouble not yourself. You need to rest until you are fully revived. “
She held my hands for a while and murmured her usual inaudible prayer.
“You will sleep well tonight my brother.”
As she left, I felt like the loneliest man on earth.
I decided to write some of the words from my heart on a parchment.

It was after the victory of Hunayn, that the prophet and I went up the Thubayr and Hira for fasting and praying. Most he often left me on Thubayr and would go to the Hira alone whilst I waited for him. Then during one our retreats, he declared,
‘Shall I tell you, O people, on whom the shaitans descend? They descend on every slandering sinner. Those who listen to hearsay - and most of them are liars - and those poets who are followed by those who go astray.”
I was wondering why he said that when he welcomed and appreciated the verses of HassAn ibn Thabit, a poet of Yathrib. And HasAn always recited poems in the praise of the prophet and Aishah. Well, I wouldn’t be the one to dispute the revelation of the messenger of Allah.

After our victories at the battles of Badr, Uhud and Khaybar , many people were killed, including male and female poets. And I knew those that were killed on the orders of the prophet. But he spared the poets who sang his praises. So, I kept my verses to myself. I would be safer if no one knew I could recite my own verses and I wouldn’t flatter anyone. Hypocrisy could choke me, so I wouldn’t sing the praises of the prophet without saying the truth as well. And I was not ready to dare the wrath of the prophet whom I vowed to serve till death separated us.

The Unveiling of Rekiyyah bint Abu bakr (ra)

One cold night, I was sitting alone in front of my tent under the half moon when I saw a hooded figure on the white mule of the prophet that was a precious gift from Muqawqis I was wondering who could be this strange visitor.
Then as the figure came closer, I recognized that it was a female figure in a burqa.
Then the unmistakable velvet voice of Rekiyyah bint Abu Bakr (ra) greeted me.
“Salam Alaikum.”
“Wa alaikum salam, sister.”
I was gaping and gasping in awe. Why would I to be honoured by such a highly revered visitor?
“Alhamdulillaah!” I exclaimed inwardly.
I hurriedly took her by her slim hands into my tent. I did not want anyone to see her.

Rekiyyah was the daughter of the caliph!

Part Two:
The second part and last part of "Unveil Me, My Love" will be in the complete novelette and available from $1 per copy.
For copies, contact me.

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The Memoirs of Helen of Troy: A Novel

Who does not know the classical romantic tragedy of the celebrated beauty Helen of Troy?

I have read, studied and watched the films and the latest being Troywith Brad Pitt playing Achilles so well.

The half-immortal daughter of Zeus by Leda, queen of Sparta, Helen grows up nearly friendless, for her looks arouse women's jealousy. Her youthful sexuality awakened by Theseus, Helen quickly learns that her beauty is both a source of power and a curse. When she abandons her dull husband, Menelaus, for handsome Paris Alexandros of Troy and she became the curse that was the downfall of Troy.

The Memoirs of Helen of Troy: A Novel by Actress and author Leslie Carroll (Miss Match) checks in under an assumed name Amanda Elyot for her debut historical romance. You will enjoy it.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

24/7 Gospel Music Channel Is Here!

I am Charles Humbard, President & CEO of the new ALL MUSIC television network, Gospel Music Channel, showcasing the best in Christian music and Gospel music. I am writing you today to tell you the exciting news that Gospel Music Channel is now available in Paducah.

Gospel Music Channel brings you and your family inspirational and uplifting music television 24 hours a day. The channel shows great artists like Michael W. Smith, Kirk Franklin, Amy Grant, Crabb Family, Shirley Caeser, Casting Crowns, CeCe Winans and even Alan Jackson singing his latest Gospel songs. From the artists’ personal biographies to their greatest concert performances and latest videos, there has never been a channel like this – All Gospel, All Music, All the Time.

This channel was created out of the need to give a positive music television choice to our children and families across America. As a father of two young boys, my wife and I have been deeply concerned about the entertainment choices that come into our home promoting violence and immorality. I know you agree with me that our families deserve something more!

We need you – God’s church – to embrace, support and empower this channel. It’s a channel we think you will love, that will also win the hearts of children, teens and young adults who are being courted daily by those television channels that are eroding our culture and negatively influencing our youth. Gospel Music Channel is wholesome entertainment your entire family will gladly invite into your home.

DIRECTV has recognized the passion of Christian families in Paducah and made Gospel Music Channel available for you. Right now you could be watching this great music television channel on DIRECTV Channel 15. Call 1-800-331-4DTV, to hear the special offer DIRECTV has created for you. If you already have DIRECTV, turn to Channel 15 and enjoy the music that inspires your soul, then call the number and thank DIRECTV for carrying Gospel Music Channel. Please help us spread the word by telling your friends and neighbors to get this channel in their home today. If DIRECTV receives thousands of calls, you and other Christians in Paducah will ignite a change and send the message that we are excited about having a positive music television entertainment channel for ourselves and our families.

