Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Desperate Nigerian Girlfriends Versus Desperate Nigerian Wives

Desperate Nigerian girlfriend in action. Photo Credit: Naija Mayor.

“Hold on to your man!”
Screams the sticker on a Toyota RAV4 jeep on the Broad Street in Lagos and you cannot help but be amused by it. It is a warning to women not to lose their men.
No woman wants to lose her man to anyone, except she does not need him anymore.
I have read many reports about man shortage among the African Americans in the United States and Caribbean banana republics and also among the blacks in Africa. But there is really no shortage of men, but there is only shortage of enough eligible bachelors to go round all the millions of single women who need suitable men to wed and take care of them until their last days on earth. This is the reality of the present interesting times.

In Nigeria hundreds of manufacturing companies have been shut or relocated to Ghana the safest neigbouring country due to the alarming state of insecurity and irregular power supply, banks are retrenching with thousands of employees losing their dream jobs and other companies unable to employ more workers because of different economic challenges, increasing the population of millions of jobless people in the most populous nation in Africa. There are more jobless men than jobless women and in most cases the men have to provide for their women whether they are single lovers or married couples.
Nigeria is definitely in a state of chaos with recurrent crimes of terrorism by the dreaded Boko Haram Islamists and the other lunatic fringe of Islamic fundamentalism, abductions by dare devil kidnappers and robberies by both armed and unarmed robbers in the ghettos and in the corridors of power and the diabolical activities of cultists making living in the country a nightmare.
These are indeed desperate times and Nigerians are taking desperate measures for their survival and welfare. But the most challenged are the jobless legions in the rural areas and urban areas milling around wherever they can find whatever they can do to make ends meet. They are the liabilities of those who are gainfully employed.

The struggle for survival has pitched the jobless single girls and ladies against the married women as their husbands have become the targets of these predatory girlfriends and spinsters on the prowl from the street to the office, with reports of philandering husbands making headlines and the daily topics of tabloid gossips and the aggrieved wives who don’t want to be outdone have either engaged the desperate girlfriends of their husbands in bouts or going out to have their own boyfriends.
Don’t be surprised to hear reports of wives dating the boyfriends of the girlfriends of their husbands. Like the case of a buddy who ended up sleeping with the wife of the sugar daddy of his girlfriend!

Desperate Nigerian girlfriends are no longer ashamed to date and mate with married men and desperate Nigerian wives are now sleeping with single men in town.
When you hear “RUNS” babes, they are the desperate Nigerian girlfriends who are either full time call girls or part-time call girls on and off campus shuttling from city to city to sleep with their sugar daddies or rich big boys.
Now you know why more hotels, brothels, motels, and guest houses are springing up while manufacturing companies are shutting down!

I sat in the company of chauffeurs in one of the best hotels in Ikoyi, Lagos, and listened as they shared the romantic and erotic adventures of their “Ogas” and “Madams” who have been playing silly buggers with their unscrupulous lovers in extramarital affairs. Let us skip the details here to avoid damning disclosures, but what they shared with me were shocking scandalous illicit sex affairs of infidelity.

The shameless desperate Nigerian wives have been caught napping in bed with their boyfriends and the pictures of them in the nude circulated on the internet and the desperate Nigerian girlfriends have been disgraced on and offline.

Latest global surveys have found Nigerian women among the most unfaithful in the world and a DNA experts report that thirty percent of Nigerian men are not the real fathers of their kids shocked the whole Nigeria, because their wives lied to them on the true paternity of the innocent children. But the worst grave consequences of their sexual escapades are the millions of cases of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria.

~ By Orikinla Osinachi
Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, aka Orikinla Osinachi, is a prize-winning Nigerian writer. He is the author of Children of Heaven (1987), Scarlet Tears of London (2006), Unveil Me My Love (2007), Bye, Bye Mugabe (2008), In the House of Dogs (2010) and other books and the most prolific African blogger since 2005 to date.

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