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Confessiondolls Reveal the Dark Side of Facebook

13 Aug 2012 14:15 Africa/Lagos

Confessiondolls Reveal the Dark Side of Facebook

New App allows people to confess anonymously through social media

AMSTERDAM, August 13, 2012/PRNewswire/ --

From now on, iPhone and iPad users can share their darkest secrets and confessions anonymously on social media. With Dutch company Mediagroe's new Confessiondolls App, they can create an alter ego they can confide in and tell their personal stories to.

They can use their virtual Confessiondoll as a personal electronic diary or share their stories with other people, thus creating a new kind of Facebook for secret confessions. People who read their stories can 'like', share, twitter or link them to traditional social media.

"Stories on regular social media are all about that lovely holiday or the best discount buys. Stories on Confessiondolls are more serious, grievous and therefore much more exciting. This is the ultimate way to anonymously leave your secret behind in the world of social media. Nobody knows it's you," says Stijn Groenemeijer of Mediagroe.

He has seen how confessing has become a new trend lately. Last year a so-called confession App for Roman-Catholics caused a worldwide fuss. Groenemeijer: "People need a place where they can leave confessions behind. Especially girls, for whom it's becoming a hype. They recognise themselves in other people's stories or share the same problems." His message: "Stop writing on public toilet doors and start confiding in your Confessiondoll, a personal listener and a friend in happy and difficult times."

Users of the App can develop their own doll, a kind of avatar, and determine skin and hair colour, clothes etcetera. All dolls in the community are hanging from a rosary, drawing an audience to their stories with titles and keywords. Crispy vector graphics combined with a physics-based user interface provide a dynamic reading and writing experience.

Every public Confessiondoll remains anonymous, but can be followed by others. The App allows users to choose their favourite dolls and follow its stories.

Mediagroe expects the App to create a new type of social media. "It can become big because it allows people to express real emotions," Groenemeijer states.

More information: http://www.confessiondolls.com

Photos: http://www.perssupport.nl/apssite/binaries/content/gallery/afbeeldingen/persberichten/2012/08/13/IMG_002jpg



Source: Mediagroe

Note to editors: For further information please contact Stijn Groenemeijer of Mediagroe, Tel: +31(0)20-4861160, Mob: +31(0)6-51245184, e-mail: stijn@mediagroe.nl.

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