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Every love affair has its seasons

Every love affair has its seasons

Photo of The Four Seasons of Love.

Every love affair has its seasons and like the four seasons each season has a different weather. And as the weather changes so changes the moods of your lover depending on the seasons and the times. Ignorance of the laws of the times and seasons is the cause of many ups and downs and mishaps in the romance of human existence.

Every season has a reason, from spring to summer and from autumn to winter.

The theme music of this article is the timeless Four Seasons of Love by Donna Summer.

Spring Affairaudio 8:30Four Seasons Of Love
Summer Feveraudio 8:04Four Seasons Of Love
Autumn Changesaudio 5:29Four Seasons Of Love
Winter Melodyaudio 6:28Four Seasons Of Love

If you take time to study and understand the seasons and their reasons, you will understand the moods of your lover and be forewarned to be able to help your lover to overcome the bad moods and use the good moods positively for your mutual benefit. But that depends on your choices.
Conducive moments or environments augur well for only those who know how to use it positively.

Haste makes waste

We waste many things when they are done in haste as nonsense overtakes commonsense in our actions simply caused by our ignorance or arrogance.

No Thought, No Act

In human relationship, there is no act without any thought.
You think first before you act, whether good or bad.
Before you act, think of the positive and negative consequences or repercussions of what you want to do to avoid making costly and terrible mistakes.

Think twice or even think thrice before you do it.
The more you think about the consequences and repercussions, the more you will gain in the end.

If you know that it is a bad season or time for it, then don’t do it.
No farmer plants in a bad weather when he or she knows that doing so will only end with a bad harvest of regrets.

It is only a stupid person that will ask his partner for an expensive thing when you know that your partner is under the weather. Like a foolish and selfish girlfriend asking for an expensive gift from her boyfriend when his sister is in critical condition in ER or when he has unstable or unhealthy cash flow. But unfortunately many Nigerian girlfriends who see a boyfriend as their cash cow don’t even know what a cash flow is.
If you doubt me, ask your Nigerian girlfriend to give you a good advice on how to manage your cash flow.
She would either give you a dumb look or frown.

Let me be honest here, communicating with many girlfriends or mistresses in Nigeria is DIFFICULT, because of their IGNORANCE. But the irony is instead of admitting their IGNORANCE, they go on parade with their “Egungun” masquerade of ARROGANCE posing and posturing to impress and lure their targets into their nets. They do a lot of baiting by displaying and portraying themselves as sex objects to trap the “Mugu Guys” in town.

As there are “Mugu Guys” there are also “Mugu Babes” in town. “Mugu Babes” are often intellectually retarded and they come cheaper than other girls.

You have to keep a weather eye on this particular species of Homo sapiens, because they have mood swings in every season as their moods change as the weather changes. Many of them are fair weather friends. And fair weather friends are worse than your sworn enemies, because the devil you know the evil he or she can do is safer than the demon disguised as an angel by your side.

If you find out that you are having an affair with any of the species I have identified above, just be blunt and tell them the truth or simply drop them without “Wahala” or palaver, because like locusts or cankerworms, they can destroy your harvest even in the best of moods, no matter the season or weather.

As we inch closer to the Christmas and New Year with every second, fair weather girlfriends and boyfriends are already making their wish list and perfecting their game plans and baits to go fishing. Therefore, you should not be caught unawares. Just keep a good weather eye on everyone.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

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