Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Uniting To Re-Brand Africa: Face2face Africa Set To Launch F2FA

Earlier this month, Face2face Africa announced the birth ofF2FA, a vibrant multi-niche global magazine with the theme of Re-branding Africa.

F2FA will serve as the new image and voice of Africa. Covering everything from politics and development, to culture, fashion, entertainment, diaspora and lifestyle, the magazine will give an introspection of what it’s like to be a modern day African, as well as explore the relationship between the continent, diaspora Africans, and global citizens. Already dubbed by insiders as “the magazine that will break barriers,” F2FA is poised to make a positive impact globally.

Acknowledging that the mission of Re-branding Africa requires the collective efforts and unification of all believers, Face2face Africa is working with devoted organizations around the world to help facilitate and bring awareness to the promise within the continent.

Africa Foundation, Jewish Heart for Africa, There is no Limit,, The Network Journal,Africa Style Daily, NYU Stern in Africa, and Cocody Productions are some of the organizations coming together as partners for the launching of F2FA Magazine. These outstanding organizations all share the common goal of uniting and empowering African communities around the world.

“By having these organizations join us, we are acknowledging that it is impossible to fulfill the task of Re-branding Africa alone. Each person, organization and community must do their part by not feeding into the negative pre-conceived notions. We are happy and proud to provide a balanced platform where Africa’s history, present and future can be discussed,” said Face2face Africa’s Marketing Director, Rita Kusi.

Join F2FA Magazine for this historic event on March 30, 2012, at Pranna Lounge in NYC

Statement from Partners:

The idea of Re-branding Africa is powerful, especially at a time when there is so much focus on the continent. Africa Foundation is honored to be joining the efforts of Face2face Africa as they launch F2FA Magazine to become a strong advocate of Africa's promise and future

-Krista Krieger, Chair of the Board of Trustees (Africa Foundation)

Jewish Heart for Africa is proud to join forces with F2FA because even in the rural villages in which we work, we see innovation everywhere. We see more solar panels on roofs there than here, and we see potential for sustainable growth, development and investment. Africa doesn't just have a bright future, it has a bright present, and we are grateful for the work F2FA does in sharing this with the global community.

-Rachel Ishofsky, Associate Executive Director (Jewish Heart for Africa)

There Is No Limit Foundation is honored to be part of such an amazing and inspiring journey to re-brand Africa. It is our hope that this strategic partnership will enable us to fulfill our mission which is to empower communities through education and sustainable development.

- Aissata Camara, Co-Founder (There is No Limit)

Africa Style Daily strives to present the dynamic fashion talent emerging from Africa on a daily basis. We are inspired by the similar work that Face2Face Africa has done over the years and are deeply thrilled at the opportunity to join in this journey together

- Zandile Blay, Founder (Africa Style Daily)

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