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71% of Men Still in Love After Their Wives Cheated On Them

29 Mar 2013 13:40 Africa/Lagos

71% of Men Still in Love After Their Wives Cheat, Finds Large-Scale Survey from Relationship Expert Kevin Jackson

Relationship coach weighs in on new evidence that men no longer quickly divorce after their wife is unfaithful.

IRVINE, Calif., March 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- When it comes to getting cheated on, men may be much more forgiving than previously thought - at least according to the largest survey ever of husbands who have been cheated on.

Querying over 1500 "cuckolded" males online, the survey asked the question "Do you still love your wife, even after she had the affair?" Shockingly, more than 71% of men polled answered "yes" to that question.

What's so significant about this latest finding?

According to Kevin Jackson, the internationally recognized relationship expert who orchestrated the survey, this information flies in the face of the common belief that if a man ever found out his wife was unfaithful, he would quickly and dispassionately divorce her.

It seems that men's feelings of love - and their desire to forgive - are much stronger than previously thought.

"Of the hundreds of men I've worked with, most are very committed to healing the marriage, despite the infidelity," says Jackson, who is the author of Survive Her Affair and creator of the Internet's first forum exclusively for husbands who have been cheated on. "These men are heartbroken, but are desperate to keep their marriages and family intact - despite their own emotional devastation and their wife's breach of trust."

But that's not all. Men were also asked if they wanted to save their marriage after the infidelity. Less than 8% of the men surveyed responded that they didn't want to save their marriage. Most either wanted to heal the marriage, or we're at least considering it.

"Our cultural norm is to think that most men would want to play the field, if given a chance," says Jackson. "But this survey - along with my own personal research - suggests that men may actually be the more committed sex. Men have a strong sense of duty and responsibility to keep the family intact - even when their wife commits an intimate betrayal."

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About Kevin Jackson:

Kevin Jackson is an internationally recognized relationship expert who, after being betrayed himself, has gone on to help thousands of men recover quickly from their wife's affair. He is the author of Survive Her Affair, creator of the exclusive Survive Her Affair Online Forum, and has designed a proven 4-step approach that allows men to successfully heal from infidelity. He's available for interviews and speaking engagements.

Kevin Jackson

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