Sunday, September 25, 2011

Of Course, There is No Dignity in Any Act of Infidelity

Of course, there is no dignity in any act of infidelity

No matter how you play the script, it is undignified and the offender deserves to be vilified.

Every act of infidelity starts with dishonesty as every evil begins with a LIE.

It would be better, healthier and safer to split and quit than to cheat on your partner.

If you know that you are not happy in a relationship, just spit it out and don't hide it!

I always do a reality check in every relationship in what I call monitoring and evaluation of the state of mind of my partner to know if she is fine or not.
I ask her questions on our wants and needs.
What she is enjoying and what she is not enjoying.

Only one girlfriend has cheated on me since I started dating 30 years ago and the reason she did it was valid.

We were in a long distance relationship and I could only see her once or twice every year and that was really very bad for a young loving lady who loved sex. I was not angry that she slept with another guy. I was only infuriated that she did not tell me the TRUTH that she could no longer abstain from sex in my absence. She has the right to enjoy her life with anyone she prefers, but PLEASE, for goodness sake, just don't hide the truth from me.

Cheating is not telling your partner whatever you are doing behind his or her back. That is why I prefer an open relationship where free love rules. Love is not by force.

GPS tracking devices such as the Tracking Key have made it difficult for unfaithful lovers and spouses to hide their trails of infidelity. With very good mobile phones you can track and record the whereabouts of any person you have the mobile phone number.

Infidelity is a dangerous act of betrayal for which horrible crimes have been committed in the consequences and repercussions since Adam and Eve. Murders have been committed and many have committed suicide, because of infidelity. Therefore to avoid and prevent the grave consequences of infidelity, PLEASE, be brave enough to say the truth and either make amends or part ways in peace and not in pieces.
Healing begins with saying the truth.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, author of Scarlet Tears of London and other books.

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