Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Nomoreloss Warns Dirty Singing Hip Hop Artistes in Nigeria

Nomoreloss. Photo Credit:Nollywood Gossip.

Nomoreloss Warns Dirty Singing Hip Hop Artistes

The young Nigerian musician Muyiwa Osinuga, popularly known as Nomoreloss who is also one of the judges on MTN Project Fame West Africa is not happy with irresponsible hip hop singers in Nigeria, because of their dirty songs. In an interview with Street Talk in the current edition of My Streetz magazine, Nomoreloss said that his concern for Nigerian music presently is the rampant obscene behaviour of the majority of the young artistes who have a penchant for pornographic songs and music videos.

“My concern for music right now are the use of words by the artistes who don’t censor their lyrics and those that cannot be bothered to write any. My word to them is this; YOUR CHILDREN WILL ONE DAY PLAY BACK YOUR WORDS AND SEE HOW YOU DAMAGED LIVES”.

These irresponsible Nigerian hip hop artistes are more driven by hunger for fame and money than talent, because most of them have little or no education in the basic rudiments of music and are only desperate for fame and fortune. And since pornography is a very popular merchandise in Nigeria, they simply produce pornographic songs and videos to sell to legions of Nigerian youths and pedophiles who are among the most promiscuous people in the most populous country in Africa where over 500, 000 people are infected with the HIV and living with AIDS. But these deviant fringe of Nigerian entertainers would not have been so irresponsible and wayward if the so called National Broadcasting Commission and other authorities like the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria and the Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria (BON ) have not failed in the regular monitoring and evaluation of the programmes on radio and TV stations in Nigeria, because the desperate Nigerian radio and TV stations don’t seem to have rules and regulations on what they broadcast. They just play anything given to them by these desperate artistes who simply use their whims and wits and some money to get the corrupt Nigerian radio DJs and TV VJs to play their useless hip hop ditties called songs in regular rotation. These pornographic music CDs and videos are terrible and should not have been accepted for public broadcast. But these unscrupulous DJs and VJs who apparently have no better sense of judgment don’t care about the grave consequences of these pornographic songs and videos since most of them are voyeurs who enjoy the sexual abuse of impressionable and vulnerable children and young adults who listen and gyrate to these dirty songs and watch the obscene music videos. No wonder these ignorant and nonchalant children and young adults end up with mass failures in their school examinations and damaged lives as Nomoreloss noted.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

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