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The Audacity of Love

The Audacity of Love
A true love story.

She is pretty and sexy and I am in love with her.

I must be audacious to have gone this far with her, I thought as I lay back in bed looking at her photograph in admiration.
We met in the summer of 2006 and I had to brave through a turbulent wind in a stormy weather across the Bonny Channel. Then I took a public transport minibus with other passengers to Kogi City to see her. It was a long journey and I did not take any food or drink on the road until I got to the guest house. I bought a bottle of malt drink before she joined me.
We stood and gazed at each other eyeball to eyeball before we hugged passionately and I kissed her. Then we sat down to talk about our dreams and wishes. We did not wait for long to undress and we saw our nakedness for the first time. She was 18 and looking very beautiful and voluptuous with round upright bosoms. She was a perfect 34-24-34 and two inches short of 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) tall. I wrapped my arms around her and began smooching her.

As she lay back on the bed, she lifted up her chest into an arc making her bosoms more attractive. I could not resist her. She was excited and could not wait for me to enter her. I brought out my condoms and used one of them. There were only three condoms and I used them all even before 9 pm. She had her slim legs in the air as I made love to her. She muttered my English name as we made love.
“Will you marry me?” I asked her.
‘Yes, my love,” she replied.
We paused for a while. I brought out the ordinary ring I bought at the motor park in Port Harcourt and showed it to her. She gazed at it happily and I took her left hand and slipped it onto her digitus annulari (fourth finger).This was my betrothal gift to her. She wanted us to continue making love.
“No more condoms.”
“We can do without condoms.”
I was reluctant to continue without using a condom and she thought I was scared of contracting STDs or getting her pregnant. She was right, but I only used the risks of unwanted pregnancy as my excuse. She pleaded until I succumbed and hurriedly did it. She was not satisfied and noticed that I felt guilty.
Then I went down on my knees and asked God to forgive me for committing fornication.
She was staring at me and seemed surprised.
“We have sinned,” I said.
I was sober, but she would have preferred I resumed our sexual intercourse till daybreak.
I really loved her and told her so.
“You think you are taking advantage of me? Our wide age gap is bothering you? Don’t you love me?”
“I love you.”

I told her that she must take contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancy and she agreed.
I gave her more than enough money for the most effective contraceptives I knew. Then I gave her my dark green military vest made of wool.
“Wear it whenever it is cold and you miss my warmth,” I told her as I kissed her.
She said that she would have been disappointed if I did not make love to her.
“We have many happy days ahead and we shall be making love as many times as we want,” I assured her and we kissed before I returned to Bonny Island by road and by sea.

We have had stormy times of altercations since 2006 to date, but we always made up. In fact she broke up with me and left for 18 months, but she returned to me. I had to leave two other lovers to reconcile with her and she had to turn her back to all temptations and held on to me tightly as we took the plunge into the ocean of endless ocean.

This love is unbreakable.
I kissed her photograph and put it back inside my portfolio. I sighed and continued to reminisce about our awesome love.

[Krystal:]I'm in love with a man, nearly twice my age,
Don't know what it is, but its a hit from me youthful days,
As I go my way, I don't care what people say,
I'm in love with a man, nearly twice my age!

[Shabba:]Come now! igle jube, jube - igle jube
She nuh waan no igle jube, jube, igle jube,
She want a man wi nuff load of de royalty
De igle jube, yuh know say 'im nuh've money
She nuh waan no lover's honey, she waan di money,
She nuh waan no lover's honey, she waan di money!

[Krystal:]When I tell you girls, in my youthful days,
I never loved another man my age, and then the don, he came along
He made me smile all the while, and he stood tall and strong, so strong, so strong,

[Shabba:]Young man have strength but that is not sense,
She want a man fi let have recumpense,
True! She wah pay lightbill and rent, and
You know you haffi have a big dividend and
Dung di line you pocket haffi have length
Mek suh say dat de man 'ave batty fulla strength

[Krystal:] stood up for me when no one cared.
stood up for me where other men wouldn't dare
made me know when true man love
never made me feel he's old
never gave me love that cold
you had better watch your food
old men will dip into your plate

[Shabba:]Now as 'oman have old man nuh a go find that she wrong
Now she a deal wid a foundation
de live de young man all a go mash up her plan
an' she wan some dollas in her hand

[Krystal:]I'm in love with a man, nearly twice my age,
Don't know what it is, but its a hit from me youthful days,
As I go my way, I don't care what people say,
I'm in love with a man, nearly twice my age!

[Shabba:]She nuh waan no igle jube, jube, igle jube,
She nuh waan no igle jube, jube, igle jube,
She nuh waan no lover's honey, all she want is money,
She nuh waan no lover's honey, all she want is money,
De 'oman is dealin wi maturity
Tha's why she nah goin tek one unda 30
35 an 40, 45 an 60
65 an 60 de woman waan money

[Krystal:]Girls, this is my advice to you!
A man that age has good experience!
He'll treat you good, he'll treat you well,
he may make you rich and proud,
so you won't have to bow, won't have to bow!

[Shabba:]Young man have strength but that is not sense,
She want a man fi let have recumpense,
True! She waan pay lightbill and rent, and
Mek sure say you pocket dey have length, and
Your collar ?? ha fe full up a strength
Igle jube, jube, igle jube,
She nuh waan no lover's honey, all she want is money,
She nuh waan no lover's honey, all she want is money,

[Krystal:]I'm in love with a man, nearly twice my age,
I don't know what it is, but its a hit from me youthful days,
As I go my way, I don't care what people say,
I'm in love with a man, nearly twice my age

~ Theme song Twice My Age by Shabba Ranks

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Fiona Aforma Amuzie is the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria

Fiona Aforma Amuzie is the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria

Read more on Bella Naija.

