Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fashion's Night Out is coming to Nigeria!

Kisses 'n' Roses is planning the first ever FASHION'S NIGHT OUT event in Nigeria that will make us join the global community of FASHION'S NIGHT OUT!

The following are the Frequently Asked Questions for your benefit.

Q: Can any retailer host an FNO event?

A: “Fashion’s Night Out” is a registered trademark and only retailers who have submitted applications through the FNO Web site and have been approved may officially refer to their festivities as “Fashion’s Night Out” events. To register see the Registration section below.

Q: What are the hours of FNO?

A: The official hours are 6 — 11 PM on September 8, 2011. You are more than welcome to host online and in-store events before and/or after that time period as well provided they are in line with the event's mission.

Q: Can I promote my daytime and after-hours events on FashionsNightOut.com?

A: We encourage you to promote all of your FNO events on your own within the PR guidelines, however we will be able to promote only your events during the official hours on our website.

Q: Can I host a private event that is not open to the public?

A: The goal of this initiative is to encourage the public to celebrate and support the fashion community, so only events that are open for everyone to attend can be promoted as official FNO events.

Q: I am not a retailer. Can I host an FNO event?

A: Only retailer events will be listed on the FNO Web site, but if you are in the hospitality industry and would like to highlight a special promotion you are running in celebration of FNO, contact your local tourism/events offices to find out about local marketing opportunities. NYC business owners should contact NYC & Company to be included in their FNO NYC listings on nycgo.com. Contact fashionsnightout@nycgo.com with any questions.

Q: Can I charge admission to my event?

A: No. As stated in the Terms & Conditions, FNO organizers cannot profit from the events by charging a participation fee, however the Fashion’s Night Out team acknowledges that the participating organization will be attempting to profit from the overall event by, for example, increasing sales of its products.

Q: I’m an e-tailer/retailer selling discounted and special-price merchandise. How can I participate in FNO?

A: The mission of Fashion’s Night Out is to support the fashion industry through the promotion of full-price merchandise, so we require that e-tailers and retailers with store locations who would like to participate in FNO keep this in mind when planning their events. In order for any e-tailer or retailer to participate in FNO, it must have a full-price online or in-store promotion available for customers on the day of FNO. Some suggestions on ways for special-price e-tailers or retailers to take part include creating a special FNO shop for the night with only full-price product (the product can include the official merchandise or a collection of special collaboration pieces created exclusively for FNO, etc).


Q: I am a retailer in the U.S. or Canada, but not in NYC. How can I be involved in FNO?

A: Retailers and designers from across the U.S. and Canada are invited to host events, but in order to legally use the “Fashion’s Night Out” name, events must be registered through the Web site for approval. In order to make sure your events meet the program’s criteria for approval, be sure to read the Terms & Conditions carefully.

Q: Is there a local contact organizing FNO in my city?

A: Registration for FNO is being centralized in New York City, however the New York offices are not able to oversee each city’s mobilization and organization efforts. We recommend that you check with your local officials or business district organizations to find out if your city has a contact overseeing FNO efforts in your area.

Q: Are my local representatives/organizers official FNO representatives?

A: No, only the New York City team works directly for Fashion’s Night Out, however your local contact will likely be a good source of information about events and other retailers involved in your area. If you have questions or concerns about your local contact, feel free to contact info@fashionsnightout.com

Q: Why is there a fee for retailers outside NYC?

A: There is a one-time administrative fee of $250 per brand (which includes all store locations of that brand) to help cover costs associated with processing applications.


Q: I am an online retailer, how do I register for FNO?

A: To apply to be an FNO participant, follow the steps in the Registration section below. Once your online profile/event application is approved by the FNO team, you will automatically be listed as a participant in the FNO/Polyvore collaboration. Approved participants are not required to participate in the program and may opt out of the collaboration.

Approved online retailers will receive further information via email this summer about maximizing your FNO exposure through Polyvore.com.

Q: I’m a retailer without e-commerce capabilities on my website, can I still participate as online retailer in FNO?

A: Unfortunately, only e-tailers or online retailers with existing e-commerce capabilities are allowed to register as online participant of FNO. We understand that web presence is an important promotional tool, so retailers who do not have e-commerce abilities are still encouraged to promote their in-store events via their websites.


Q: What is Polyvore?

A: With over 6.5 million unique monthly viewers, Polyvore is one of the largest fashion communities on the Web, where consumers can discover, shop, and creatively editorialize and style their own “sets”, using the hottest brands, trends, and looks. Visit Polyvore.com to learn more.

Q: How do I register?

A: The registration process is simple. Here’s what you would need to know:

1. Go to the home page and select the black box that reads “I’m a retailer.”

2. Click on “registration” and fill out the entire application for your primary event location.

* A primary event location is the retail location your main FNO event is being hosted or whichever store is closest to your headquarters.
* Include as much information in your profile as possible. Don’t worry if you are missing information, or details have changed — you will be able to continually go back and update your details and add additional events/locations once your profile is approved (see below)

3. Read through the Terms & Conditions carefully.

4. Click “submit” at the bottom-right-hand corner of the page.

5. Once the Fashion’s Night Out team has reviewed your application, you will receive an e-mail approving or declining your participation.

6. When you have received your password, return to the Web site and click log-in (in the upper-left-hand corner) using the profile information you were e-mailed.

7. Once you have submitted your event profile application, all participants hosting an event in their retail location must e-mail a copy of their Certificate of Insurance to info@fashionsnightout.com

* The subject of the e-mail should be “C.O.I.” and the documents should be included as an attachment

* Certificates must list Advance Magazine Publishers, Inc. (Condé Nast’s parent company), New York City & Company and Council of Fashion Designers of America as an additionally insuree.

* Read the Terms & Conditions to verify the amount of coverage needed for each brand’s individual locations

* Designers/brands hosting an event in another participating retailer’s store, do not need to submit a separate C.O.I. Check with your host location to ensure that they have submitted a C.O.I.

* Malls may submit Certificates of Insurance to cover their tenants

8. If you are a retailer hosting an event outside NYC, you will then log on to to submit the $250 one time administrative fee

**Please note: Your event listing will not go live to the public with the consumer website launch in mid-August until the above criteria has been met (where applicable).

The official FNO collection will be available in the following styles:

* Women’s short-sleeved T-shirt
* Men’s short-sleeved T-shirt
* Women’s long-sleeved T-shirt
* Women’s short-sleeved multi-color print T-shirt
* Women’s long-sleeved muti-color print T-shirt
* Canvas tote bag
* Baseball cap

Proceeds will go to the New York City AIDS Fund in the Community Trust. To view the entire collection, Click here.


General information/To submit a C.O.I. contact: Info@fashionsnightout.com
NYC retailers contact: nycretailer@fashionsnightout.com
Outside NYC retailer contact: outsidenyc@fashionsnightout.com
Press requests/inquiries contact: press@fashionsnightout.com
FNO collection orders & questions contact: fnocollection@cfda.com
Permit questions contact: FashionsNightOut@nycgo.com
FNO/ Polyvore collaboration: FashionsNightOut@Polyvore.com

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