Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine Blues: Tell Me You Love Me

Personally, what I find really fascinating and thrilling about romance are the amusements of the loving adventures.

You see a tall fine young woman of 28 and you like her, but she frowns whenever she sees you as if she does not like you and wants to show you at first sight.
But you only smirk at her and that even annoys her more.
Then you find time and walk up to her on the street and ask her if she has any problem bugging her.
"No," she replies and hissing walks away from you.
You take your time and then next time goes straight to see her in her office and tries to chat her up. She then tells you that she has a boyfriend.
"Is he a nice guy?"
"Does he take good care of you?"
You sigh and say.
"If he is taking good care of you, then why are you always looking miserable?"
"My boyfriend takes care of me!" She snaps.
You can tell that she is lying.
"Okay. Okay. Okay. Your boyfriend is taking good care of you. But I want you to look better."
You just leave her wondering.
And she continues to frown at you.
Then on your next encounter on the street, you simply pull her aside with passers-by looking, you put your arms around her and tease her playfully.
"Hey! What is wrong with you? You are always frowning. It is not the end of the world! Cheer up! Whatever is bugging you, we can face it together."
You tickle her cheeks and stoke her bushy eyebrows as you are talking.
She is flummoxed as passers-by are amused by your open display of affection.
"C'mon! Smile. C'mon! Just a smile."
She smiles shyly.
"Wow! That's the spirit. Your smile just made my day. Thank you sweetheart!"
She is obviously embarrassed and flattered too.
Then you simply avoid her for days and then visit her at work again and give her a colourful and irresistible trendy magazine and she grabs it. You ask about her work, family and how she is faring generally in spite of the challenges of living and working in Nigeria. You tell her that you will prefer to raise your children in better, safer and healthier countries like Luxembourg, Finland and Sweden.
"So, when will you be free to go the Silverbird Galleria? If you missed the Calabar Carnival, don't miss seeing the Streets of Calabar."
"Oh! I will like to see the Streets of Calabar!"
"Let me see my schedule."
"Valentine's Day is around the corner," you chuckle and tickle her cheeks.
Then she gives you a date with the brightest face she has ever shown you.

Weeks later, she is no longer frowning at you and is now always smiling and she is taken.
She is already bitten and smitten by the Orikinla's Love Bug.


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