Monday, August 20, 2012

The Most Important Thing in Life

Divine Healing. Photo Credit: Divine Energy.

Suddenly on Sunday morning I felt dizzy with shortness of breath and I was dying as I was rushed to the nearest private clinic about 100 meters from my residence on Anjorin Street in Lawanson, Surulere, but the doctor said I should be taken to the nearest general hospital. I was taken to the emergency room of Randle General Hospital in Surulere near where I live. The two doctors and senior nurse on duty responded to me immediately with on the spot diagnosis and blood test. I was put on drip, this was my first time since birth. I was calling on God in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and confessing verses from Psalm 118 of the Holy Bible. Even before the first drip finished, I felt better and recovering fast. I wanted to return home. The senior nurse said I must be well treated before I would be discharged. She gave me the second drip and an injection in my buttocks. I was there while they attended to other patients on admission and out-patients.

Being in an ER can be a horrifying nightmare.
Then a young man in traditional native Yoruba male attire of Buba and Sokoto trousers rushed in to announce an emergency.
A young couple had just been shot by armed robbers and were bleeding.
The husband was first brought in on a stretcher with a gunshot wound in his stomach. He was screaming in pains and saying they must save the life of his wife and help their two children who were with them in their car when the wicked armed robbers attacked them on the road. His wife was carried into the ER and laid on the steel bed beside mine. She was motionless as blood flowed from the gunshot wounds in her stomach. I moped in shock. The doctors and nurses tried their best to revive and save her life. I could do nothing more than to pray, asking God to save their precious lives. But she died even before her husband was rushed to another general hospital in Lagos.
I was heart broken. What a great loss.
A fully armed police man came in and shook his head.
Later, one of the doctors said three of the armed robbers on "Okada" motorbikes were caught by the police. They would be tried for armed robbery and murder.
If armed robbers could attack and kill on a Sunday morning in the only safe state in Nigeria, then no where is safe again in Nigeria.

Boko Haram terrorists and other heartless lunatic fringe of Nigerians have attacked and murdered hundreds of people in northern states while armed robbers and kidnappers have kidnapped, robbed and murdered dozens in the other states. So, we are no longer safe everywhere in Nigeria?
Oh, God! Have mercy on us and don't let evil doers waste the precious life you have given us and saved by the precious innocent blood of your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ our Lord and Messiah.

What an unforgettable Sunday in Lagos.

If you been to any ER in public hospitals in Nigeria and see the state of the obsolete medical equipment, then you would be amazed that people even survive at all. As one of the doctors said, only God can save us in Nigeria. What can doctors do without the necessary tools?
I was meant to be given blood, but there was only drip available. So, only God made it possible for me to have recovered within hours and asked to be discharged and had an important appointment in my office this morning.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

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