Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Love Is Sweetest When You Just Love For The Joy Of Love

I prefer to love just for the joy of loving someone.
Whether we Be Intimate or not.
But many women are not mature and secure enough for this kind of love.

In many Nigerian relationships, you have to deal with the immaturity or insecurity of girlfriends.

Many of them even use sex as a sort of antidepressant.

A Nigerian lady I have known for long and engaged to a guy from my town confessed that she has had intimate flings whenever she quarreled with her man. And I am afraid that she is going to continue even in marriage.

Then the majority of the impressionable and vulnerable young women from poor families in Nigeria are promiscuous, because they need to collect money and other provisions from several guys to make ends meet in their desperation to get out of poverty.

Many of them live with very poor parents who have to share two small rooms with about six to eight children and in sordid environment that makes the poor girls stay out until night when they just return to share the bed, mat or settee with their siblings.

I have broken down at the pathetic sight of the squalor of some poor girls in the ghettos that I could not even drink their water. So, for poor girls, poverty prevents them from enjoying the pure experience of loving the guys they truly want to love freely.

They sometimes go on with the guys who can provide for them, but they later return to be with the poor guys they truly love.

They give their body to the guy with the finance, but their heart to the guy they love whether he has enough money or not.
It is when they are with the guy they love they really enjoy love.

There are still many Nigerian women, both young and old, who really and truly fall in love. But unfortunately, they fall into the wrong hands of those who are brutes and ingrates.

It is pathetic that majority of men cannot give money or other provisions to women without using them as exchange for sex.

It would be great if more men can be good real friends to women and provide for their needs even if the women refuse to sleep with them.

It is cheap to do things or give things to girls and ladies because you want them to date you.

Why not just do it for the kindness of love and not as a barter for a good time with women.

~ By Orikinla Osinachi.

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