Saturday, September 15, 2012

It Is Better Not To Feel Sorry For Sulky Nigerian Girlfriends

Yes, my dear. Don't pity sulky Nigerian girlfriends.

In fact it is better to be arrogant than be humble to them, because when compared to the foreign girlfriends majority of Nigerian girlfriends are coming from the dark age even though they flash the latest trends in vogue they have copied from America and the UK. But they don't have the class to match it all.
By their manners you shall know them. grin

Of course, they know themselves that I have done my best for them, from those who wanted to be models to the actresses and bloggers locally and internationally and receiving a lot of flak in some cases in the local and foreign online media. But when it comes to their relationship with men, they often misbehave, because they fail to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Having class means more than having the commonsense to dress to impress from the street to the red carpet.
A girl with class knows how to separate fact from fiction, and the small boys from the big boys.

The shortcomings of Nigerian girlfriends have nothing to do with normal human moral imperfections, but with their IQ!
May be viewing too much of the raunchy music videos of D'banj and other desperate for fame and fortune Nigerian hip hop acts has made Nigerian girlfriends to act like the Bimbos in the music videos and cannot separate crude and rude humor of entertainment from the intellectual facts of life.
Separate the bestiality of the primitive nature from the sexuality of your femininity.

One gets bored and tired of these Nigerian Bimbos when they don't have much to offer you upstairs since their thoughts seem to revolve round in-between their loins and lest I forget, they are the most jealous of themselves.
They engage in bitter rivalries over guys who are only using them as tools to boost their egos.

Only very few of our girls have excelled in competition with boys from the street to the internet.
Lest we forget, we are the most populous country in Africa with over 40 million grown up young women and over 10 million of them are graduates of high schools, polytechnics and universities, but how many of them are making waves in the formal sector?
We can count them on our finger tips compared to the guys rocking the scene in the corporate and entertainment world.
When will our sweethearts overcome their intellectual immaturity, inferiority complex and insecurity?
When will they be able to raise their heads and shoulders high and walk tall before the guys instead of just giving in and giving up to the peer pressures in base temptations? Only to end up as liabilities of their parents, guardians, boyfriends and sugar daddies and husbands when they would fare much better being the real Independent Woman as performed by Ne-Yo in his Miss Independent?

She got her own thing
That's why I love her
Miss Independent
Won't you come and spend a little time?

She got her own thing
That's why I love her
Miss Independent
Ooh the way we shine
Miss Independent yeah

Lest we forget that Miss Independent is not the same as the Nigerian sugar babies or "runs" babes messing around in the fast lane.
Ne-Yo's Miss Independent has got CLASS and FOCUS.
What I call a double edged sword of brain and beauty and she can separate the boys from the men, the id-iot from the griot.
Hei baby! I hope you know what a griot means?
The guy that is ruled more by his intellect than your common animal instinct of the Nigerian herd mentality.

Nigerian girlfriends use their lips from their hips and their loins more than their brains.
Is it not pathetic that the best holiday jobs Nigerian girlfriends do are as usherettes at events who end up in-between the sheets of the "clients" they hooked at the party?

Lest we forget, the Nigerian girlfriends being noted here actually know themselves from this script, because they are those the celebrated Pastor Chris Oyakhilome calls "Sympathy Collectors".
They use their emotions to solicit for your affections and use SEX as their ANTIDEPRESSANT.
But end up worse after the intimate bout of lust.
They always come to you with "pity me" stories and end up getting pitied and not loved.
Hei, baby!
What you need is love and not pity.

The real classy Nigerian girlfriends are not flashy and they don't let any man take advantage of their sexuality.
They are the role models we need to bring out the best in Nigerian men and not the Nigerian girls who bring out the worst in Nigerian guys and end up with black eyes, STDs, unwanted pregnancies and abortions.

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