Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dating Another Guy’s Girlfriend

Dating Another Guy’s Girlfriend

So much noise have been made on cheating among singles and married couples by both the well informed and uninformed. But hypocrisy still envelopes most discussions, because people often prefer to live in denial of the natural truth that rules all the species on earth. That nature conquers all creatures and only few humans can defy the natural laws of nature when the chips are down or when the cookie crumbles.

It is quite natural to be attracted to anyone whether the person is single or married. But we have the chance to make choices in many circumstances of life whether foreseen or unforeseen. But majority of us choose to be ignorant or rebellious.

In most cases of cheating, the girls and ladies are at the receiving end, because of the sexist attitude of men who play tin gods and lords over them. So, a female who cheats faces worse consequences than the male who cheats.

We have heard, read and seen evidences of women being disgraced or even murdered for premarital cheating and adultery, but the men who committed the crime or evil with them often go scot free. This inhuman and ungodly injustice has been practiced for centuries and continues till date and the women have never revolted against it! They have accepted this as their fate like dumb sheep?

It takes two to tango.
Not only one person eats the mango of infidelity in relationship between singles or married couples.

You see many hypocritical men swear and curse women for cheating, but many of them are either active or passive partners in crime with other girls and ladies who are cheating their boyfriends or husbands.

How many guys have refused to date or mate with girls or ladies they know are already in relationship with others?

Have you respected the relationships of other guys?
Have you refused to sleep with any girl or lady you know is in relationship?
Have you not tried to tempt and lure her away to cheat on her boyfriend or husband?

Last Valentine, a young lady in relationship with a guy she even introduced to me as her steady boyfriend wanted to follow me out of town for the Lovers Day, but I refused to take her with me, because I did not want her to use me to cheat and hurt her boyfriend. But would her boyfriend do the same for another guy? I doubt it, because majority of guys hardly refuse the chance to have sex with a pretty and sexy girl or lady once she is not married and even when she is married.

Majority of men behave like dogs at the first sight of a piece of meat whenever an impressionable and vulnerable girl or lady dangles the temptation of sexual intercourse.

An erected penis has no conscience, said the Publisher of the popular Supple magazine in Lagos. That once you are tempted with an erection you are most likely going to gig her!

But hello guys, if you don’t respect the relationship of another person, then don’t expect another person to respect yours and when you disrespect others, don’t bark and snarl when others disrespect you.

If you know it is bad for your girlfriend to cheat on you, then don’t date the girlfriend of another guy.

Yes, I once had sex with a pretty girl who lied to me that she had no boyfriend, but I left her immediately I found out that she was actually the live in lover of a man. I felt really guilty when I met him just an hour after sleeping with his girlfriend.

In fact, she had locked their apartment to visit me whilst he was at work, and returned to find out that she was not in and he had no spare key. So, he waited outside for her until he saw her passing by with her arm in mine! I did not waste time in leaving her with him and never looked back.

Dating the girlfriends of other guys is very common and only shows that men cheat more than women.

Majority of girls and women are often scared of cheating, but majority of the boys and so called gentlemen show little or no fear in cheating on their girlfriends they have sworn, written and texted that they loved! Then they turn around to condemn and cast stones at other girls and women caught cheating. Bloody hypocrites at large!

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, prize winning writer and author of Children of Heaven, Scarlet Tears of London, The Nigerian Fools Who Think They Can Fool God and other books.

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