Friday, October 05, 2012

Getting Over Her After Breakup

Making her jealous. Photo Credit: GET YOUR GIRL.

Getting over your girlfriend after break up is not easy for many guys, especially those who have become too attached to their girlfriends. I am an expert in helping guys get over break ups, because your lifestyle has a lot to do with how you relate with girls and ladies in relationships.

Introverts have problems getting over breakups, but extroverts like me don't have problems moving on and starting new relationships that will even make your ex-girlfriends look unimportant. Especially when ex-girlfriends sooner or later find out that you are just a special breed of the Alpha Male compared to the Beta Male.

The following is for the obsessive and possessive guys who cannot bear losing their girlfriends and need help.
Help is here if you can respond to this query from Rachel Khona of Ask men.

37) Summary: Getting Over Her

Name: Rachel Khona Ask Men
Category: Lifestyle and Fitness


Media Outlet: Ask Men

Deadline: 7:00 PM EST - 7 October


I am looking for experts to advise men on how to move past a
breakup. As men traditionally do not have the emotional outlets
as women, it's harder for them. What can they do that is healthy
and not destructive?

Unfortunately I don't have time for phone interviews so please
just email me your tips.


Therapists, psychotherapists, relationship experts.

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