Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Women Help Men Cheat On Their Fellow Women

No man can cheat on any woman without the connivance of another woman.

Therefore if women really and truly want men to stop cheating on them, they must stop conniving with men to cheat on their girlfriends and wives.

Women have the power to reject philandering boyfriends and husbands, but in most cases. they would prefer to be their desperate and shameless partners in crime.
In many cases, women are their own worst enemies.
They seem to foolishly feel cool to hear men flatter and lie to them that they prefer them to their own girlfriends and wives.

Any man who insults his girlfriend or wife to impress or please you is not a friend of women.Because, he will one day also insult you to impress and please another woman.

Any man who beats another woman, because of you will one day also beat you.
Only a foolish woman will be proud to date and marry a brutish man.

Don't ever believe the accusation or judgment of any man against any woman until you have heard her own side of the matter.
Don't ever connive or join any man to condemn another woman behind her back.

Men can also stop conniving with unfaithful girlfriends and wives to cheat on their boyfriends and husbands.

There was a case where a grown up young lady and graduate of University of Abuja claimed to have a boyfriend she loved in Abuja, but she agreed to be the valentine of another guy in Lagos and was smooching him passionately until the Lagos guy rejected her, because if she could cheat on her Abuja guy, then she would one day also cheat on the Lagos guy too.

You see girls and women who know that men must definitely be in relationship with other babes, but they will still go ahead to date them and conniving with them to cheat on their girlfriends and wives. Then later, they turn around to accuse men of cheating?

If you refuse to connive with anyone to cheat on another person, then cheating will stop.

Therefore women can stop men from cheating if they really want to instead of whining from Nairaland to Oprah Winfrey Show that men cheat more than women.
But who connived with them?
Mammy Water or Mama Bomboy?

Women must stop hiding behind the hypocrisy and using the lame duck excuse of being the weaker sex.
Its all bullshit and nonsense, because no man can force a woman to undress and spread her legs wide apart for Orikinla , Chuksy and Haruna to take their turns from one state to another, except it is R-A-P-E.

While she is fooling the boyfriend by telling him "I love you on phone" during his sleepless midnight calls, she will later end up in the arms of the other guy nearby in Lagos.
The greedy slut collects from the Abuja boyfriend and also collects from the Lagos boyfriend and continues her shameless promiscuous love life until she ends up fooling one fall guy into wedlock one day, dancing and singing in her white wedding gown like an innocent virgin.
C'mon! Give me a break girlie, you are not better than a whore by choice.

Dear ladies in pants, skirts and gowns, you can decide how men should take and treat you by not conniving with them to cheat on your fellow women.

Don't be fooled by all the sweet talk of their sweet lies of promises of heaven on earth.
What most men are after is just to Be Intimate with you.
Refuse to sleep with a guy and he will soon make a quick detour chasing after another Kitty until he finds an easy lay to prove his libido as a gigolo on the go while still paying lip service and eye service to you in his tongue in cheek "I love you" and "I cannot be happy without you" lies.
Are you not bored and tired of all these romantic clichés?

Most men will sooner or later dump you for a bigger game on the safari of the jungle of lust as lions chase after their prey.
I have always noted that most of these men are powered more by their animal instinct than the intellect.
You should use your intellect to separate the sheep from the goats among men, except you are d-u-m-b.

So, it is about time for you women to become wiser and use your God given power to checkmate all the men who cannot stop behaving like small boys still sucking their mothers' bosoms.

To me, the worst evil is not the man cheating on his girlfriend or wife, but the girl or woman conniving with him to betray her fellow woman.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, aka Orikinla Osinachi, author of Children of Heaven, Scarlet Tears of London, Bye. Bye Mugabe, In the House of Dogs and other books.

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