Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Romance of Pure and True Love Is Not Selfish

Romance is not only about dating and Being Intimate with the opposite sex.
The most beautiful and wonderful romance is the natural expression of pure and true love like the little child who insists to her parents that she must stop by my office whenever they are passing by to greet me and she been doing so for over a year now and she is just a two-year old child.

Then little school children on their way from school stopping by to sit in front of my office to rest for a while before going on home on foot without anyone escorting them and the oldest is only five and the youngest who is only two is calling me "Uncle Mike" and believe it or not, I don't know him and only God knows how he knew my first name.
Sometimes, they ask me for nothing else, but water to drink. They always feel safe in my company and I don't even know their parents or where they live.

Yesterday was Cynthia's birthday and she just told me same day, because I did not know and never asked even though I have known her for over 8 years and she is over 26. So, I found time to sneak out of the office to the ARK of TILLY'S THNZ at 6 Onayade Street, Fadeyi, Lagos, to buy her two special gifts as her birthday present and she was surprised, because I never told her that I would get her a birthday present.
Personally I prefer giving gifts to totally strangers, because I feel embarrassed when people I know gossip about my gifts.
"Please, don't tell anyone. Just thank God."
If making people happy makes you happy, please enjoy doing so as often as you can.
There is no where pure and true love is expressed than in being happy and making others happy too.
Your smiles can take you even beyond a journey of a thousand miles.

Personally I don't go out of my way to befriend and date any girl or woman, because to me personal relationships are very selfish and I am by nature a selfless person.
A girlfriend wants to monopolize you to only herself and frowns whenever she sees you giving presents to another girl.
I would prefer to give gifts to a girl I am not even dating.
Do it for love and not because you want something in return.

Like buying Shawarma for the poor young woman who asked for it, because she had not tasted it before.
Like giving some startup cash to the aging woman who sweeps the surroundings of the office and also giving her all the empty plastic water bottles she sells to make ends meet.

The greatest romance is expressed in doing good to make people happy, because happiness shared is doubled.

Don't buy a pretty girl a present and have an instant Attention. grin
There was an ex-girlfriend who loved me and she never even asked for a glass of water the two times she visited me and we made love. And she never asked for any favour afterwards, just for me to love her.
But a young woman in her late teens I have never met or seen before and who just stumbled on my phone number is already claiming to be in love and already asking for a laptop and smart phone!
Another one who thinks she is the sexiest woman alive is asking for an expensive smart phone when her family is struggling to even have three square meals a day.
She is 22.
But there is a 21-year-old who is not asking me for anything, but brainstorming with me to publish and launch an international magazine this summer. And the romance between us is not to be a sponger but a partner in progress.
Which one do you think would make a more responsible girlfriend?

The girl who loves you more respects you more.
Not the one who respects you less when you don't give in to her selfish demands.

Lust is moved by the passion of what our eyes see, but love is born by the passion of what our mind thinks in harmony with life.

"Love looks not with eyes, but with the mind".
~ William Shakespeare.

~ By Orikinla Osinachi

© Orikinla Osinachi. 2013. No reproduction in any format of media without the authorization and permission of the copyright owner and publisher.

About the Author:
Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, aka "Orikinla Osinachi", is a prize winning Nigerian writer, most prolific African blogger and author of Children of Heaven, Sleepless Night, Scarlet Tears of London, Bye, Bye Mugabe, In the House of Dogs, Diary of the Memory Keeper, The Prophet Lied, co-author of Naked Beauty and editor of The Language of True Love. He has written many articles, commentaries and news reports published by Technorati, Blogcritics, Huliq, Yahoo Voices, Shvoong, Gather, Huffington Post, Face2Face Africa, Black Film Maker, Nigeria Films and Modern Ghana. Michael Chima is also the Founder/Festival Director of the annual Eko International Film Festival and Founder/CEO of Screen Outdoor Open Air Cinema, member of the Projection Foundation promoting the Screen Naija One Village, One Cinema project in Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa and home of Nollywood, Africa's largest film industry of which he is a major stakeholder in movies and cinemas.

© Orikinla Osinachi. 2013. No reproduction in any format of media without the authorization and permission of the copyright owner and publisher.

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