Getting Fit Before Wedding

The time between your engagement and wedding are no doubt a whirlwind of planning, and even having a lot of help from other people still leaves most brides-to-be wishing to add more hours to the day. In addition to the many appointments, there is still gym time to be logged, and unfortunately for many of us, this may get pushed down the list. Weather you work with a trainer or on your own, there's always the need to get more results in less time.

Lately, experts have been reminding us about interval training, which gives the busiest among us hope for even better gym pay off. Although fitness advice seems to change all the time, serious athletes and Olympians have been doing interval training for decades, and seeing about twice the results of a regular cardio workout. It's beginning to come into the spotlight again, with people having less and less time to fit a traditional workout into their day.

An article on NY Times online says experts believe adding interval training just a few days a week will show great improvements in fat burning and endurance as opposed to a long continuous cardio workout. These studies have been done with young adults (in varying degrees of physical fitness) using stationary bikes and treadmills. The results showed that all subjects saw about a 36% increase in fat burned in a short interval training session as opposed to longer moderate cardio session.

Experts believe results like these can be duplicated on various pieces of fitness equipment and outdoor activities. While there isn’t an exact plan to stick to, you could cut your hour or so moderate session to 25 minutes, consisting of 4minute bursts with 3 minutes of recovery in between. It could also be 1 minute bursts with 3 minutes recovery. What's important is that you experience intense times of working at about 85% capacity, and then moderate to light exertion to get the heart rate almost back down to normal before starting the cycle again.

The fat burning and cardiovascular results are shown to be evident in just a few weeks, so even if you are in the final wedding countdown, you could surely benefit from the boost switching to intervals would provide. Remember that it's important to warm up beforehand, and that while you should feel breathless, you don’t want to work your self to exhaustion. Those of you who work out on your own or have home gyms can consult a doctor or trainer for further advice and recommendations that are personalized to your fitness level, schedule, and goals.

~ By Sasha Britton

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Oma of the Niger Delta: The Story of Naked Beauty


I saw you in the twilight
Disrobed in the state of nature
And I gaped and gasped in awesome delight
Spellbound and elated in rapture
As I beheld your voluptuous features
As I gazed upon your priceless treasures
From peak of the mountain
I went down to the fountain
In the valley of your mons veneris
And holding on to your alluring pillars
I have been transfixed at the altar of your estuary
The estuary of your conjugal sanctuary.

I saw the falconer trading his falcon
With the bounty hunter for his gun
Lost in their lust for your connubial offerings
Spellbound by the allures of your charms
And I came in the fleeting mist of the fleeing night
To behold you even before the Aurora Borealis
And saw you embracing the heavenly light
As Father Heaven kissed Mother Earth
And you were enchanted in heavenly mirth
Oblivious of my winking mortal eyes
Hypnotized in the ether of celestial bliss.
At the unveiling of the beloved daughter of Eve
Made perfect in the bowels of boundless love.

Let the fire be kindled in my heart
The eternal flame of my spirit
The breath of eternity
The ether of life formed in purity
Born bare and born free
As my enchanted eyes can now see
Freed from the chains of pains
The pains of natal travails
Oh! Woman! Thou art the vessel of motherhood.
And in thy mammary gourds abound our first food
How much every man is bound to thy loins
For from thy canal every man is born
Through the third eye of Eve where love flows
From the seed sown the fruit is grown
The sweetest fruit of love is found in the virgin
To behold your naked beauty is not a sin.

Tonye a young artist who loves to paint impressionist studies of natural subjects from the views of his camera leaves the coastal city of Port Harcourt and crosses the sea to Bonny Island. And on the Bonny Island he builds a make shift studio with the help of a local boy Odion in the fishing port of Agaja village. And Odion has a very attractive nubile sister Oma. And Oma is fascinated by the unique character of Tonye who is always wearing a loose tunic, knee length baggy pants and leather sandals with his camera hanging from a string around his neck and his sketchpad in his hands. His pencils and colour pens are in the pockets of his baggy pants. He is tall and slim and seems to be fond of her only brother Odion. But, Tonye seems to be more interested in his nature studies than any romantic attractions.

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Between Love and Lust: What We Have Gained and What We Have Lost

You came to me in the robes of Cyclamen
But how can I bring you a bouquet of red chrysanthemums?
When I have not found any white chrysanthemums in the bouquet of your heart?
Do not pluck the petals of my pure daisies with your eyes closed, lest you would be fooled by your wild guesses.
Because, you do not need to set your foot on twelve daisies before you can see the dawn of your spring
I will give you neither white nor red daisies after the last swallow of summer has flown away from your alcove, lest your dreams of them in autumn leave you heartbroken in winter.
In my wanderlust quest for Ivy
I did not find you in the bloom of Orange Blossom or in Lemon Blossom
But I found you entangled in the paphiopedilum orchids of Phaphos with a garland of Peach Blossom dangling from your ringed neck
Like a rose entangled in your own thorns
Then I disentangled you before I led you to the lyceum of my Muses
They welcomed you with the petals of Apple Blossom cast at your bleeding feet. They wiped your tears away with the golden petals of yellow roses and bathed you in the pool of the Coral Rose.
They covered you with the Peach Rose and led you into the bed of my Rose of Persia before I came to you with my bouquet of the white Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley.

~ Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

Love is the most common word in relationships, but it is also the most abused and misused by humans in their search for love.

A suitor promises the nubile maiden heaven on earth and other fantastic things in his pursuit of winning her hand in marriage. She believes him and they later get married after courtship. Their marriage looks unbreakable, but only time will tell how long they will last.

I have seen beautiful and wonderful couples and they are the models of the ideal marriage.

They can face the challenges of marriage and remain faithful to their matrimonial vows, no matter what happens.

