Friday, July 15, 2011

Many Younger Women Truly Fall In Love With Older Men

Many Younger Women Truly Fall In Love With Older Men

Yes. It is a natural fact of life that many younger women actually fall in love with older men.

18 “There are three things that are too amazing for me,
four that I do not understand:

19 the way of an eagle in the sky,
the way of a snake on a rock,
the way of a ship on the high seas,
and the way of a man with a young woman.

20 “This is the way of an adulterous woman:
She eats and wipes her mouth
and says, ‘I’ve done nothing wrong.’

~ Proverbs 30:18-20, New International Version (NIV)

The relationship between men and women come in various forms and ways and in many cases from unforeseen circumstances and before you know it you have either fallen in love or fallen in lust.

Most relationships are situations of younger women falling in love with older men for romance or finance.

The common assumption of a younger woman dating an older man is that she is doing it for his money or other selfish reasons. But there are real situations where younger women actually fall in love with older men in the true essence of romance whether the older men are rich or poor. She is not going out with him for his goodies or riches. She is dating him, because she likes him, wants him for the fun of it or truly loves him. The bottom-line is; he makes her happy and secure and she feels better, healthier and safer with him. And if she desires or prefers, may end up getting hitched too.

The following is a true story.

Uncle Joe is an older man who is often mistaken for a dashing young man, because of his good looks and he attracts many young and even younger women who like him and don’t mind dating him since he is still single. They are seeing him, because according to them he is intelligent and those who have been with him speak well of him and have succeeded following his wise advice. And in the course of being with him, they have dated him without apologies or regrets. Then he turned down the request of one of them, because she was too young for him at 17.

“I am old enough to be your father,” he said.
“But you are not my father,” she retorted.

He simply ignored her, but she kept on coming to visit him in the office, calling him and sending text messages of love. She was fair, pretty and sexy and attracting many young and older men who wanted to date her. But she preferred Uncle Joe.

He thought it was an infatuation she would outgrow, but she did not stop even after her matriculation and continued in spite of the advances and harassment of fellow students on and off campus and some lecturers among other men. He was nasty to her to make her stop bothering him and she insulted him for being arrogant and old fashioned. Then she stopped calling or visiting him and he felt relieved. She called him a heartbreaker. But two and half years later, she showed up in his office uninvited and he was cold to her. She said she was only passing by and only wanted to say hello. She left and later started calling him again.

He was now convinced that she truly loved him and decided to welcome her.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima


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I enjoyed your post. I've noticed something and would like to get opinions. In all matchmaking ads, or websites,'s always women seeking older men, or vice-versa, older men seeking younger women. Do you have any theory on why this is?