Thursday, August 04, 2011

If She Is Not Good Enough To Be Your Wife, Then Don't Sleep With Her!

If you can sleep with her then you can marry her.

I have seen many situations where Nigerian men mate with girls and ladies like dogs in summer heat, but they are ashamed to introduce these girls and ladies to their friends and business associates, because they are either too “UGLY” or beneath their social class status.

These funny men in Nigeria say they can sleep with these TOO UGLY or LOWLY girls and ladies, but they cannot marry them. And majority of these men claim to be “Christians”.

If you can sleep with her, then you can marry her. But if you say she is not good enough to be your wife, then why would you sleep with her?

I have seen many cases of these funny Nigerian men who sleep and impregnate girls or ladies, but reject the pregnancy and often pay for the abortion. But when the poor girls or ladies refuse to abort the pregnancy and they are compelled to accept their fate, they would prefer to accept only their babies, but refuse to marry the mothers.

The evils done by these hypocrites are often the cause of the problems they later suffer in their marriages, because they have to face the consequences of their actions.

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