The marriage will determine the future of the family, because marriage is the foundation of the family.

I believe the kind of marriage you have will decide the success or failure of your family in the society.

A well-planned marriage will have a well-planned family and a well-planned family will never be a poor family.

A well-planned marriage starts from courtship and not after the successful wedding. You must know what kind of life partner you want and what kind of partnership you want to establish for a successful life. It would be foolish for a hardworking man to marry a lazy woman or for a hardworking woman to marry a lazy man.

Being pretty and sexy is not beneficial if the woman is not productive at home and at work. The richest woman in the world did not make it by having a pretty face. In fact, the not so pretty, but hardworking and smart woman has ended up very successful and sending the pretty, but less productive and dumb blonde on errands.

The poor state of the Nigerian government can be traced to the upbringing of the public office holders in the corridors of power.
What are their family backgrounds?
What kind of families are they from?
What kind of marriages produced them?

The political problems of Nigeria are sociological.

If you are from a disciplined home, you cannot end up in the stagnant pool of corruption.

The pastor of the Christ Embassy Church on Bonny Island said, parents are responsible for the character development of their children.
What kind of parents breed criminals in the public and private sectors?

Love is the key to good parenting.
True love and not the fake love based on the bargains you make with your partners.

In Eastern Nigeria, every bride has a price and men marry only the women they can afford to pay the bride price. The brides from upper class families cost more while the brides from the lower class cost less.
The suitors are the bidders and the highest bidder often wins the hand of the most attractive bride. But there are exceptions when love decides who should marry the bride.

The brides fall in love with the suitors they have chosen to marry, but their love hardly comes cheap. It has a price tag.

The romantic love celebrated in many Western movies and books hardly become a reality in Eastern Nigeria, even though millions of the singles have the common romantic fantasy of the tall and handsome man winning the heart of the pretty and sexy damsel. They do fall in love or in lust in the higher institutions as long as the male student playing Romeo has bright prospects of graduating and getting a dream job to earn a good salary to afford to marry the Juliet of his dreams, otherwise she would end up in the arms of another suitor who may never look like the hunk on the cover of one of the Barbara Cartland's romantic novels. That is why many of the pretty campus girls from Eastern Nigeria got married to the rich traders in Onitsha, Aba, Lagos, and Kano while their campus boyfriends were still composing applications for jobs. But these marriages of convenience have produced dysfunctional families, because the couples are not often the ideal partners. While she is reading the Financial Times or Vogue, he is gazing at the almanac of the new chiefs in his village. She ends up with unfulfilled dreams, because in most cases she would be forced to give up her tall ambition and submit to his dictates and wits. They are intellectually poles apart. Therefore their children are often caught in-between the contrasting values and virtues of their parents.

These dysfunctional families have not produced the best in human capital development in Nigeria. They have produced Average Joes and Janes.

When the man and woman who are truly in love marry, they produce the best in their family, because they are living and working in the synergy of their love.

Couples in love have been found to be the most productive with stable families and stable jobs.

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival 2010

Bollywood icon and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on the red carpet to attend the Premiere of "Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps" at 63rd Cannes Film Festival 2010.

Lindsay Lohan's Trip to 63rd Cannes Film Festival

Fun loving American actress Lindsay Lohan was sighted at two exclusive luxury yacht parties at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival. The first was the Chopard 150th Anniversary Party at the Palm Beach, Pal Palm Beach, Pointe Croisette on May 17 and another one last Friday night on the 21st. Lindsay was at the Cannes for the publicity of Inferno the film in which she has been cast as Linda Lovelace the 70s porn star star of Deep Throat. But she returned to the United State the following day Saturday to face a legal case after a Angeles judge issued an arrest warrant for Lindsay Lohan last Thursday, because she failed to appear for a court hearing on her 2007 drink-driving case. Her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley said she would have been at the hearing, but her passport was stolen in Cannes.

“The fact is she intended to be here today, she had a ticket to be here, her passport was stolen, she’s filled out a police report in Cannes and as far as I’m concerned she had a valid reason for not being here,” Holley said.

Lindsay had to pay a $100000 bail to avoid being jailed.

Celina aka Shoelina Jaitley owns 1,500 pair of shoes

Celina aka Shoelina Jaitley owns 1,500 pair of shoes

‘Love, Barack’: “Lol.... Obama ko bhi nahi chhoda,”

Mallika Sherawat, lying along side Hollywood actor Laz Alonso, draped in the American flag. And the punchline reads, ‘Politics make strange bed fellows’.

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'Your OWN Show: Oprah's Search for the Next TV Star'

14 May 2010 13:00 Africa/Lagos

OWN: THE OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK Announces Advertising Partnership With Leading Retailer Kohl's Department Stores for the Original Series 'Your OWN Show: Oprah's Search for the Next TV Star'

Auditions can be uploaded at beginning May 14 and in person at select Kohl's Department Stores in Four Major U.S. Cities in June

Oprah Winfrey

LOS ANGELES, May 14 /PRNewswire/ -- OWN: THE OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK has struck an advertising partnership with leading retailer Kohl's Department Stores for the original series "Your OWN Show: Oprah's Search For The Next TV Star." OWN's new competition series, presented by Kohl's and executive produced by Mark Burnett ("Survivor," "The Apprentice"), is a nationwide search to discover television's next big star. The winner of the competition will be awarded his or her own studio talk show for the OWN network. Online auditions to participate in the series begin May 14 at, as announced today on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

"Kohl's is the perfect partner for OWN and 'Your OWN Show: Oprah's Search For The Next TV Star,'" said Kathleen Kayse, executive vice president, sales, OWN. "We're really looking for strategic partnerships that bring something special to our audience and Kohl's can do that."

