Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Stop the Wedding!

**First time available--never before "in print"!** STOP THE WEDDING! is a delightful romantic comedy:

"An author who has remained on my 'must-buy' list for years." --Romance Reviews Today

In STOP THE WEDDING! a man and a woman determined to stop their parents from marrying fall in love themselves.

"There should be a notice on her books: For a really GOOD time, read Stephanie Bond!" --America Online Romance Fiction Forum

"True-to-life, romantic and witty, as we've come to expect from Ms. Bond." -- The Best Reviews

If you love romantic comedy movies, spend an afternoon with STOP THE WEDDING!

** Other romances by Stephanie Bond:

ALMOST A FAMILY--A divorced couple reunite when the baby that was kidnapped 10 years ago is found...alive.
THREE WISHES--An antiques dealer who's in love with the governor's girlfriend unleashes a genie from a lamp and unwittingly wishes himself into a hole the size of the Grand Canyon!

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