Saturday, October 27, 2012

How Can You Help Your Married Ex-girlfriend Who Is Unhappy in Marriage?

She would have been his wife, but he was flirting with other girls and not ready to settle down many years ago before he left town for greener pastures.
Then in his absence she got married and when he returned to town she could not hide the truth from him.
She would have been happy married to him, because she was unhappy being married to a man she did not love.
Her husband did not do anything bad or wrong, but she found him boring and unromantic.

How would you help her?
Telling her to try and be happy with a man she does not love is out of the question.
Lest we forget, she is not the only one in such a dilemma.
Many of them don't have the courage to leave, because their family and religion will not approve it.
They are among the Christians and Muslims in Nigeria.

One couple lived together without making love for years until her husband died.
Another spent more time with her children and totally loveless with her husband and they only had s-e-x for s-e-x sake.
They never went on vacations and went out together to the movies or beaches thrice a year.
One could not even walk with her husband on the street.

Have you seen similar cases?

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