"We are incredibly excited to partner with OWN for this debut television series, 'Your OWN Show: Oprah's Search For The Next TV Star,'" said Julie Gardner, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Kohl's Department Stores. "This multi-faceted integration will span across several mediums and is designed to reach our shared consumer in a way that is fresh, fun and relevant."

The partnership with Kohl's will include a "Presenting Sponsorship" position for Kohl's for "Your OWN Show: Oprah's Search For The Next TV Star," paid media, integrations, online and on-air exposure, tagged tune-ins and publicity. Unique to the partnership, a series of short, co-branded vignettes, specially created for the series, will air both within and outside of "Your OWN Show: Oprah's Search For The Next TV Star."

To audition online, May 14 to June 26, contestants (who must be 21 to participate) can make a three-minute audition video and upload it to A user-friendly editing toolkit, as well as tips and techniques from celebrities, Lisa Ling and Peter Walsh, will help contestants enhance their audition video. Online submissions will be voted on by the public and the five individuals who get the most online votes will be flown to Los Angeles to audition for Mark Burnett Productions. Audience voting takes place at where the public can watch contestants' videos and vote for their favorite.

To audition in person, open casting calls (not part of the online voting process) will be held at four select Kohl's Department Stores in the following cities:

June 5: New York, NY
June 12: Dallas, TX
June 19: Los Angeles, CA
June 26: Atlanta, GA

For all details about auditioning for "Your OWN Show: Oprah's Search For The Next TV Star," please visit:


A joint venture between Harpo, Inc. and Discovery Communications, LLC, OWN: THE OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK is a multi-platform media company designed to entertain, inform, and inspire people to live their best lives. OWN will debut on January 1, 2011 in approximately 80 million homes, on what is currently the Discovery Health Channel. The venture also will include the award-winning digital platform, For more information, please visit

About Kohl's Department Stores

Based in Menomonee Falls, Wis., Kohl's (NYSE:KSS) is a family-focused, value-oriented specialty department store offering moderately priced, exclusive and national brand apparel, shoes, accessories, beauty and home products in an exciting shopping environment. Kohl's operates its 1,067 stores in 49 states with a commitment to environmental leadership. In support of the communities it serves, Kohl's has raised more than $150 million for children's initiatives nationwide through its Kohl's Cares for Kids® philanthropic program, which operates under Kohl's Cares, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kohl's Department Stores, Inc. For a list of store locations and information, or for the added convenience of shopping online, visit


CONTACT: Nicole Nichols, SVP, Communications & Strategy,
+1-323-602-5511,; Beth Gebhard, Director, Publicity &
Communications, +1-323-602-5516,; Janet Daily: OWN
Publicity, +1-323-602-5624,, all of OWN: THE OPRAH
WINFREY NETWORK; or Vicki Shamion: Vice President of Public and Community
Relations of Kohl's Department Stores, +1-262-703-1464,

Web Site:

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OWN: THE OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK Announces Advertising Partnership With Leading Retailer Kohl's Department Stores for the Original Series 'Your OWN Show: Oprah's Search for the Next TV Star'
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Video: Connection Between Brain, Body and Sexual Desire

When it Comes to Sparking a Woman's Sexual Desire, Most Men – and Even Women – May Not Know Where to Start

Actress Lisa Rinna kicks off campaign highlighting connection between brain, body and sexual desire

Washington, D.C., May 12, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — When it comes to sex, more than half of men and women don't recognize the brain as an important female sexual organ, according to a new survey.*

“The root of a woman's desire is complex, but it is thought to start with her brain. The brain is the center for thoughts and emotions, but it is also home to a complex system of nerves, hormones and other chemicals that can affect sexual desire,” said Laura Berman, LCSW, Ph.D., and sex and relationship expert.

Interestingly, the survey revealed that women and men's feelings about sex and sexual desire are more alike than people may think, as they both agree that sexual health is important for a woman's overall health and well being. Yet, while most women surveyed would be concerned if they experienced, and most men would be concerned if their partner experienced, a decrease in sexual desire, less than half of both women and men have ever discussed these issues with their partner.

Today, the Society for Women's Health Research (SWHR), along with actress and TV personality Lisa Rinna, launched “Sex Brain Body: Make the Connection,” a new educational campaign about female sexual health, particularly about the role the brain is thought to play in female sexual desire.

“As a woman, wife and mother, I know that women’s sexual desire can fluctuate. For some women that’s normal, but for others it may be something more,” Rinna said. “Everyone is entitled to a healthy sex life. That’s why I’m encouraging women to learn more about their sexual health and the brain's potential role in desire, so they can talk more openly about it with a partner and health care provider. By visiting, I want to empower women to learn more about their sexual health and better understand sexual desire.”

Experts believe that chemicals in the brain may play a role in sexual response, impacting a woman's sexual desire. Women and men surveyed believe that desire is important for a healthy sex life, and that a decline in a woman’s desire would be distressing to the woman. Yet, few people realize that a lack of sexual desire accompanied by distress might be something more than stress from a demanding career or family commitments. It may be a medical condition known as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, or HSDD.

By visiting, women can learn more about HSDD, as well as find helpful tips for starting what may be an uncomfortable conversation with their partners or health care providers about their sexual health and any issues they may be experiencing.

“For 20 years, SWHR has provided resources and knowledge to empower women to take control of their health. We are proud to be supporting this campaign to help women understand their sexual health and give them the confidence to discuss their needs,” said Phyllis E. Greenberger, M.S.W., President and CEO of SWHR in Washington, D.C.

Survey Findings
The “Sex Brain Body: Make the Connection” survey included 1,300 women ages 30 to 55 years and 1,129 men ages 30 to 65 years. The survey was designed to explore the attitudes and behaviors of women regarding their sexual health, as well as men's perception of a woman's sexual health.

