Saturday, February 09, 2013

You Cannot Give What You Don't Have

The common fact of majority of those in relationship among blacks and especially Nigerians is their fake lifestyles in romance.
Heaven knows you are only fooling yourself.

Majority of the Nigerians in relationship are fake people dating fake people.
That is why most of them are unfaithful, because they are very insecure.

Those who have the true essence of life don't behave like dogs and pigs in relationship.
They don't compromise their dignity and integrity.
Like Elena in the Brazilian soap "Seize the Day", a woman who knows the true essence of life knows that the very day she compromises her dignity and integrity, her reputation is gone for life.
No matter how much she pretends, she has lost her respect.
And what is the worth of a personality without RESPECT?
The same thing will also affect the man who thinks behaving like a dog is cool.
But humans who behave like dogs end up being treated like dogs.

Respect is mutual in every relationship.
A guy who thinks there is nothing wrong in going to bed with a hawker of s*e*x and returns to sleep with his girlfriend or wife is not worthy of any respect.

The Valentine's Day is coming and as much as it is worth celebrating and teasing or tickling our romantic fancies and fantasies, it is also good to use it to review our relationships beyond mere ejaculations and heavenly feelings.

I always laugh when guys say there are no more decent girls to marry.
But why should you be lamenting over the scarcity of decent girls when you have abused and misused most of them in your promiscuity?
Now you are asking them for what you know they cannot give you again and you cannot give them what you don't have.
So both of you cannot give what you don't have.
If you want a decent love life, then live a decent life.

~ By Orikinla Osinachi, author of Scarlet Tears of London, Diary of the Memory Keeper and other books.

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