Saturday, September 08, 2012

Why Nigerian Guys Now Bluff And Disrespect Nigerian Girlfriends

One of the desperate Nigerian girls on the prowl for whom to devour. Photo Credit: Everywhere Nigeria.

It is no cheering news that having a Nigerian girlfriend or even Nigerian wife is no longer something to be proud of these days, except you simply close your eyes and do so for love. Because, Nigerian girls and women have so debased themselves in their desperation for fame and fortune that they have lost their respect.
Nigerian guys now generalize Nigerian girls and women as cheap whores.

The shameless acts of Nigerian girls and women are all over the internet and it can be really disheartening to see what they do to insult womanhood and motherhood.

Nigerian girls are the ones dancing half naked for fully clothed Nigerian guys in music videos.
Nigerian girls are the ones caught and stripped naked for stealing phones and even stealing underwear!
Nigerian girls and women are the ones sending their nude photographs to boys and men showing their private parts like goods being displayed for sale.
Nigerian girls are not ashamed to strip themselves naked while fighting over Nigerian guys.
Nigerian girls are not ashamed to go out without underwear.

You see a Nigerian girl using an expensive smart phone of about N80, 000, but her poor mother goes about in torn and worn wrapper selling fruits by the roadside to make ends meet for her poor family that often go to bed still hungry.
N80, 000 is enough to buy bags of rice and beans to feed their starving family for months.
But the shameless "big girl" would rather die than give up her expensive phone, because she needs it to impress her peers and again for her call girl business, pinging her customers and pimps all over Nigeria.

The X-Rated photos of What Desperate Nigerian Girls Do for Fame and Fortune cannot be posted here, but can be seen on for ADULTS ONLY.

The shameless Nigerian girls did not even cover their faces!

Lest we forget these shameless Nigerian girls are the future wives and mothers of the children of the Nigerian men who would end up with them as their husbands and fathers of their innocent children.

Imagine being married to one of the girls in the rogue gallery of shameless Nigerian girls in the nude.
How would the husband walk tall with her at public functions and special occasions when copies of her sex tape or nude pictures are all over the internet?

Why should any reasonable girl allow any boyfriend or man-friend to take nude pictures of her that he would later post on the internet or share among his buddies like a buddy showed me the nude pictures of a pretty and sexy Nigerian girl he had just slept with and she actually posed with her legs spread wide apart for his camera phone!
Then she later returned to her "real" boyfriend.
And tomorrow she would be the Mrs of one man?

They would have fared better going nude for Playboy magazine or in porn movies than to be disgraced for their despicable acts of ignominy.

May God help us all.

~ By Orikinla Osinachi, the most popular Nigerian blogger and writer on the internet and author of Children of Heaven, Scarlet Tears of London, Bye, Bye Mugabe, In the House of Dogs and other books.

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