Saturday, July 07, 2012

You Can Always Have Anotrher Girlfriend And Wife, But Only One Mother For Life

Without apologies or regrets, I loved my mother than any other woman.

It is better to love your mother more than your girlfriend or wife.
You can always have another girlfriend or wife, but you cannot have another mother.
Even if you adopt one, she can never be like your real mother.

Any girlfriend or wife who does not love your mother does not love you.

Don't buy all the nonsense reported about "wicked" mothers-in-law.
Would any girlfriend or wife who does not like your mother accept another person hating her own mother?

Make it a condition that your girlfriend or wife must RESPECT and DO HER BEST for your mother.
If she claims to love you, but despises or hates your mother, then she does not love you.

Lest we forget that your girlfriend or wife can cheat on you, but your mother can never cheat on you.

Girlfriends and wives may come and go to other men, but your mother will always be your mother come rain or shine.
And please, don't hide your girlfriends from your mother.
And girlfriends, beware of any guy who is not glad or proud to introduce you to his mother.
As we say in Yorùbá, Iya ni wùrá, MOTHER IS GOLD!

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

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