Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Past That Comes Between Us: A True Life Love Story

The Past That Comes Between Us

Her life is like a case from psychiatrist Bulbul Bahuguna’s latest novel The Ghosts That Come Between Us, because the shadows cast on the walls of her room actually appear like ghosts haunting her from the past. The ghost of the victims of her abortions, the most gripping is the image of the one that was the fair cherubic looking son she accused her ex-boyfriend of rejecting and her mother gave her money to abort the six months pregnancy that would have cost her life. But she could recall that he warned her “DON’T COMMIT ABORTION”. The truth is he did not reject the responsibility, but demanded a DNA test to prove his paternity.
“If he loved you, he would not have asked for a DNA test,” her mother said with a hiss.
But her mother was wrong, because he had the right to be cautious and suspicious since she got pregnant for him after forcing him to have sex with her without a condom and after doing so, he gave her money to buy and use Postenoir 2 within 24 hours the following morning, but she did not do so. That made him suspicious that she was already pregnant and deliberately lured him into having sex with her so that she could falsely accuse him of impregnating her. What most promiscuous young women do whenever they got pregnant for boys who cannot afford to provide for their pregnancy and having a baby out of wedlock? He said his suspicion made him to ask for a DNA test. And if she was really certain that he was responsible for the pregnancy, she would not have been afraid of having the DNA test. Abba Babbi was not born yesterday and knew all the old tricks women young or old use to ensnare stupid men in relationships. When she aborted it, she only confirmed his suspicion. But she still wanted to return to him and still used it to lure him back to her.
“Oh, the unborn baby boy looked like you. He was fair like you and very cute too. I have the copy of the X-Ray to prove it,” she told him.
He felt sorry for her and agreed to see her in Abuja.
“Come with the copy of the X-Ray,” he said.
“Okay,” she agreed.
He was anxious to see the X-Ray as she claimed. But when she came to meet him in the guest house where he lodged, she did not come with any X-Ray proof.
She was excited that he still wanted her. He played with her brown underwear as she undressed for sex. And they made love from the bed to the shower and back to the bed again. He entered her from the front and from behind in different positions whilst she was moaning in ecstasy until they climaxed. Then when it was time to go, she held on to him tightly wishing that he would stay longer in Abuja, but he had to return to his base in Rivers state. He had pampered her with chocolates and money and as usual also gave her what to read, a copy of the latest issue of the African American EBONY magazine and a copy of one of his own books published in the US.

She was now a student at the premier university across the Niger Bridge and was enjoying the happiest moments of her youth on and off campus and even nicknamed herself “Cynosure”, because many younger and older men found her sexually attractive even though she would have been happier if she had bigger buttocks and legs like the bigger girls among her peers. She was 20, but she could pass for a sweet 16 in secondary school and most guys wanted to take advantage of her diminutive stature.
She met Abba Babbi the third time in one of the best hotels in Aba, but this time she did not want to have sex when he was really turned on. They were both naked in bed, she laid flat on her back and her legs spread wide apart for him to use his lips and fingers to make love to her and also allowed him to play with her vagina as he fingered her. But she refused to let him use his penis and he obliged, but he ejaculated on her thighs. The following morning, she left for campus and he left for Lagos.

Then she read something on Nairaland and sent him an email query:
Are you happy with me?
Read your post again

He said he was happy with her and she was glad and sent another mail.

I have read the letter, its ok
lets hope ur tapes are found

I miss you!

Bye the way, here are two more pics for you.
I love that red shirt
it looks superb on me wink

And oh, please can I get some clothes from the collectibles that you have?
I could do with some trendy new jeans and tops you know. I love fashion, I love clothes
I dont mind paying sha smiley
and also I love numbered tops, maybe clinging tops, but not too clinging

Mail back so I know whats up ok?

I love you


That was about three years ago.
Then he broke her heart and she left him in tears. But after some months they reconciled.

Then something she never expected happened.
He created a dummy on Yahoo! The dummy came in the personification of a Yoruba guy from the US claiming to be Olumide Jolayemi. She responded to his email and lied to him that her ex-boyfriend was a construction engineer. He asked for her mobile phone number, and she rushed and emailed two of them to him and when he called, she fell hook, line, and sinker, straight into the net and was caught as a double-faced liar. Then the guy handed the phone to Abba Babbi and she was gasping for breath as he heard his voice.
That was the first time he found out that she was going to be a cheat and later she eventually cheated on him with a younger man. But when the guy dumped her, she wanted to run to Abba Babbi again. And he welcomed her back with her excess baggage.

"My love, What are your expectations of me? What should I do to make you happier? I love you and want you permanently," he said in the email he sent her on September 6. And she replied.

Just love me, surprise me. That's all

I miss u
Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

Then the shadows on the wall disappeared.
"Yusuf is waiting for you. He wants Mroinga Powder," said her mom.
"Okay mom."
But I know that Yusuf wants more than Moringa Power.
If he does not Be Intimate with me, he will never leave me alone. Boko haram man in lust with an Efik chikito.
The only way to make Abba Babbi mad is to just fork anyone I want. As I told him that I can fork any man I want.

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