Friday, September 30, 2011

How Western Perception of Beauty Affects African Romance

How Western Perception of Beauty Affects African Romance

Physical attraction in human romance is mostly based on physical beauty.
How we look either attracts or puts off others.

The natural attraction and selection of the opposite sex begins at puberty when we become conscious of the individuality and sexuality of our personality. We begin to attract or solicit attention for relationship and companionship.

Our choices are often based on physical attraction normally determined by our perception of beauty and humans fall into two opposite categories of those we see as beautiful or handsome and those we see as ugly, which in biology does not depend on us, but on nature, since no human has any choice on how, when and where to be born or who should give birth to it. So, we are either born pretty or ugly without our knowledge or consent. And we end up in a world that has already decided to appreciate and favour those who were lucky to be born pretty and to discriminate and make jest of those we were unlucky to be born ugly and would need make up, make over or plastic surgery to correct whatever makes them “ugly”.

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