Thursday, September 01, 2011

Primal Mist, America’s Newest Perfumer, Releases Two Fragrances

Primal Mist, America’s Newest Perfumer, Releases Two Fragrances

Primal Mist releases its Formulae Alpha and Beta fragrances with two additional women’s perfumes and a men’s cologne planned in the near future

September 1, 2011 – LAS VEGAS, NV /PRNewswire/ — Primal Mist has released two new perfumes, Formulae Alpha and Formulae Beta, after four years of archaeological study, scientific investigation and fragrance design. The Primal Mist line is produced in extremely small quantities, making them exclusive and rare. The company states that each stage of the creation process is hand-crafted, including bottling. Both perfumes are cured for two years before they are ready for release.

“I’m asked constantly to describe the scent of Formulae Alpha and Beta,” said Zari Shir, VP of Marketing for Primal Mist. “My answer is always the same – it’s impossible to explain a scent, although many try. How would you describe the Mona Lisa? Imagine a pretty lady with a crooked smile?”

In fact, Primal Mist’s craftsmanship makes supplies exceptionally limited. However, a portion of its initial production of Formulae Alpha has been set aside to make free samples available to the public. Samples are available at or by calling (888) 438-9520, while supplies last. A small processing and shipping fee apply.

“The Primal Mist fragrances can only be fully appreciated by personally experiencing them. Mere words do them no justice. Simply said, Alpha and Beta are sensual, alluring and captivating. Both are literally the most incredible perfumes I have ever worn,” Zari said.

These perfumes began with the linguistic analysis of excavated cuneiform tablets dating to the second millennium BCE. The tablets contained a detailed process of making perfume written by a woman named Tapputi. The ancient text mentioned two aromatics. Primal Mist combined these ancient era aromatics with modern essential oils and fragrances to produce its Alpha and Beta scents. This new line of perfumes also establishes Primal Mist as the newest American perfume house.

Primal Mist indicates the current production run will soon be exhausted due to intense interest and high demand. Production of lot 3 is well underway, while lots 4 and 5 have just entered the curing phase. Three new fragrances are in the final stages of development and should be released shortly.
About Primal Mist:

Primal Mist (, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the newest American perfume house. What began as an archaeological and scientific study quickly became a perfumery endeavor upon Primal Mist’s research of ancient fragrances and aromatics. Two additional Women’s perfumes are planned, as well as a men’s cologne in the very near future. Primal Mist’s philosophy is to create unique and world-class fragrances, using old world techniques and workmanship. Even though limiting in production, Primal Mist shall maintain its hand-crafting approach to its entire line. The state-of-the-art and proprietary, 23 month curing process has been proven to produce amazing fragrances, and will also be adopted for subsequent Primal Mist lines of fragrances.

For information contact:

Zari Shir – VP, Marketing
7251 W. Lake Mead Blvd, Suite 300
Las Vegas, NV 89128
(702) 441-0100 Ext 8110 Voice
(702) 549-5003 Fax

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