Highlights of the survey include the following:

Nearly 75 percent of women report experiencing a lack of sexual desire at least occasionally, with 20 percent reporting a lack of desire frequently
Both women and men believe a woman’s lack of desire for sex would cause distress in a relationship (78 percent women, 63 percent men); more than half of women and men say that a lack of desire would have a negative impact on their relationship
Most women (roughly 60 percent) say they would discuss low sexual desire with their health care provider, yet only 14 percent have actually done so
More women would rather discuss other health topics such as allergies, skin care, hair loss and weight issues with their health care provider than talk about their sexual health
Women are seven times more familiar with erectile dysfunction (66 percent) than Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) (9 percent)
About “Sex Brain Body: Make the Connection”
“Sex Brain Body: Make the Connection” is an educational campaign meant to help women recognize the potential links between the brain, the body and sexual desire, so they can better understand and address their own sexual health. The campaign is sponsored by the Society for Women’s Health Research and content was developed with the support of a sponsorship from Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. To learn more about the sex-brain-body connection, visit

Low sexual desire is the most commonly reported female sexual complaint. Approximately one in 10 women reported low sexual desire with associated distress, which may be HSDD. HSDD is a form of female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and has been recognized as a medical condition for more than 30 years. As defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR), HSDD is the persistent or recurrent lack (or absence) of sexual fantasies or desire for any form of sexual activity causing marked distress or interpersonal difficulty and not better accounted for by another disorder (except another sexual dysfunction), direct physiological effects of a substance (including medications), or a general medical or psychiatric condition. Generalized, acquired HSDD is not limited to certain types of stimulation, situations or partners, and develops only after a period of normal functioning. There has been an unmet need for women as there is no FDA-approved treatment for HSDD. It can affect women of all ages and at any stage of life.

*About the Survey
A demographically representative national internet sample of 1,300 women between the ages of 30 and 55 and 1,129 men 30-65 were invited via email to participate in a 10-minute self-administered online survey. Women meeting any of the following criteria were eliminated from participating: had a full hysterectomy, currently take hormone replacement therapy, are post-menopausal and have already gone through menopause. The surveys were administered between February 8 and March 18, 2010. Data for these studies are tested for statistical difference at a confidence level of 95 percent. Data are weighted to reflect accurate representation of population.

About Society for Women’s Health Research
The Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR), a national non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. is widely recognized as the thought leader in research on sex differences and is dedicated to improving women’s health through advocacy, education, and research. SWHR was founded in 1990 by a group of physicians, medical researchers and health advocates who wanted to bring attention to the myriad of diseases and conditions that affect women uniquely. Women’s health, until then, had been defined primarily as reproductive health. Women were not routinely included in most major medical research studies and scientists rarely considered biological sex as a variable in their research.

About Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc., based in Ridgefield, CT, is the largest U.S. subsidiary of Boehringer Ingelheim Corporation (Ridgefield, CT) and a member of the Boehringer Ingelheim group of companies.

The Boehringer Ingelheim group is one of the world’s 20 leading pharmaceutical companies. Headquartered in Ingelheim, Germany, it operates globally with 142 affiliates in 50 countries and more than 41,500 employees. Since it was founded in 1885, the family-owned company has been committed to researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing novel products of high therapeutic value for human and veterinary medicine.

In 2009, Boehringer Ingelheim posted net sales of US $17.7 billion (12.7 billion euro) while spending 21% of net sales in its largest business segment, Prescription Medicines, on research and development.

For more information, please visit

About GfK Healthcare
GfK Healthcare ( is the largest provider of fully integrated custom health care marketing research in the United States. With the broadest range of custom, syndicated and proprietary research offerings, paired with expertise in managed markets and sales force effectiveness, GfK Healthcare is equipped to meet a product’s needs across its life cycle, through flexible marketing research resources, responsive to clients’ evolving challenges. GfK Healthcare is part of the GfK Group.

Media Contacts:
Mary Coyle
Jo Parrish
Lara Crissey

Happy Birthday to Queen Inih Ebong!

Happy Birthday to Queen

Queen Inih Ebong. Photo Credit: QMC of African Beauty.

Happy Birthday to Queen Inih Ebong and I wish her many happier returns of the day with long life and more prosperity and countless thanksgivings to the Almighty God JEHOVAH who created us all for His glory and pleasure.

22 Happy Cheers to you Queen! Enjoy the beautiful and wonderful day of the beginning of a new year for you.

With all the sweetest kisses and roses

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Sex and the City 2: The Fun is Twice as Much as the First

Fans and others are already purchasing tickets for the opening weekend of Sex and the City 2 and Fadango the popular movie-ticket website is reporting 20% increase in sales due to the frequency of the demand.
Why all the buzz ?

The following is an Exclusive Interview with Michael Patrick King, the Director and writer.

You were very funny out there.

Michael Patrick King: Thank you. Thank you. What are you going to do in front of a crowd? I didn’t have 3D. I had to have a couple of jokes.

The last film was so successful, do you feel the pressure for the sequel?

Michael Patrick King: There’s always pressure. Anytime you create a new artistic anything, there’s pressure because one of my rules when I did the series, and I maintained it on this movie, was never to repeat. I try not to repeat a story. I try not to repeat an emotion. I want it to be all sort of new for the viewers and to challenge myself as a writer, so there’s always pressure. What else can you come up with? But these characters are so vibrant to me and to people around the world who still follow their lives, it’s easy to get lost in like what they would do, so the pressure comes off on me and more into the work.

A scene from Sex and the City 2

So how come the idea to go to Abu Dhabi and how was it to shoot over there?

