Thursday, April 05, 2012



I dreamt of you fourteen years ago
But then I was waiting for Ego
The Lady Fortune of every man
For without Ego, many men have lost their women.

Believe it or not, it is not my fault
And I will not blame it on fate
A brilliant student may end up with a bad result.
I tried my best to stop you from coming late
But our mistakes and bad results are often caused by errors
By our own errors or the errors of others.

The horrors of life are often caused by human errors
For God did not create humans to be monsters
But humans have chosen to become monsters by their own evils
Evils have made many as worse as devils
And these human monsters have been the harbingers of the worst disasters
All that we have lost in just two world wars
Are a thousand fold worse than all the earthquakes, tornados and volcanic eruptions?

So, you can see that we have already judged ourselves
We have destroyed the most precious things God has given us.
For in ignorant pursuit of the passions of lust
The most precious gifts of love have been lost.

We have been waiting for you for so long
Forgive us for all we have done wrong
But we thank God that at last you are here today
We will roll out the red carpet
From the doormat to the street
And we will invite the whole world
To join us in giving thanks to God.
Welcome home my beloved daughter
Indeed the future is greater.

~Saturday, March 31, 2012.
Notes: Nkiruka is an Igbo name meaning the future is greater.
Ego is the Igbo name for money.

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