I would love to hear from you how this channel is a blessing to you and your family. Already others in Paducah have written telling of their excitement. Here is some of what they had to say:

“Thank you for a channel devoted to Christian music. I know that I can have the TV on and let my kids watch the videos without concern for what is before their eyes! I enjoy it just as much!”

“I love it I love it I love it!!!! Thank you so much for finally bringing Christian music and videos to the air. You have a faithful fan. I will share the word about your channel.”

“I just found GMC on my DIRECTV line-up and we are ecstatic!”

“What I like most about it is: you spotlight both Black and White artists. I love that! On Gospel Music Channel, you showcase all artists.”

“I happened to be flipping through the channels this morning and I finally found something for me. My spirit is jumping for joy right now. I love this channel. It’s about time Gospel music is recognized more in the mainstream.”

“I was flipping channels and came across Gospel Music Channel. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am very excited about having a channel where I can worship.”

God Bless,
Charles Humbard

PS. To see a preview of the great programming on the channel, click here. Then I hope you’ll call 1-800-331-4DTV to get Gospel Music Channel in your home.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I Am Going To See Jack Straw

Muslim Child: Mama?
Muslim Mother: Yes, my baby.
Muslim Child: Why are covering your face?
Muslim Mother: Because, Muslim women must cover their faces whenever they are going out. (inwardly:you bully daddy does not want other men to find me attractive and snatch me from his terrorist hands. Hiss)
Muslim Child: Hmm.
Muslim Mother: Hmm what?
Muslim Child: I thought you were a masquerade for a costume party!
Muslim Mother: I Am Going To See Jack Straw! He must tell me if my baby is not scared of my veil, then why should he? Is he Chicken?

Here are my latest syndicated articles on serious existential issues, love, sex, lesbianism, homosexuality, internet lovers, terrorism, etc;:
1. Sorry, My Name Is Not Fyodor Dostoyevsky-For Adults Only.

2. When Two Africans Woke Up This Morning

3. Dear Americans, Our House Is Also On Fire

Friday, October 06, 2006

When the Honeymoon is Over

I am sitting here on the wc seat thinking aloud.
I have no father and I have no mother.
They are dead. Long dead.
And I am not married and no child.
No. I am not scared of marriage.
I love women as I loved my mother.
May her peaceful soul rest in peace.
She was one of a kind. My own Mother Theresa.
Women are not the problems in this world.
Of course the devil is not a woman.
Jezebel was a woman?
Because King Ahab was a coward and a fool and he was not man enough to discipline the stubborn wife.
This is not why I am still here in the closet.
But, I am bothered by so many existential issues that we often misunderstand and that is why I want to pass them out. And I have a deodorant here just in case it begins to stink.
My festering thorns are pricking my heart and soul.
I am speaking from the closet of my heart.
Just reason with me for a moment, please.

The intimate confessions continue in my latest short narrative, Sorry, My Name Is Not Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

There are two more of my intimate writings. The following are critical political commentaries on local and global issues of current affairs.

When Two Africans Woke Up This Morning

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Féile Filíochta/International Poetry Competition 2006

You are invited to take part in the 18th annual Féile Filíochta International Poetry Competition.

Entries to be sent by post to the following address only:

Féile Filíochta/International Poetry Competition 2006

P.O. Box 6983


County Dublin


• There is no entry fee.

• Poems can be on any subject and there is no restriction on length, theme or style.

• As a signature is required on the entry form, poems will NOT be accepted by e-mail.

• Attach this form to poem(s) submitted.

• Write your name on entry form only - not on poems.

• Please include title of poem on top of each page.

• Entrants may submit up to four poems in each language in their age group. Use separate forms if submitting poems in more than one language.

• There are 10 language categories in the Adult competitions: Irish, English, German, French, Italian, Welsh, Spanish, Scottish Gaelic, Swedish and Polish. In the Under 17 and Under 12 competitions, there are two language categories: Irish and English.

• In the junior categories entrants must be under 12 or under 17 on the closing date of the competition.

• Incomplete entry forms will not be processed.

• Poems cannot be returned to entrants and once submitted cannot be altered.

• We do not acknowledge receipt of poems.

• Poems must not have been published prior to entering the competition and should not appear in print, on a website, self-published or broadcast in any form before announcement of competition results. They must be the original work of the author.

• The list of prizewinners and winning poems will appear on the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Libraries website in early March 2007. Winners will be personally notified by the end of February 2007. Results will also be sent out in the post in March if you enclose a SAE with your entry.

• Further entry forms available from address above or from libraries, or phone (01) 278 1788, fax (01) 278 1792. Entry forms and conditions in Irish, English, German, French, Italian, Welsh, Spanish, Scottish Gaelic, Swedish and Polish available online at

• At the discretion of the County Council winning poems may be published in different media.

• The Judges' decision is final and no correspondence can be entered into regarding their decision.

Closing date: Saturday 11th November 2006.
Féile Filíochta International Poetry Competition.