Michael Patrick King: Okay, that’s a big story. How much time have you got? Here’s what happened: When I finished the first movie I had no idea for a 2nd movie. And then I saw the parties around the world when the movies were being shown. Everybody was showing up dressed up and the movie was a big success and the opportunity came and the first thing I thought was, well I want this to be a party. And also because when I was writing the script we were in an economic downturn still, and still are around the world. Financially it’s not the same world as when we did the first movie. So I thought, okay it’s a depression. In the Great Depression what did people do? What do people need? And I thought extravagance. Let’s put them on a big vacation. Then I thought what’s happening right now? And the theme of the movie for me really is tradition. And even how women today in New York City are still struggling with traditional roles no matter how evolved they are, they still have to struggle with wife, mother, single still.
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Sex and the City 2

Director: Michael Patrick King
Writer: Michael Patrick King
Studio: New Line Cinema
Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis

Release: May 28, 2010

To Mama Africa With Love

Wishing all Mothers a Very Happy Mother's Day

A typical African mother with her child.

To Mama Africa With Love
Dedicated to the memory of my beloved mother.

African mothers are the most hardworking mothers on earth.

In Africa, we see how much burden African mothers bear at home, on the farm and in the market. They are great mothers, farmers and traders. They sacrifice so much for the love of their precious children. I knew how much my beloved mother of blessed memory Gladys Eke suffered as a grass widow during the Nigerian civil war, doing her best to protect and save her precious children without the presence and support of her husband our father. She lost three of her six children to kwashiorkor and still carried on until the end of the war as I have recalled in Memories of a Refugee Child. She worked hard to take care of us even after she lost her husband a decade and three years later.

I was a strict vegetarian for over 12 years and she was the only one who could cook for me until her last day on earth. She was very fond of me and both of us loved to sit down and discuss the experiences and lessons of life as we watched passersby in front of our first residence on Obalende Road in Obalende on the Lagos Island and later in front of our second place of abode, the old Morocco Ville bungalow on the Bajulaiye road in Shomolu, Lagos. She always took me along to the popular markets in Lagos such as Iddo, Itafaji, Jankara, Sandgrouse, Obalende, Oyingbo, Ajegunle Boundary and Mushin to teach me how to shop. She taught me how to change diapers and how to sew on her old Singer sewing machine and she also taught me how to cook. I cherish all these sweet memories of my sweet mother. I cannot mention all the great things my beloved mother had to endure and did as a poor African mother who wanted the best for her children. The unforgettable golden memories of my beloved mother are enshrined in my heart.

~ Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

Wishing all Mothers a Very Happy Mother's Day

Read the following contributions The First Lady of the United States of America Michelle Obama and anotehr from a friend.

Dear Friend,

There's no way I could ever measure all that my own mother has done for me. She is my rock. She pushes me to be the best professional, mother, wife and friend I can be.

As a mother myself, I've come to realize that being a mom isn't always easy and that no one can do it alone.

My husband understands the many challenges facing today's mothers and their families. His Administration has taken steps to level the playing field and ease the burden.

The first bill the President signed into law was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to ensure that no women face the same discrimination and injustices that Lilly did after 20 years on the job. When women make less money than men for the same work, families have to work harder just to get by.

The President signed an Executive Order creating the first-ever White House Council on Women and Girls to ensure that all Federal agencies take women and girls into account in their daily work and to ensure that our daughters have the same opportunities as our sons.

Through the Let's Move! Initiative and the President's Task Force on Childhood Obesity, we're helping to provide parents with the knowledge and tools they need to make healthy choices for their children and teach their children to make healthy choices for themselves.

This week, we are celebrating Women's Health Week to promote steps women and girls can take to lead longer, healthier and happier lives.

Mother's Day is about showing our gratitude for the mothers and mother figures who have influenced our lives. The President and I would like to extend our warmest Mother's Day wishes to all of the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and friends who have inspired a child.

Happy Mother's Day!

Michelle Obama

Lee Strobel tells about a mother from Costa Mesa, California who told about the day her three-year old son was on her heels wherever she went. She was having trouble doing her routine chores.

"Whenever I stopped to do something and turned back around I would trip over him," she said. "Several times I suggested fun activities to keep him occupied, but he would just smile and say, 'That's alright Mommy I'd rather be in here with you.' He continued to follow me and after the fifth trip, my patience wore thin and I asked him why he was following me constantly."

He said, "My Sunday school teacher told me to walk in Jesus' footsteps but I can't see him so I'm walking in yours."

The greatest way we can teach our children about and show our loved ones the love of Jesus is through the example of how we live, and how we model his love in our everyday life.

The Apostle Paul said, "Be followers of me, even as I also am of Christ."1

Suggested prayer, "Dear God, please help me to so live that people, especially my children (and loved ones), will see Jesus in me and will want to follow in my footsteps and have Jesus in their life too. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully in Jesus' name, amen."

1. 1 Corinthians 11:1 (KJV).

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How Important is Sex in a Relationship?

Pampers Says Rumors About New Dry Max Diaper as "Completely False."

Pampers Says Rumors About New Dry Max Diaper as "Completely False."

Summary: Pampers describes rumors about its new Dry Max diaper as "completely false."

Jodi Allen, Vice President for Pampers, said, "For a number of weeks, Pampers has been a subject of growing but completely false rumors fueled by social media that its new Dry Max diaper causes rashes and other skin irritations. These rumors are being perpetuated by a small number of parents, some of whom are unhappy that we replaced our older Cruisers and Swaddlers products while others support competitive products and the use of cloth diapers. Some have specifically sought to promote the myth that our product causes 'chemical burns.' We have comprehensively and thoroughly investigated these and other claims and have found no evidence whatsoever that the reported conditions were in any way caused by materials in our product. Independent physicians, highly respected in the field, have analyzed our data and have confirmed our conclusions."

