Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why Overweight Women Should Not Wear Jeans

An overweight woman forcing herself into jeans. Photo Bucket.

The most ridiculous images of women on the street are overweight women as huge as elephants in the safari wearing jeans trousers!
They look so funny and sometimes really ugly that their obesity put you off at first sight!

Most overweight people are gluttons and the women are more than the men. But the ridiculous thing is that these overweight women still want to compete with the models in trendy jeans in vogue when they gnash their teeth, fart and sweat in their daily ordeals of forcing their folds of fat into jeans that cannot fit them.
They torture themselves by forcing themselves into jeans and walking about with discomfort and end up with the following health risks.
1.      Nerve Compression
2.      Digestive Problems
3.      Lower Back Pain
4.      Blood clots
Do you know that it costs more to be fat according proven statistics?
Specifically it costs more to be a fat woman than it does to be a fat man according to research from George Washington University. They found that the annual cost of being obese for a woman is $4,879 and $2,646 for a man. Researchers accounted for several factors including sick days, extra gasoline, and lost productivity. The reason for the difference between men and women is that thinner women typically earn more than their obese counterparts, but this is not the case for men.
Dr. Kevin Schulman, a Duke University professor of medicine who was not involved with the research from George Washington U tells the NY Daily News, "We're paying a very high price as a society for obesity, and why don't we think about it as a problem of enormous magnitude to our economy? We're creating obesity and we need to do a man-on-the-moon effort to solve this before those poor kids in elementary school become diabetic, middle-aged people."
~ American Health and Beauty.

Therefore, fat women should simply wear free flowing skirts and gowns that will make them look cute and trendy and STOP FORCING THEMSELVES INTO JEANS!

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