Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Why Are So Many Women Addicted To Shoes?

The question is from JustFabulous and every woman and her man need to know the answer. Most ladies are in love with Jimmy Choo 'Phoenix' Espadrille Sandals?

The explanations range from the practical to the therapeutic. 
On the practical side, we know no outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes.  So, for every look we go out in, of course we need a unique pair of shoes to top it off!  Shoes also last longer than clothes--because unlike our dress size, our shoe size doesn’t change—so, we can always wear our favorites, regardless of whether or not our favorite pair of jeans fit that day.
But, there’s also something more about shoes—when you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up, a great new pair of shoes often works wonders.
JustFabulous seeks to provide shoe addicts exactly what they want when it comes to shoes--namely, their own personal stylist.
The JustFabulous experience starts with you taking a shoe personality quiz.  It’s a fun, quick, online survey where you’re presented with a slew of different shoe options, as well as various celebrity and designer looks that you rate based on your personal taste.  Based on your choices, JustFabulous then creates your unique shoe style profile.

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