This week we have shared these findings, and other detailed safety information, with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and we welcome its involvement in reviewing these claims and helping to educate parents on the true causes of diaper rash. At Pampers, we want to reassure all parents that the materials used in the new diaper are not new -- they are the same type used in our previous products -- and do not and cannot cause so-called chemical burns or other serious skin conditions."

We have encouraged these parents who have contacted us to speak with their own pediatricians about the true nature and cause of these problems. To date, there have been in excess of two billion diaper changes using the new product, with only a handful of rash complaints, none of which were shown to be caused by the type of materials in our product. In fact, we have received fewer than two complaints about diaper rash for every one million diapers sold, which is average for our business and does not deviate from the number of calls we received prior to Dry Max. We will continue to work hard to educate parents on the facts surrounding this story, as well as defend the integrity of our product from false and misleading information."

'Shaquille O'Neal Presents: All-Star Comedy Jam - Live from Dallas' Debuts On Demand

'Shaquille O'Neal Presents: All-Star Comedy Jam - Live from Dallas' Debuts On Demand

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Dating Singles Age 45+ Are Happier with their Sex Lives than Married Couples

7 May 2010 12:42 Africa/Lagos

New AARP Sex Survey Reveals Single Adults Acting Like Teenagers and Not Using Protection

Americans 45+ Continue the Sexual Revolution into the Second Half of Life without Taking Precautions About STDs; Dating Singles Age 45+ Are Happier with their Sex Lives than Married Couples; Sexually Active Adults Increase Chances of Living Longer

WASHINGTON, May 7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Sexual activity continues to thrive with the 45+ demographic according to a new AARP sex survey, Sex, Romance, and Relationships: AARP Survey of Midlife and Older Adults, released today. However, older adults are not necessarily practicing what they preach to younger generations, with results showing a low use of protection among sexually active dating singles with only one in five reporting use of condoms regularly. Though rates of sexually transmitted diseases are not high, they are not absent either. Additionally, contrary to what one may think, singles age 45+ show a higher satisfaction rate and have more sex than married couples in the same age group.

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"Older Americans are staying sexually active, showing that you don't have to be young to have a great sex life," says AARP's Love & Relationships Ambassador, Dr. Pepper Schwartz. "What is worrisome is that aging Americans are endangering their health by not practicing safe sex so reinforcing that the use of protection is important at any age is critical."

Money Woes = Sexual Lows?

The recession and the stress that comes from financial anxiety has had a deflationary effect and temporarily depressed sexual appetite and performance of the 45+ demographic. A worse financial situation is listed third--right behind health and stress--as changes people say have negatively impacted their sexual satisfaction, with 26% of men and 14% of women saying better finances would help improve their current satisfaction--up from 17% of men and 9% of women in 2004.

Sexual Attitudes, Thoughts, and Behaviors

Respondents ages 45-59 are generally more sexual than those ages 60+; these younger respondents have sexual thoughts more often and engage in sexual activities much more frequently than their older counterparts. Attitudes towards sex have also changed with opposition to singles having sex decreasing by nearly 50% over the last ten years (41% in 1999 vs. 22% today) and fewer than one in 20 people age 45+ believe that sex is only for younger people. However, overall sexual frequency and sexual satisfaction with this same demographic have decreased slightly since 2004.

Men vs. Women

Men still trump women when it comes to the prioritization of sex in their lives

-- Men think about sex more than women (Men are more than five times as
likely as women--45% vs. 8%--to say they think of sex once or more
every day; men also rank sex higher on the list of what makes for a
high quality of life.
-- Men have sex more often, more men than women have partners, and single
men without partners are less satisfied with their sex lives than
women in the same situation. (27% versus 19%).

Singles vs. Married Couples

Respondents who have a regular sexual partner have vastly different attitudes than those who do not have one--not only about sex but also toward their outlook on life. Partnered respondents report dramatically higher overall quality of life at the current time as well as both in the past and in their expected future. Sex plays a more critical role in their relationships and quality of life. Sexual frequency and sexual satisfaction are higher among unmarried and dating (or engaged men and women) than among married couples.

-- 48% of dating singles surveyed have sexual intercourse at least once a
week, compared to 36% of married couples.
-- 60% of single daters are satisfied with their sex lives while roughly
only 52% of married couples hit that mark.
-- In general, about half of everyone with a partner reported that their
relationship is extremely or very pleasurable physically (51 %) and
more than half (53%) say their relationship is extremely or very
satisfying emotionally.

Age Matters

Sexual satisfaction declines dramatically with age with male satisfaction dropping from 60% satisfaction at ages 45-49 to 26% for people 70+. Women start at lower numbers with a 48% satisfaction rate among women ages 45-49 vs. 27% at age 70+.

The Bottom Line

For a majority of midlife and older adults, sex is a necessary component to living a happy and healthy life, and sexual satisfaction plays a critical role in relationships and overall quality of life (85% of men and 61% of women say this is so). Moreover,

-- 57% of those with a sex partner reported they are at least somewhat
satisfied compared to 15% of those without a partner
-- More than half of the people who reported that their health was
"excellent" or "very good" were satisfied with their sex lives, and
36% said they were "extremely satisfied".
-- The highest single predictor of sexual satisfaction is the frequency
of intercourse
-- More than once a week seems to be the key with 84% of people who
have sex at least once a week reporting they are satisfied,
compared with 59% of those who engage in intercourse just once or
twice a month.


On behalf of AARP, Knowledge Networks surveyed 1,670 adults ages 45 and older in August of 2009 via a telephone recruited online panel. The survey was administered in both English and Spanish, and included an over-sample of 500 Hispanics, for a total of 630 Hispanic respondents. The Knowledge Networks online panel is the first online research panel that is representative of the entire U.S. population. Panel members are randomly recruited by probability based sampling, and households are provided with access to the Internet and hardware if needed.

