Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Help! What should I wear!

New Fashion & Beauty Social Network Site Gives Friends a Place to Give and Get Advice

OhThatsYou.com liberates users to express their "only me" style instead of chasing the "me too" of fashion

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., Aug. 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting September 8, thousands will gather at the world's fashion capitals for the bi-annual extravaganza that is Fashion Week. Many more will have a virtual presence, using laptops and mobile devices to view and discuss the styles coming down the runway. Even with the integration of high tech and high fashion, a phenomenon dubbed Fashion 2.0, there continues to be a disconnect between imaginative designs and personal style. Fashion and beauty sites either suggest fantasy ensembles that wouldn't fit most people, or they use simple-minded quizzes that produce fashion tips that are inaccurate, too generic or too overwhelming.

OhThatsYou.com solves this disconnect by putting the consumer in control.

It provides an integrated array of tools that enables members to...

1. Interact with their trusted circle--including their friends and other members with similar attributes and lifestyles--to make style and purchasing decisions
2. Use the OTY Window-Shopper to collect fashion images that suit their tastes
3. Mix and match these items to create different looks
4. Receive OTY generated personal fashion and beauty recommendations on items that suit their face and body type

"Our personal style is a combination of our unique physical attributes, the sum total of our experiences and our environment," says founder Azita Gandjei. "OhThatsYou.com enables members to find their own unique personal style, whether they want to fit in or stand out."

OhThatsYou.com officially launched on August 23 and is now in public beta.

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