Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Assumption Of A Relationship That Does Not Exist

Photo Credit: Jo Lamble: Letting Go Of A Bad Relationship.

The assumption of a relationship that does not exist is common among young men and women.

You see a guy claiming that a girl is his girlfriend, whereas the girl does not say so.
Or a girl assuming that she is in relationship with a guy, but the guy does not think so.

It is most common among naive, immature and insecure people.
Small boys and small girls have fought over their assumptions of relationships with others.

"She is my babe o," a local guy here will brag to his peers on campus or in the neighbourhood referring to a particular girl he likes. But he has no proof.
In most cases, he cannot even kiss her.
He is only day dreaming.

Others think having a fling means you are dating, but hello! Having a fling does not mean you are having a relationship.

If a girl likes you, that does not make her your girlfriend until she has agreed she is.

There is a mutual agreement in a relationship and if there is no agreement, there is no relationship.
Even a dalliance of romance does not mean a girl is your girlfriend or a guy is your boyfriend.

I have seen many scenarios of these ambiguous and erroneous assumptions among impressionable and vulnerable youths.
A mere peck, a casual hug or even sharing a bottle of drink is often mistaken for a love affair that does not exist.
I have seen even a guy killed over a girl he claimed to be his girlfriend and lost his precious life in a bloody fight with another guy. But her boyfriend was another guy far away from town.

I have seen a man spending lump sums of money on a girl he claims is his girlfriend until she tells him, "I have a boyfriend."

I have seen foolish girls on campus fighting over a guy who belongs to another girl off campus. grin

It is wise before asking a girl out to find out if she is already in relationship.
Even if she agrees to go out with you, beware of the consequences.
I have seen a man shot dead for sleeping with the estranged girlfriend of another man.
It is dangerous to fish in troubled waters.

I have seen a girl pour dangerous acid on another girl for dating her assumed "boyfriend".

Don't waste your life and time on the assumption of a relationship that does not exist.

A very wise young woman boldly asked a man to come out and say if he wanted to date her or out after he kept on sending her romantic text messages.
"Are you asking me to go out with you or what?"
The guy who was afraid of her refusing him was beating around the bush and she knew it.
Therefore, PLEASE, avoid and stop beating around the bush if you want to see the girl in the garden.
Be a MAN! Be bold enough to go straight to the point and let her know.
It is either YES or NO.
Don't be scared of rejection.
A rejection is better than an assumption.

It is foolish and not wise to waste your time and money on a relationship that does not exist.
While you are here day dreaming about her, she is having multiple orgasms with her REAL G(real guy.)

~ By Orikinla Osinachi, author of Scarlet Tears of London, Diary of the Memory Keeper and other books.

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