This is the third survey that AARP has completed on this topic over the past 10 years, with earlier surveys in 1999 and 2004. The complete report is available at: html. Additional information on love and relationships from Dr. Schwartz is available at

Dr. Pepper Schwartz, AARP's Love & Relationships Ambassador, has written 16 books on the dating habits and sensuality of couples and singles. Her mission is to improve the lives of aging boomers and the 50+ audience by enhancing their relationships and offering counsel on everything from sex and health issues to communication and dating in midlife and beyond. Pepper is a professor at the University of Washington. She earned her bachelor's and master's degrees from Washington University and received a master's degree and a Ph.D. in sociology from Yale University. Dr. Schwartz is available for interviews upon request.


AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization that helps people 50+ have independence, choice and control in ways that are beneficial and affordable to them and society as a whole. AARP does not endorse candidates for public office or make contributions to either political campaigns or candidates. We produce AARP The Magazine, the definitive voice for 50+ Americans and the world's largest-circulation magazine with over 35.7 million readers; AARP Bulletin, the go-to news source for AARP's millions of members and Americans 50+; AARP VIVA, the only bilingual U.S. publication dedicated exclusively to the 50+ Hispanic community; and our website, AARP Foundation is an affiliated charity that provides security, protection, and empowerment to older persons in need with support from thousands of volunteers, donors, and sponsors. We have staffed offices in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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Source: AARP

CONTACT: Michelle Alvarez of AARP, +1-202-434-2555,

Web Site:

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Taylor Swift Signs Her First Beauty Contract With COVERGIRL

The phenomenal multi-platinum and multi-award winning American country music and pop singer and actress Taylor Swift has become the American sweetheart of many entertainment and life style photographers who have fallen in love with her. The popular magazines have been competing to put her on the cover, making her the most sought after cover girl in 2010. The latest is COVERGIRL and on this occasion, she signed her first ever beauty contract.

~ Orikinla Osinachi

Taylor Swift strikes a pose on the set of her very first COVERGIRL print advertisement. (PRNewsFoto/Procter & Gamble) HUNT VALLEY, MD UNITED STATES

1 May 2010 04:41 Africa/Lagos

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Taylor Swift Becomes Newest COVERGIRL

Platinum-Selling Artist Signs First Beauty Contract

HUNT VALLEY, Md., April 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Multi-platinum singer-songwriter Taylor Swift can now add COVERGIRL to her list of accomplishments. The 20-year-old, GRAMMY award-winning star has just finished shooting her first advertisements for the beauty giant, and will represent a new line of luxury products for the brand. The ads are scheduled to debut in January 2011.

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With millions of fans worldwide, Swift has achieved remarkable success since first entering the country music scene in 2006. To date she has sold more than thirteen million albums and is the top-selling digital artist in music history. Her second album, Fearless, has spent more weeks in the top spot on Billboard's all-genre Top 20 chart than any other album this decade. The GRAMMY Awards, the Country Music Association, the Academy of Country Music, and the American Music Awards all named Fearless the 2009 Country Album of the Year and, this year, the album won the all-genre GRAMMY Award for Album of the year. Last year, Swift earned the American Music Award for Artist of the Year and was the youngest artist ever to win the prestigious CMA Award for Entertainer of the Year.

"With her fresh beauty and authentic style, Taylor is a wonderful addition to the COVERGIRL family," said Vince Hudson, General Manager, COVERGIRL Cosmetics. "Through all her success, Taylor remains a grounded and sincere woman who connects with fans everywhere just by being true to who she is. She personifies the iconic image of the brand while representing the next generation of both inner and outer beauty."

"I am so excited to become the next COVERGIRL," said Swift. "I have admired many of the COVERGIRLs since I was a little girl . . . great artists and actresses who are confident and still themselves. It's like a dream come true to be a part of the future of COVERGIRL."

Since its introduction in 1961, the COVERGIRL brand has been a pioneer in celebrating women's inner and outer beauty, and their drive to look and be their best selves. The long list of famous COVERGIRLs has included Christie Brinkley, Cheryl Tiegs, Rachel Hunter, Tyra Banks, Niki Taylor and Molly Sims, and its current roster of COVERGIRLs includes the dynamic Queen Latifah, Ellen DeGeneres, Rihanna, and Drew Barrymore.

Visit for more information on COVERGIRL's family of spokeswomen and its extensive lineup of products for women of all ages.

About P&G Beauty & Grooming (NYSE:PG)

P&G Beauty & Grooming products help make beauty dreams real for women worldwide and help men look, feel and be their best everyday. With more than 100 brands available in nearly 130 countries, P&G's beauty and grooming products delivered sales of nearly $28 billion in fiscal year 2007/08 , making it one of the world's largest beauty and grooming companies. P&G Beauty & Grooming offers trusted brands with leading technology to meet the full complement of beauty and grooming needs, including Pantene®, Olay®, Head & Shoulders®, Max Factor®, Cover Girl®, DDF®, Frederic Fekkai®, Wellaflex®, Rejoice®, Sebastian Professional®, Herbal Essences®, Koleston®, Clairol Professional®, Nice 'n Easy®, Venus®, Gillette®, SK-II®, Wella Professionals®, Braun® and a leading Prestige Fragrance division that spans from point of market entry consumers to high end luxury with global brands such as Hugo Boss®, Lacoste®, and Christina Aguilera®. Please visit for the latest news and in-depth information about P&G (NYSE:PG) and its brands.
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CONTACT: Danae Danta, Marina Maher Communications, +1-212-485-6886

Web Site: Cover Girl