Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Our Footsteps Stray As Our Passions Sway In Lust

Our footsteps stray as our passions sway in lust.
The doors of fate swing to and fro as the bells of Time ring and as the bells ring and the doors swing, Time tells the truth of who we really are, for the best or for the worst.

The above words can do a lot to help and save people in our relationships if only they would be wise enough to think from their brains and not from their loins.

Personally, I feel sorry for humans who cannot control their inordinate affections and passions and have fallen into the pits of life in their lusts of the flesh. But as I have addressed years ago in Essence of Romance, humans ought to behave like humans and not like animals.

There is a difference between Animal Instinct and Human Instinct and that difference is our intelligence.
Our intelligence often depends on our conscience and wisdom; to know the right choice from the wrong choice.
All choices have consequences.
Our choices can make us or mar us.

Only fools would repeat the terrible mistakes of others when they know the grave consequences.

One Valentine's Day 9 years ago, I was with an Igbo Princess who was my Val. We were all alone and quite happy too. Then one of the models I managed came in and refused to leave. I took her into the study and politely told her that she must leave. She was a married woman and mother of five children. She insisted that I must make love to her, but I refused and she refused to leave until I decided to leave the house with my Val. I was furious, but she did not care. Days later, I decided to visit her family and meet with her husband. Her husband was a broken man and she was intimidating him. Then, I knew that she had little or no respect for him. That was why she was unfaithful. She told me later that she was forced to marry the man when she was only 15 and she had never been happy with him. But I scolded her that she was not honest, because if she was not happy, she would not have stayed to have five children for the husband.
I refused to sleep with her, but she must have found another victim to use for her consolation. Then I heard that she fell ill and became bedridden. Adultery is an abomination among the Igbos. In fact, we kill adulterers in our village till date.

If I could refuse the temptation to sleep with a married woman, then every man should be able to do so.
Real men know how to overcome temptations, trials and weaknesses.
A man without self-control is a man without guts.

Lust can be by force, but love is not by force.

You can force someone to sleep with you, but you cannot force anyone to love you.
Most guys and babes gamble that they can use sexual gratification to win the heart of someone.
Of course we can argue about the possibilities and probabilities of the chances for or against the weapon of sexual gratification.

If sexual gratification is the only way you can win someone, then when he or she loses interest in it, what is going to happen next?

A young lady I have known for decades came to me last month and asked for money to register for the Nigerian version of the popular High School Musical and I wanted to know if her boyfriend knew about it. She said that he would not allow her to go for the audition. So, she wanted me to support her without his knowledge. But I refused and told her to get his permission first. She tried to wind me into supporting her, but she failed and she stopped talking to me. Wow! I was glad I did not go along with her plan to disrespect her boyfriend.
This is how the temptations come in disguise.
Many babes deny that they have boyfriends in order to lure you into a fling, one night stand or even relationships. But please, beware of the grave consequences of being their partners in betrayal and infidelity.

A young man killed his girlfriend in Lagos last month, because he found out that she was sleeping with another guy.
Even a Lagos love-peddler stabbed and killed her regular customer for patronizing another love-peddler!
The unfortunate victims end up in the morgue and their assailants end up miserable in prison and haunted until their last days on earth,
If only they had known that lack of self control could ruin them for life.

In the United States of America, a jealous lover hired killers to murder a man who was sleeping with his girlfriend. They tied him up in a chair, cut off his manliness and stuffed it into his mouth before they shot him all over his body.
He lost his precious life with his precious dreams, because of messing around with what someone else treasured.

My ex-American girlfriend once mocked one celebrated African-American woman for messing around in her career and was now childless and husbandless. But others said:
“She slept her way to the top, and she is a great success today!”
Is she really a great success or a miserable one?
Do you want to guess?
She made more enemies than friends along the way.
She recalled her previous escapades with apologies and regrets.

I was not born yesterday. And my experiences in life are enough to prove what I have been addressing from the beginning.

Any relationship that gives you sleepless night is not worth it. No more, no less.
Any relationship that does not give you Peace and Respect is not worth it.

If you no longer love your lover or life partner, be bold and brave enough to say so and leave him or her, before having another relationship.

You should always review your relationship like having a medical checkup to find out and know if everything is still right or if anything is wrong.
Make amends to repair damages or call it quits. PERIOD.
It would be better, healthier and safer to part in peace than to part in pieces.

Trespassing the private property of another man or another woman is digging your own grave.

Our footsteps stray as our passions sway in lust until we are condemned and damned on Judgment Day.

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