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Sex and the City 2: The Fun is Twice as Much as the First

Fans and others are already purchasing tickets for the opening weekend of Sex and the City 2 and Fadango the popular movie-ticket website is reporting 20% increase in sales due to the frequency of the demand.
Why all the buzz ?

The following is an Exclusive Interview with Michael Patrick King, the Director and writer.

You were very funny out there.

Michael Patrick King: Thank you. Thank you. What are you going to do in front of a crowd? I didn’t have 3D. I had to have a couple of jokes.

The last film was so successful, do you feel the pressure for the sequel?

Michael Patrick King: There’s always pressure. Anytime you create a new artistic anything, there’s pressure because one of my rules when I did the series, and I maintained it on this movie, was never to repeat. I try not to repeat a story. I try not to repeat an emotion. I want it to be all sort of new for the viewers and to challenge myself as a writer, so there’s always pressure. What else can you come up with? But these characters are so vibrant to me and to people around the world who still follow their lives, it’s easy to get lost in like what they would do, so the pressure comes off on me and more into the work.

A scene from Sex and the City 2

So how come the idea to go to Abu Dhabi and how was it to shoot over there?

Michael Patrick King: Okay, that’s a big story. How much time have you got? Here’s what happened: When I finished the first movie I had no idea for a 2nd movie. And then I saw the parties around the world when the movies were being shown. Everybody was showing up dressed up and the movie was a big success and the opportunity came and the first thing I thought was, well I want this to be a party. And also because when I was writing the script we were in an economic downturn still, and still are around the world. Financially it’s not the same world as when we did the first movie. So I thought, okay it’s a depression. In the Great Depression what did people do? What do people need? And I thought extravagance. Let’s put them on a big vacation. Then I thought what’s happening right now? And the theme of the movie for me really is tradition. And even how women today in New York City are still struggling with traditional roles no matter how evolved they are, they still have to struggle with wife, mother, single still.
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Sex and the City 2

Director: Michael Patrick King
Writer: Michael Patrick King
Studio: New Line Cinema
Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis

Release: May 28, 2010

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