Sunday, February 27, 2011

Your first love may not be your true love.

Your first love may not be your true love.
You may lose your first love, but you will never lose your true love.
Even when your true love goes away, don’t lose hope, because your true love will always come back to you, except it is not your true love.

~ Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, author of the "Scarlet Tears of London".

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The first person you desire might end up hurting you or leaving you, because the person is not your true love.

A young woman told me that her first love broke up with her, because she refused to have sex with him. So, she knew that all he was really after was to lay her.

True love exists, whether you believe it or not.

My mother was not my father's first love.
My father's first love gave him a love child even before he met and married only my mother.

A female medical doctor recently met her true love, a man whose formal education only stopped at the primary school and they are happily married today. They are both Nigerians.

A young woman from a wealthy family insisted that her true love was a poor trader from an unknown family. Her arrogant uncle used a pistol to shoot and scare him away, but she refused to let him go and today both of them are the Coscharis Group, a billion dollar company in Nigeria.

The Elizade Nigeria Limited is also a product of true love .
The dreams that gave birth to Elizade started with the relationship between Chief Ade Ojo and his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Wuraola Ojo of blessed memory.

But you may not marry your true love.

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You are more fulfilled when you marry your true love.
Because your true love will make you to even move mountains to fulfill your dreams as shown by the success stories of the Coscharis Group and Elizade.

The other day, a well bred young man who is living and working in Lagos told me that he has met his true love in unusual circumstances. She is the youngest vice principal in Nigeria at only 25 and he is with the ministry of education. She was born and bred in Warri and came to Lagos for the first time last August for a seminar where they met. And since they met their life has been marked by favours and miracles. She confessed that if she never came to Lagos, they would have ended up with different persons. But God made it possible for them to meet.

The list of the examples of true love is endless.

If you have not found your true love, don't worry.
Just pray and wish for both of you to meet.
But if you are not patient enough to wait for your true love, you may end up with someone else.

Be patient for your true love.

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