Thursday, September 20, 2012

On Love, Being Nice and All That Matters Most in Relationships

On Love, Being Nice and All That Matters Most in Relationships

They came to the fountain of Abn Sunnim
They came from different tents to hear him
To hear their Philosopher King
They came to drink from the crystal spring.

Abn Sunnim sat in his golden robes of silk
He was drinking from a golden bowl of milk.
Then he welcomed them with smiles
For many of them came from miles
He shared his milk with them
“This is the milk of Bethlehem”.

We are what we do
Regardless of our credo.

Our characters are formed by our acts and our acts are from our thoughts.
Humans will repeat the same mistakes when they fail to learn the lessons of life from their past errors.
How many of us have always shouted mea culpa!
As loud as Isaac Newton shouted eureka?
Being nice always comes with a price
And being twice as nice is twice the sacrifice.
The spirit of true love does not ask us to be perfect, but to be honest.
Love is not lust and lust is not love as the wheat is not the chaff and the chaff is not the wheat.
Love is a divine spirit that knows and longs for the truth, because it lives by the truth. That is why honesty and transparency are the heart and soul of the spirit of true love.
When humans lie and betray love, the spirit of love leaves, because it cannot live in a heart of conceit and deceit. But the spirit of love is never lonely, because it will always be found by those in search of the comfort of true love and the spirit of love welcomes as many as come in the garments of honesty and transparency and brings them to the throne of grace where they will find peace.
Is peace not what you seek?
For it is only in peace will you find solace.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

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