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Official - Brits Heading for the Dip As London 2012 Begins

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26 Jul 2012 14:34 Africa/Lagos

Official - Brits Heading for the Dip

LONDON, July 26, 2012/PRNewswire/ --

- glacéau vitaminwater urges Britain to 'skip the dip' in run up to london 2012

- More time is lost each year in dips, than through sick days!

glacéau vitaminwater, best mate and official worldwide partner of the London 2012

Olympic games, today announces research findings to show that whilst athletes may be honing their performance and going for gold this summer, Brits face a battle to avoid dipping each day (skip the dip.)

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A 'blonde moment' or a 'funny five minutes' are commonly referred to, but it seems that many Brits from all backgrounds dip on a regular basis. a YouGov spokesperson said, "this research shows us that a huge number of Brits experience dips or lulls in energy, a lack of focus or lapses of concentration during mid morning and afternoons." The study of over 2,000 people across the UK shows that 74% of Brits experience dips regularly[1], with nearly a quarter a fifth (22%) having these happen multiple times each day.

84% of Brits that dip do so for more than 5 minutes at a time, with 10% saying that their dips last for more than an hour. In total Brits lose more time through dips each year than full time workers through sick days[2], with a total of an estimated GBP17bn being lost.

The research shows suggests its not just bored office workers pummeled by power point and endless meetings into an upright snooze, 57% of full time students who dip are doing so in libraries and lectures theatres up and down the UK.

Although many of us dip, it seems each part of the UK has their own preferred ways of doing it. the welsh who dip experience them on a night out twice as much as the national average (20% vs. 9%), so expect to see more vacant expressions on a night on the tiles in Cardiff! and whilst the reputation of Londoners may be go-getters in the endless hustle and bustle of the urban jungle they are in fact most likely to be zoned out on public transport (twice the national average at 26% compared to 14%)

Overall dippy brits have admitted to not being at their personal bests when in dips with 77% of dippers citing the afternoon as a common dipping period. 21% of dippers admit to having forgotten the name of the person they are introducing in the last year, with 13% emailing or texting the wrong person when failing to overcome a mind slump. one subject questioned confessed to putting butter in the washing machine by mistake, whilst another confided that they had put on two shirts in the morning, whilst in the midst of the dip.

It also seems Brits have some equally whacky tips to help them skip the dip, with respondees confessing to remedies ranging from a self-slap in the face, yelling out loud and spontaneous star jumps.

Greg Whyte, professor of sports science and trainer to the likes of David Walliams, Eddie Izzard, and Fearne Cotton says we can all think of ways to skip the dip. "We all have dips throughout the day which are often associated with low energy levels and dehydration. These can lead to a loss of concentration and affect how well you can perform even simple tasks - by the time you feel thirsty that means it is too late!

Keep well hydrated by varying the drinks you consume. glacéau vitaminwater is a great choice; it tastes great and has some of the added vitamins and minerals that you may need. you can also give yourself a boost by taking regular breaks from what you are doing, getting some fresh air and daylight and having some fun. Sometimes even a joke is enough to break us out of a dip."

Georgie Thompson stars in a newsreel clip and app to explain the phenomenon of dips that is sweeping the UK.

Georgie Thompson stars in a new clip for glacéau vitaminwater's skip the dip campaign for London 2012.

You can star in your own version too at

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