Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Where They Don't Want Gays

You dare not say you are gay in public in Nigeria, lest you would to be ostracized for life and risk being lynched in certain villages where gays are stigmatized as abnormal people or accursed people.

Nigeria like most countries in Africa will not go west in the acceptance of gays and the President of the Nigerian senate has insisted that the lawmakers have agreed to pass the law that makes same sex marriage a crime in Nigeria.

On Monday the 14th of January, three men caught practising homosexuality were beaten and paraded naked on the streets of Ekwe community near Umuka in Njaba Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria.

President Barack Obama is a popular celebrity in Nigeria, but majority of Nigerians condemn his approval for same sex relationships and same sex marriage, because it is condemned by both their tradition and religion and only cultists have been known to practice homosexuality and lesbianism and such deviants are called wizards and witches. And they face threats of being exposed and lynched by other people who are waiting for the opportunity to get rid of them.

"We have not even seen male animals mating male animals, So, why should humans made in the sacred image of God do such an abominable thing that animals don't do? Fia!" said an elder in Lagos, and majority of Nigerians, Christians, Muslims and even pagans hate homosexuality.

Many people here claim that homosexuality is part of an initiation ritual of cultists and some of the most powerful citizens have been suspected of sodomy. And they include a former military dictator who is a widower and a presidential candidate from the ruling party.

There was a report of a secret gay pageant at a night club in Ikeja, the capital of Lagos State, It was the first of its kind, but that was over four years ago and there is no report of another one. The winner of this pageant has been a close friend of the most popular celebrity gossip blogger in Nigeria since both of them graduated from the University of Lagos where he was a popular student. But he lives in constant fear of the risks of being attacked any time and anywhere in Nigeria.

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