Friday, October 19, 2012

My Dear, Are You Really in Relationship Or in Bondage?

My dear, be honest and don't be afraid to admit the truth in your relationship.
Are you really in relationship or in bondage.

You may say you are not in bondage, but you are only living in denial of the reality.

Address the following:

1. Is your boyfriend dictating your lifestyle?
Like you must be a Chelsea FC fan or a Barcelona FC fan like him?
You must like whatever he likes whether you like it or not?
Does he make you feel proud or he makes you feel beneath him and his peers?

2. Does he love you or just taking advantage of you while flattering you?
Using you to mark time while targeting another girl or lady he thinks is better and higher than you.

3. Are you his only girlfriend or just one of his girlfriends or his alternative expendables?
Like a girl going to visit her boyfriend and met another woman spending the weekend with him. No, he was not cheating on her. She was just one of his bed warmers when his main chick was not around. Of course, he never told you that.
You are just his "Sex Mugu" or ordinary girlfriend and not his special one.

4. He gives you money or gift and demands sex and gets angry when you refuse to sleep with him.
Or goes out to sleep with another girl when you don't sleep with him.

5. He is not proud to take you to the end of year party of his company and goes alone without you.
You are only good for sex, but not good enough to be introduced to his class or for marriage.

6. He rates another girl or lady above you.

7. He thinks you should give up your dreams once you are married to him.
Majority of Nigerian men don't want their women or later wives to be "Miss Independent" of Ne-Yo.
They like it when Nigerian girls and women have to always be at their beck and call for their handouts of money.
Nigerian men feel very insecure and uncomfortable with women who don't depend on them for regular cash.

8. He thinks the best skills you have should be in the bedroom and not in the boardroom.
The worst mistake you can make is to give up your dream career to please your man who will never do the same for you.

9. He is a bully and disrespects other girls and women.
Any guy who disrespects other girls or women is indirectly disrespecting you and you will sooner or later be his next victim.

10. He is afraid of you traveling overseas when he cannot or does not.

If you are in a relationship with a man who keeps you in any of the above situations, then sorry my dear, you are in bondage and he is only taking advantage of you.

~ By Orikinla Osinachi, October 19, 2012.

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