Monday, October 08, 2012

My Dear, So What Kind of Person Are You Dating Now?

My Dear,
So What Kind of Person Are You Dating Now?

If I tell you that the state of Nigeria today has a lot to do with the lifestyles of Nigerians in relationships, many poorly educated or intellectually challenged people may not understand the premise of my analysis of the Nigerian crisis.

All the evil doers perpetrating the horrifying and terrifying deeds destroying lives and properties in Nigeria have relationships and in fact they are the products of dysfunctional relationships. Because, members of the dreaded Boko Haram Islamic terrorists and the other lunatic fringe of Muslims, kidnappers, armed robbers, fraudsters, cheats, liars and other monsters in Nigeria were born through relationships of all sorts, the good, the bad and the ugly. And it all starts with the good or bad choices we have made in our relationships like girls dating cultists and boys dating call girls and end up having children who may end up like their evil or mentally sick parents, because no good girl will date an evil guy and no good boy will date and evil girl, because evil begets evil.

Latest reports say there are over 33 million jobless Nigerians.
These 33 million Nigerians without jobs are not idle.
As the saying goes that the devil finds work for idle hands.
These legions of jobless Nigerians are actively engaged in all sorts of occupations, both good and evil and in most cases they are having relationships and having sex and eventually end up with unwanted pregnancies. Then the unwanted pregnancies will either produce unwanted babies or aborted babies.

Has anyone analyzed the grave consequences of unwanted pregnancies, unwanted babies and other problems caused by the millions of jobless Nigerians contributing to the Nigerian crisis?
Have you wondered why there are now more poor people than ever before in Nigeria?
The poor masses continue to breed children they cannot feed and these ill-bred children end on the street as criminals and call girls increasing the problems plaguing the rest of the society.

Have you not seen these jobless youths dancing and messing around at parties and other events and causing troubles they cannot solve?
As I have noted in other articles that only clueless girls will date guys who cannot even afford Always sanitary pads and diapers.
But these legions of jobless youths who contribute nothing to the GDP and GNP are the most sexually active in Nigeria and are the ones increasing the liabilities of those who are gainfully employed in Nigeria.
Many of them can even boast of having three square sexual intercourses per day, but cannot boast of having three square meals!
I see them every where milling around in groups with sagging pants and shirts and cheap canvas shoes or slippers and doing nothing more than looking for opportunities for quickies and scams. And you wonder if that is all they can offer Nigeria.
But did they ask to be born by the idiots who gave birth to them, but cannot feed them or educate them?
If I tell you that many of those making babies in Nigeria today are morons, you may hiss in doubt and annoyance, but this is actually true. You only have to visit the blighted areas in the towns and cities of Nigeria and you will see intellectually retarded young men and women still reproducing like dogs and pigs.
I have lived among them in different states and also during field trips on family planning projects in Nigeria and saw how these legions that are not even capable of taking care of themselves reproducing children they cannot care for.

The problem starts with you and I and the choices we make in our relationships.

Please, the sooner we stop doing more harm than good to ourselves, the better and safer we would be. A stitch in time saves nine, so before you succumb to the gust of lust of that guy who is whining “baby be mine”, think twice and evaluate the pros and cons of dating him.
Is he capable of being a good father?
How much is he contributing to the GDP and GNP?
If he is contributing nothing, please for your own safety and welfare and our society, keep as far away as possible from him.

Lest I forget, dear guys, don’t date any girl or woman who is also going to be a liability to you and the society.
Please, save us from the grave consequences of bad relationships, because these bad relationships are the time bombs of the crimes and evils destroying the precious lives and properties of others in Nigeria.
If she cannot be your help mate, then she is not worth your time and resources.
We need to date those who have brains and skills and not those who know nothing more than using their loins and swallowing pills.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

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