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Mother Pledges Family to Drink More Water

Mother Pledges Family to Drink More Water: Nestlé Pure Life Provides One Year’s Supply of Bottled Water

Stamford, CT, July 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — How do you keep your family healthy? Brooklyn, N.Y. mom Barbie Rodriguez encourages her family to drink water. Last year, she joined the Nestlé® Pure Life® Hydration Movement and pledged to swap one sugared beverage a day with water for a year. Life as a mom with eight active kids can get hectic, and keeping them healthy needs to stay top-of-mind. Inspired by her commitment, Nestlé Pure Life surprised Barbie’s family with a year’s supply of bottled water and made an extra donation of bottled water to her daughter’s after-school drama class to help inspire others in her community.

Barbie was thrilled to receive the supply to help keep her family committed to drinking more water. “We are a very active family,” noted Barbie. “We go to the park, we go fishing, hiking, walking…so we need the hydration!”

Barbie’s daughter Raven’s after-school drama class was the perfect place to inspire healthy habits for others in her community as well. A Nestlé Pure Life representative and Barbie went to the drama class to surprise the students with a year’s supply of Nestlé Pure Life bottled water.

“Barbie’s commitment to her family’s health and happiness is clear,” said Maude Ancone, Brand Manager. “We were so excited to also provide a year’s supply of Nestlé Pure Life water to the class and encourage healthy hydration!”

For the past two years, Nestlé Pure Life has asked families to make a pledge to swap one 12-ounce sugared beverage a day with water for a year. During this time, over 100,000 families have participated and this simple step is helping to eliminate billions of calories from families’ diets in the U.S.¹ With obesity on the rise, this small effort can make a big impact towards a healthier nation.

To make a commitment to your own family’s healthy hydration, join the Nestlé Pure Life Hydration Movement by going to Take the pledge and see what a difference it makes!

¹ Based on a typical 12 ounce, 140-calorie sugared beverage being replaced with water in 100,000 families every day for a year.

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